Colombian Breast Augmentation 6 Years Later - Medellin, Colombia

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Pros: very happy with the natural look. Cons:...

Pros: very happy with the natural look. Cons: Dimple scarring with muscles used. Difficulty to get in touch with surgeon with questions or concerns. My surgery was a very last minute decision. I simply asked my family and their peers about well-known plastic surgeons in Medellin and they suggested mine. I only did this procedure because I had family there, otherwise I would never do this abroad. My body is more proportioned and I love my bust-how clothes look, etc. I would not say that it changed my life. If you want implants to make you happier, you are not making the right choice-other factors should truly make you happy.

Breast augmentation is just a small plus. I wish I wouldn't have dived into such a huge decision. I now have rippling that is noticeable only to the touch and I called my surgeon about a pocket/bubble/lump I felt on the bottom of my left implant. I dont believe it is an emergency as it's a cohesive gel implant, but I do look forward to his response to my concern. I asked him for advice and also a reminder of what the implant information is ( I lost a certification card I received with the surgery), I just remember they were from France. This review sounds pretty negative but I am not bitter about my experience. I'm glad I got breast augmentation, I recognize that time can have negative effects on the implant, Iand I will research my next surgery more-also making sure that my surgeon is near in the event I get dimple scarring on the place of incision. I hope this helps anyone our there either considering implants/abroad or whatever.

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For the time I spent with him, I was very satisfied with the final product. They are beautiful implants and my breasts look natural and not like torpedos :). If I had spent more time in the country, I feel he would have addressed my concerns (rippling/lumps/bubble) and problems (dimple scarring @ incision). The issues I currently have are a result of not being able to travel at the immediate moment/get in touch with him by phone prompty -that is the price of overseas surgery IF you do not have the financial means/time to go occasionally.

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