Soon to Be a Colombian Body Barbie - Medellin, Colombia

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OMG I'm overly excited . I've been on RS for a...

OMG I'm overly excited . I've been on RS for a while stalking everyone !!!! I love everyone's stories and feed back I was gonna start my profile when I arrived in Medellin, Columbia but.... Here goes . So I've been doing makeup at gentlemen's clubs for a while I see ALL kinds of amazing sergery and ALL kinds of botched sergery. I'm on a quest to have amazing sergery with Dr. Christina Isabelle Uribe in Medellin Columbia. I'm soooo nervous while at work I've been touching, grabbing boops having girls jump, observing scars. seeing under the muscle, over the muscle implants, though the nipple, lolly pop scars EVERYTHING because I want sexy implants and I wanted to see /feel the difference in silicone vs. saline, and all the options there are which can be confusing. I've seen boobs from Park Ave, Brazil, Atl, DR, Cali, Spain every where literally After all my "reserch" miami has the best boob jobs, in particular Dr. Roudner I LOVE his work so beautiful, perky, even nipples, no scars . (I contacted him but he wanted to do two surgeries , and that's a No for me). So confusing I'm still not sure which style implant I will be getting high profile, round tear drop, gummy bear I'll wait and see what the doctor suggests and see. I know the brand is mentor, I'm getting silicone, under the muscle with a breast lift . I'm also getting lipo with a bbl. I want HIPS correction Laterals ;) and ass.
At he moment my flight, and hotel are booked (I was looking to stay at a recovery house but decided to go to another route) One of the physicians at the clinic, has gone though extreme lengths to help me, she's so kind, and patient answering all my questions,finding me a driver, suggesting hotels ,everything . She even visited the recovery house for me and gave me her feed back which was positive, but I would prefer the comfort of having my own bathroom, while having open wounds. Just my fears of infection. So I'll be hiring a nurse for the first 3-4 days. Which is like $50 or less a day. The recovery house for 16 days was about $2000, it came with 24 hr nurses, other people, 3 meals a day. The hotel with insurance is $1014, I'm sure with the nurse and food I'll buy it may work out the same price. I arrive to my hotel two days before surgery so I will be cleaning my hotel room to make it as sterile as can be. I'm starting to get my list together of things I will need so far I only ordered 99% pure DMSO from apricots garden, this is for scar treatment because I know my skin heals with hypertrophic scars, and with the BA I'll need help to heal that scar. I think to my self regardless I'm gonna get a scar lets just hope for the best, and do all I can to provide my self with the utensils I need to have a scar I can live with ,and trust in God. Legals Iodine is next, no rinse ,and the antimicrobial washing it starts with an h, baby wipes of course ! Q tips, Chux for the bed, waterproof mattress cover. Kotex pads, depends adult dipers (u gotta check about that though ) I'll get faja's while I'm there. I keep reading about stage one ,and stage two faja's , I gotta do some more stalking , I mean investigating to see what's what about.
I know I'm missing stuff off the list but I know I'll get it together as the weeks get closer and closer to my sx date. I'm getting laser lipo which I think is not as bad of a recovery ( but we shall see) and I'll be there for 16 days so, I'll have to bring some fab wrap dresses easy, and comfy. I don't need to be out there looking totally crazy the entire trip. I need to get all my vaccines up to date. I went to the cdc website to check what's recommended when travling to Columbia, I'm not playing rather be safe than sorry. In 2 days it will be 2 months 2 a new and more confident me. In the mean time I need vitamins and I'm drinking all the water possible for healthy skin, and trying to loose at lest 10 lbs before I leave, I have realistic expectations, but I also wanna make sure I do my part to put my self in the best position to get what I want and I'm hopping for the best.

I'm not an English major

I'm horrible at spelling, and I'm in the damn iPhone so i just caught some mistakes . It's Lugoals iodine. Hoping for the best , and s bunch of others but hopefully you all get what was being said . Also I'm going to Columbia because I want great boobs, and great body, together at once. I've found that some people have great bodies ,and ok or lack luster boob jobs. So hopefully my doctor can deliver both. I don't think my nerves could handle two surgerys. My nerves can bearly handle it now, the anxiety, and anticipation is killing me. I won't be updating till I get to Medellin. I can't handle it.

3 weeks OMG

I have three weeks to go. I can't believe it, it's a mix emotions. I just can't wait to see my self like 6 weeks post op. I wonder what I'll look like, how I will feel. It's crazy. I still need to get a lot of stuff, everything really, I don't want the pressure of rushing last min. I found a really great bbl shopping list ,and of course by phone broke and nothing was backed up. I'm trying to stay stress free, no negotiate vibes, eating properly or at least really trying to, working out to make sure my heart is prepared, drinking as much water as I can for my skin to be at its best. i need to get some clothes to wear out side of my room, so I don't look too crazy. I won't be updating till I'm in Colombia, cuz it's creating too much anxiety. Almost forgot so once I get home I figure I'm supposed to continue to get lymphatic massages. I'm not sure for how long though, I think the longer the better. I know of a place in queens/Long Island city that I have been to before for mesotherypy treatments. They offer 10 massages, with ultrasound, thermal bag, CO2 shots for $500. I still have to do a little more research on places cuz they may be a little over priced. However they do offer the CO2 shots which I liked the results before, but we shall see.

Appointments appointments

So I made it to Medellin. My tour guide has been an absolute life saver I'm so thankful the clinic has hooked me up with him. He was waiting for me right when I got off the plane. He has been so helpful translating everything for me taking me to all my appointments everything. I would be a mess with out him. He took me to Cliniq for my first consultation with Dr. Uribe . When I arrived the waiting room is filled with people either coming for consultations or post op treatments. I met two young ladies that said the pain was well worth it , and wished me good luck. Actually one lady saw I was on the edge a little and pulled up her shirt to show me her new abs and told me how much ,I am going to love it and that now she is back to get her breast done. She looked good she even posed a little. Dr. Uribe is very patient I love that actually after I left I called and asked to see her a second time. Because I felt like I left some things out I had so many details I wanted to explain to her, so on my second day here ,(today) she met with me again. Cuz I had to tell her everything or else I would be nervous as hell. She calmed me so much and told me to stop looking a pictures. I have been collecting all these pictures of what I think could bea realistic result for my body. Bad results, side angles , back views . My phone looks like a XXL magizine . Anyway she told me what I needed and that she was going to give me what I wanted. She's a woman and she knows how I want to feel ect. But I still needed to make sure we where on the same page. She talked about my breast lift, we discussed the size of implant and cc's. We discussed the lipo she asked if I wanted wanted oblique cuts . I didn't even know that was an option for me . I've been trying not to get my hopes up so I won't be disappointed . But I was like yeah if I can have them give them to me. Basically everything I wanted to get she pointed out before I could said a word. So I'm ecstatic about that. Fat transfer I want natural booty just some projection nothing crazy and we both agreed on shape placement. I like her a lot espacilly after two consultations. I'm excited . I met the anesthesiologist, I have two. Both very nice and after reading all these stories on rs, my main concern was I cant wake up during surgery. He looked at me like I was crazy, and assured me that's not happening. I pray to ,God nothing but great things happen tomorrow. He told me about the iv pain pump which I will be getting, which is nice it should help a lot. I know I'm leaving some stuff out but everything has been great so far . I also met my root canal specialist he's very nice, that was as totally not really planned I called him once i landed met with him the next day my root canal will be on Friday .His office is very clean and modern but everything this is here. I haven't experienced anything crazy at all, seriously I thought I was gonna have to hope for the best on something's or get here and be like "nahhhhh I'm all the way good, no thanks" but I feel like I'm in the south or something as a matter of fact I'm having dinner right now looking across the street at Burger King. Oh and I meet my nurse tomorrow. I leave at 8am, wish me luck . If I spelled something wrong or whatever I'm typing this on my phone . Sorry but whatever

Hopefully it gets better

I'm trying to be patient. Honestly I have no immediate I love everything results. I'm not sure if I had too high expectations. I definitely do not have a small waist line at all. Everyone keeps telling me I have a lot of inflammation. But I'm not sure if that's what they just say to patients to calm them down. As of now I just have a straight shape. I'm trying to remain positive but I really doubt I'm going to wake up in 3 months and have and hour glass figure. My breast lift ..... I don't even wanna talk about it. I brought some fajas hopeful they'll help. I've just been so depressed. I feel like it's just a dession I made and I'm gonna have to look in the mirror and live with it.
Dr. Isabelle Uribe

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