24, 0 Kids but this Body Needs Work! BBL, Medellin, Colombia

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Hi everyone! I am so excited to finally begin my...

Hi everyone! I am so excited to finally begin my journey to transform my body. I am from the Caribbean and my surgery is scheduled for January 2016 which is next month (yay!) I'm having a bbl done in Medellin, Columbia because the work I have seen has been amazing and the girls there look amazing! The culture over there is cosmetically driven and the doctors are experienced and the quality of their work is amazing. And also the price is puts the icing on top! I will share my journey with you guys! Any advice you have, please feel free to share and any questions please feel free to ask!

One month Pre-op BBL w/ pics

Tomorrow I'm shopping for all of my vitamins and I'm also drinking lots of water so that I can be in the best health for surgery. Because I am traveling for surgery, I have to shop for everything I will need after my procedure. I'm also not trying to lose any weight because I want as much fat transferred to my butt as possible. As promised, I have provided my pre-op photos for you guys!

Things to buy in Preparation for BBL

After doing extensive research, I have gathered these necessities I will need to have on hand for surgery day and up to 2 weeks post-op. If I am leaving anything out, PLEASE drop a comment and let me know please :-) So here we go:
Surgery Checklist
Baby Wipes and/or Feminine Wipes
Anti-bacterial Soap
Gauze Pads & Medical Tape
Maxi Dresses, Robes, Loose Fitted Clothing
Flip Flops and Sandals
Faja/Compression Garment
Pre-op Vitamins (Multi-vitamins and Iron Tablets)
Post-op Protein Shakes (eg. Ensure, Special K, Nutrament)
Chuck Pads
Alcohol, Cotton Balls & Q-tips

Vitamins are important! BBL I'm ready for you!

Today I got my iron tablets and multivitamins. I want to make sure that my blood count is up to par for surgery and that overall I'm healthy for surgery. I'm traveling very far to have this procedure done and I would not want to go all the way there and not be able to undergo this procedure. It was recommended that I take the iron tablets and multivitamins. One step closer dolls!

My vitamins

13 more days!

Today I went to the doctor in my home town to get blood work done to ensure that I will be healthy for when I get to Colombia (don't want to go and get disappointed) Doctors won't operate on patients whose not healthy enough for surgery eg. low iron. I receive my results first thing in the morning so please pray for me that my results are good! I've been taking iron supplement tablets for the past few weeks so hopefully that helps! I will update you guys tomorrow when I pick up my test results! I'm so nervous yet excited all at the same time!

Blood Work Results! 12 more days!

I got my blood work back today and I am even more excited! Everything looks great and overall, I am healthy enough for surgery! My iron is at 13.2, which the doctor said is very good! I was taking iron supplements before having any idea what my iron level was just so I can be on the safe side! Maybe my iron is naturally at a healthy level or it could have been from the iron tablets. So I would suggest taking them to anyone who is planning to do surgery. My doctor in Colombia provides the blood tests and it's included in the cost but I didn't want any surprises after travelling miles and miles to a different country just to get this procedure done so I wanted to make sure all was well while I'm still here in my country so that if anything was wrong, I would have time to fix things. Thankfully, all is well!

Packing for Medellin, Colombia! 5 more days!

So ladies, there are so many bumps in the road on this journey to having this done! But I can finally pack my things to travel. I am traveling from the Caribbean connecting into Florida then to Medellin. So far I have packed baby wipes, feminine wipes, anti-bacterial soap, make-up wipes, robes, bedroom slippers, a pair of flip-flops, a pair of sandals, 2 cotton dresses above the knee, 6 midi cotton dresses, 2 maxi dresses, a pair of leggings, 2 T-shirts and pajamas!
Also what is required are chuck pads, alcohol, cotton balls, gauze pads, medical tape and q-tips.
A faja is included in my surgery. I will purchase additional fajas in Colombia after surgery because I do not know what size I will be so I will wait to see what size the doctor puts me in after surgery. I hope its an XS because of this flat tummy! :D

Apple bottom! BBL successful!

The first day was horrible for me but I absolutely love my results. My Surger got pushed to Thursday January 21. My doctor did exactly as I asked. I was freezing in the recovery room after surgery but I was fine after I left. I hated the recovery room. I felt okay heading to my hotel and also when I arrived however after I took a nap laying down on my stomach I was in the worst pain ever. Now my stomach is still really sore and hurts a lot. It is also bleeding very heavy. My first appointment to see the doctor since surgery is Saturday.

Looking very slender 1 week1/2 post op

I'm looking very small and I'm loving it. I feel depressed at times but other times I'm happy about my new body. Some people do this numerous amounts of times but I will not be one of them. The healing process is torture so to maintain my new figure, I plan to diet and exercise as soon as I am 4 weeks post op!
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