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I'm excited and scared. I've been researching for...

I'm excited and scared. I've been researching for months (this time around) and am thinking I want something between 425cc's and 500cc's. Originally, I wanted only 375cc's...but there are so many great boobie pics out there! I'm posting my wish pics. Feel free to comment! Actually, I would totally appreciate someone's perspective besides my partner (and fiancé) of 8 years!

3 Days to Go!

So my med scrip is processing and I've picked out new wish boobies! I'm super excited!!! Looking forward to 2 days of bed rest after I make it to the other side....this is really happening for me! New wish boobs photo included!

My boobies...my real current self.

Thought that for the sake of prosperity I should go ahead and post pictures of how my boobs look now.

Day of Surgery - Made it Home!

Hi ladies! Yesterday I went into surgery for my BA at 3:30. The surgical team was awesome and calmed my nerves before I went under with general anesthesia. I came to right as the DR was putting in the stitches under my right breast...kind of spooked me out a little bit, but I was glad I was coherent enough to put stand and get dressed before being wheeled out the my man waiting in the waiting room.

The ride home was super quick (5 minutes) and I then greeted my kiddos and went to lay on my bed. My honey got me my medicine and my daughter made me soup. All and all I felt great, but was concerned about my breasts being smaller than what I wanted; DR made the decision in the operation room to use 450cc's instead of 5. I am waiting until my follow-up to ask why....

I spent the event watching tv in my bedroom with my kids (Honey has basketball practice daily from 6-8. He's head coach). Woke up to my Med alarms all night and have felt pretty good. I can raise my arms and even hit REM sleep during the night.

I will post some Day 1 pictures later today after my follow-up appointment. Yea to happy booby birthday!

Pictures from Post Op Day 1

As you can see the right is dropping faster than the left. I had my follow up on day 1 and the surgical nurse said they are right where they thought they would be; off to a good start. I felt pretty good this morning so I did a lot...and now have bruises around the incision area. Otherwise, taking Percocet for the pain and watching my share of movies.

Day 2 Post Op

I had a fair amount of pain last night from doing to much yesterday, but after sleeping pretty well with pillows stacked behind me thanks to my honey I woke up feeling better. Taking today in the slow lane, so that I can enjoy a Thanksgiving tomorrow and my sisters birthday party on Friday.

The left side is dropping, but hasn't quite caught up to the right yet. I'm confident that it will! Ice packs helped with the pain last night and taking my meds today.

Better Picture...Post-Op Day 2

I think this picture is better than the last ones...

Loving my Boobs! ????????

I was really concerned about the initial healing and how akertvi would be over the Thanksgiving Holiday. I can honestly say it couldn't have worked out better! My Fiancé (partner of 8 years) has been great; he's cooked, opened doors, helped me with meds in the middle of the night, carried all the bags during Black Friday shopping, etc. Today is day 5 with boobs and I'm feeling great!

For ladies considering implants, the way the surgeon cuts the pocket is what you really need to pay attention too with regards to healing. I didn't know that and I got lucky. Make sure to ask! Also, I got smooth implants since textured have a higher chance of rupture. Actually, I got High Profile, Full, 450cc's Silicone. I love them...but I think I said that already. I can raise my arms, hug my kids, reach the top shelf (I'm 5'9.5"), wash my hair, shave, etc.

I did have a down day on day 3 post op. I wanted to stop taking the medications, was tired and weirded out by having something artificial in my body. I questioned my decision...so I decided to try on clothes and sexy bras I've NEVER filled; I felt much better by bedtime and showed off my new figure to my man. Thank you to one of the ladies on this site for that piece of advice when feeling low...play dress up!

Anyhow much healing to come and I'm excited to see the progress. I definitely have stretch marks...but then I did before hand (nursed 2 babies 9 months apiece). My boobs aren't perfectly symmetrical, but then my PS asked if I had ever noticed that one was slightly wider that the other (my right is wider) which results in my left having more projection. I said it had never phased me...so we went with exactly the same implant in both.

Oh- and in bra shopping yesterday I bought large in sports and comfort fit (one sports with front zip is going back - to small!). One bra size that I'm a 36D! ????

Booby Birthday! One Week old!

Started back at work today. The only issue was that since it was so cold outside I felt like I had 2 rocks on my chest every time I had to leave my office (I work at a open campus school). I guess I just need to dress warmer.

Anyhow. I'm noticing that I don't have any side boob at all...and that even though my boobs are round and perky in front. Therese nothing besides that...hopefully wearing the strap will fix that. Scheduled my 2 week post op for the 6th of December. I will hopefully find out then I'd drop/fluff or wearing the strap for another 3 (yes, told to wear it for 4 weeks) will help. I'll post another update then!

1 Month Update!!!

Hi ladies! It's been a month today since I my bobbies birthday! So...I am a bit smaller than I wanted...but I'm a full D so that's boob greed for you! However, I'm 5 pounds down from my prebooby weight and plan to drop another 15 before June....as I'm getting married in August.

Booby update:

My left side seems near perfect, but my right breast is still sore. The soreness on my right breast is under my nipple, but it is getting better every day. The scar tissue under the incisions is unpleasant and bumpy to touch. However, I am under direct orders to massage the incision cites 3 times a day.

I'm ready to start golfing and working out again. I look great in my bras, tops and dresses. I'm excited to go wedding dress shopping next month!
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