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I am the oldest of three sister and have always...

I am the oldest of three sister and have always felt like i was adopted.lol
My sisters are all well off in the booty and boob department. My mother always had a small waist and big butt and always wanted to have a bigger butt. I researched and was originally interested in a BBl, however after sending initial pictures to my surgeon I was told I didn't have enough fat. My only other safer option would be implants. I stalked Realself and and consulted with a few physicians, both here in the states and outside of the US. I am of Colombian nationality and was recommended to a Dr. Cristina Isabel Uribe at Cliniq Medellin. I sent my photos for evaluation for buttock implant augmentation and lipo of flanks, back and belly. The cost was a little less than $4,000, however airfare and other expenses added up to about $4,500.

I spoke to her assistant over email and phone and felt comfortable. I scheduled my flight out for 3/26/2015. I got in early that day, had my consultation and pre-anesthesia. Yes, for some it may be fast but i knew i had taken 3 weeks off and wanted to make sure i had enough time to recover before getting back on a plane with a new butt. Next day 3/27/2015 I had all my blood-work and had been scheduled for surgery on the 28th which was a Saturday at 3:30PM. That Saturday I also paid for the physician fees, surgery fees and insurance is paid at the surgery center.

I arrived at the surgery center 15 minutes prior to surgery and checked in. It took approximately 45 minutes to be called. It felt like forever, especially since anxiety levels are pretty high. I was taken back, made to pee, the marked my body, including where the implants would be placed. I was put on an IV and was immediately given fluids. Walked back to the operating room, i was made to stand up as I was sprayed with Iodine to clean my entire body. Laid down, anesthetist asked me a question, gave me meds and remember waking up in recovery.
Waking up from surgery i was on my back and was made to roll onto my stomach. Nausea did hit and asked for a tea with no sugar and that helped. Nurse asked me if i felt like i could walk. Pain was so so and i did walk around. I was already dressed and girdle was on. I remember looking at my butt for the first time and was Super happy.
Fisrt day isnt as bad, you go home and take meds and pretty much sleep. Second day, anesthesia starts to wear out completely and you do feel pain. However, I was given Tylenol 3 and it sufficed. I was also given and anti-inflammatory, sleeping medication and an Antibiotic to take twice a day for 10 days. Recovery was difficult at first, i was sore from all the lipo suction and was laying on my stomach and wasn't able to really roll over or lay on my side. Even for the stomach sleeper, it does get to be a bit much after a while.
I was seen for pre-op and massages at day two and daily for massages. My right glute was more swollen and felt a lot higher than my left. There was quite a bit of discomfort and i drained a lot. The only thing that I found strange, is that a drain was never placed. Due to all the drainage, my gluteal incision was not healing because I had fluids coming out. End of week two sometime, my incision opened up and was restitched using dissolvable sutures. Week three, I endured the 2.5 hour flight back to Orlando. It wasn't fun, but not as bad as I thought. Again, i kept on draining at stitches opened up.
Implants are a literal pain in the ass! They are hard at the beginning, bending down is nearly impossible and sciatic nerve pain is AWESOME!

Post Op

I will say that getting implants is no walk in the park, however things did get easier. I had a set back with the dehisence i experienced. It did not look pretty at all and the discomfort was significant for about 6 weeks all together. I do attribute it to the fact i am pretty active person, sitting still was difficult. I drive kids to school and drive 30 minutes to work and back.

The pics of the wound is how it looked. No, the white stuff around is not pus, it is my skin regenarating and closing together. You can actually see the internal sutures in the pic i downloaded. Pogression seemed a little slow at first, but little by little it got easier. It has taken me 8 weeks to feel ok. I can sit on my butt without feeling pain and no, i dont feel the implants when i sit. Still getting accustomed to feeling implants when I lay on my back. Lipo areas are still a bit tender, but very tolerable.

I have resumed normal activities. Excersice was something that i thought was going to be hard, but its been just fine.

5-6 weeks after

After Pics

More Pics 5 weeks

I am still swollen around my stomach and flanks, my waist is still going down. Still wear my girdle and waist cincher.

Day of Sx


I forgot to mention, that i communicated with my surgeon at least once a week via Whatsapp. If i had any issues or seemed like i was about to lose my mind i would message her. She usually got back to me within a few hours and i appreciated that about her. I was never just a patient and that's big. Especially, since i have read so many reviews on doctors not returning calls. Hell i was able to talk to her while she was in surgery, her assistant relayed all the information to me. That speaks volumes about a person and their dedication.
If I had to or decide to undergo any surgery i will most definitely go to Dr. Uribe again, she is great!

Objects are not as big as they appear

5 Months

It's been a while since I updated, my apologies for anyone who wrote to me. I feel amazing and I love my butt and my shape. I feel my implants here and there but nothing that isn't getting better. I get attention all the time and it feels amazing. This is a big ego booster...
Dr. Cristina Isabel Uribe

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