35yrs, 5'3" 133lbs, 34A/B, One Child, in the Consultation Stage Interviewing PS - Medford, OR

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Hello real self family! I appreciate the community...

Hello real self family! I appreciate the community support I've seen so decided to put myself out there. I'm looking at late June, early July for a BA. I've seen one doctor who refuses to go subglandular because my breasts are small. I've seen other ladies my size have implants placed over the muscle so wondering what the deal is. I'm not set on over the muscle, just want to keep my options open. I'd like to avoid extra strain and tension on my pecs. But I'll do whatever it takes for the ladies! I've been watching in the mirror since I was 10 waiting for them to grow but not much happened. Excited to participate in the sharing ????

Two consults down, one to go

So far I haven't had any strong feelings one way or another about either of the doctors that I've seen. Their prices are a few hundred dollars apart which in the big scheme of things isn't that much, but is a consideration. At the same time I don't want to choose my doctor based on this one factor. One doc has over 20 years of experience and one has about 6. My hubby says that more experience isn't necessarily better because newer doctors tend to be more up-to-date on current techniques, products, etc. Both sets of before and after pictures are equally nice (I know not to compare myself to other bodies, just looking at their work). This is a very emotional process for me. One day I'm super excited and the next day I'm worried and anxious and questioning my decision. To add to it, my husband isn't able to go to the consultations with me because of work. He feels disconnected from the process and I agree. One solution was to face time at the next consultation. Anybody else experienced any of this?

Time to choose a PS

For anyone in southern Oregon, here is my feedback on three PS in the area:

1. Jensen: nice front desk staff, long wait time in waiting room for consult, very personable assistant (felt most comfortable with her as opposed to gals at other facilities), felt educated and listened to.

2. Kreul: nice facility (upscale luxury feel), no wait time, but the whole appt felt very rushed. Doc himself was knowledgeable, but again, rushed- didn't spend much time with me.

3. Herron: front desk staff felt a little icy, wait time was reasonable, this doc spent the most time with me but her opinion of implant, and need for lift was vastly different from the other two PS I saw. Her schedule didn't mesh with mine either. Took her off the short list.

Wish boobs

Here are some of my wish boobs

Surgery scheduled; pre-op complete!

After two visits to each office I decided to go with Dr Kreul. At pre-op I got my prescriptions, pre and post op instructions (verbal and written), and chose a size. I agreed that if the implant size doesnt fill up the skin envelope that the doc can put a bigger implant in. Dr K works with photos; I showed him my wish pics and he'll make the best choice implant based on those. He explained to me that if there's loose skin hanging off the implant (snoopy deformity) I will not be happy. We agreed in the neighborhood of 350-400cc, under the muscle. Excited!!

Surgery date July 5; $6300

Surgery date is July 5; $6300
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