34 Y.O Two Kids Want a booty! - Medellin, Colombia

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I have booked my flight to Medellin, Colombia. My...

I have booked my flight to Medellin, Colombia. My sister was there a few months ago and saw a wonderful Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Her results were amazing and I have been wanting to go get Lipo with abdominal markings as well as the Butt Augmentation. I am very excited about the procedure. My plane ticket was $350 and I will be staying with family out there.

Before Pics

I'm uploading my before pics and will keep everyone posted as soon as I go for surgery scheduled for the end of next month. Getting lipo, butt augmentation.

Essentials Bought

March 1st, 25 more days and I'm super excited, nervous, and happy. I am the only one in the family with a small butt and wanted to join the rest of the big bun clan.lol
I bought my shewee, boppy pillow from a children's consignment shop, so it was way cheaper. All of the baby wipes, alcohol prep pads, and creams needed. I have increased my intake on leafy green veggies for all essential vitamins like B vitamins, folic acid and iron needed. Eating lean meats for proteins. I'm not much for protein shakes. I invested in miralax for stool softener, since I can add it to my water. The fajas are included with my surgery. I have last years maxi dresses that I will take on my trip. This way if they get stained, I can just discard afterwards. Checked on the status of my passport and it should be here in the next week or so.
I confirmed again with my employer and those days are approved. I have a friend who has decided to join me on my journey. She may actually get surgery as well. Yaayyy! Super excited!

2 more weeks!

Count down had started, I am most definitely nervous but ready. Like I have aid before, I'm not packing too much at all. Only the necessities and the rest I can just buy the. Especially since everything in my country is pretty cheap and easy to obtain. I started to mess around with this plastic surgery app. I am pretty thin so I don't want to end up disproportionate. This is what I would like to look like.

My family is so supportive!

My sister and cousin raggin on me!
Everyone knows I will be heading out soon. So of course any chance they get they will make fun of the situation. I'm the only one that did not get any booty in my family. Not for long though!!

9 Days til I have a Bigger Booty!

Hey all, so like many of you I am totally addicted to this site. I love to look at everyone's pictures and read their journeys. I decided to send my money down to Colombia and placed it in my account their. Right now the US dollar to Colombian Peso is high, so i have money left over. Yayy! I can't lie, the closer that i get to the date, the more anxious and nervous that i get. I have had surgery before, but having two kids and taking time off work is a little stressful. I have been saving up for a while and did put money away, just in case i needed to take another week off work or something came up but i still worry.
On the weekend i sent my boppy pillow and all of the stuff that i bought for surgery and shipped it out to Colombia. Shipping was only $.99 a pound and all together, including my dresses and shoes was a total of maybe $30.00. I bought gifts for the family, that is why it was 30 pounds. I am stressing out because i feel like i am missing something, hopefully i haven't. Again, the good thing about having family there is that if i did miss something or need anything they can always help me out and go get it. i did send extra money and had my aunt buy me at least four extra pillows. Anyone, that has had surgery out of the states; what did you all think was some of the most important things to pack or have?
I will upload some of my current pictures, i am afraid that i may not have enough fat to transfer to my butt. I stay steady at 135, i have tried to gain weight but it's been nearly impossible. I do walk around a lot since i am an MA Instructor and round around teaching my students and running multiple labs at the same time. Oh well, i have come this far and refuse to turn back. Worse comes to worse i will have to get implants :(


3 Days!

As always, i come on RS at least 2-3 times a day to see new reviews and see what everyone's experiences have been like. I feel pretty confident that all will go well and will make sure that I post pics as soon as I can. I am glad that i have family and friends that will be able to look out while in recovery. I have set up transportation pick up and had my aunt go buy extra pillows. The good thing is that i am a stomach sleeper, so this will not be much of any issue for me. I am tempted on getting m6y boobs done, but my man keeps on telling me not to mess with them.
To all you beautiful ladies about to get beautified, good luck and i wish you all a speedy recovery.

Sx tomorrow

Hey guys, so my Sx got postponed until tomorrow. My flight had a slight delay and so I got to the clinic later than expected. Anyway, no worries I got a date for tomorrow. That was ok with me, especially since I didn't just want to get here and go straight into sx. I will take pics tomorrow and wish me luck!
Oh by the way, my doctor isa sweetheart! She goes in step by step on what she plans to do and the results I should expect. On my flight there was another young lady who was going to see her. I didn't know until we saw each other in the office. I get a new butt, a six pack and a tiny waist!


For those of you, like me who don't want to end up with a great big bill for roaming. Download the whatsapp, you can use it to text friends and family and it uses wifi. I was able to use it at the mall, the doctors office and when I got to the house. Just a little 411 for the overseas travelers.

Day of Sx

Hey ladies, so today is the day of my surgery. I'm nervous, but it will probably really hit me when I'm on the operating table. Anyway, I got my faja yesterday and paid my fees. Took a few pics of me this morning and I'm as ready as i will ever be. I will try and update after the sx or tomorrow at some point. Wish me luck!

Faja pic

This is the faja I got from the office. I got to try it on and they made sure it was a good fit. It is from www.fajasmyd.com.co
good quality and paid less than $50 dollars. It is an extra large and I'm only 130 lbs and a size 4 in clothes. The back has a little clip you unhook to use the rest room. Let me know if anyone had questions.

Made it to the other side!

Hi ladies, so it took forever but I made. I got a shelf booty. Pain is 5/10, but they sent me home with pain meds. Just ate and took my meds. I will tell you all that my pain tolerance is high. Another girl there was feeling it really badly and stated she couldn't walk. So pain is dependent on the individual. Here are some pics. Booty is really high right now.lol

Post op pics day of sx.

Feeling ok, let's see how tomorrow goes.

Post Op Day 2

Still in quite a bit of pain, sleeping lots but I do get up and walk around to help. Have an appointment today for lymphatic massage. Not looking forward to it, but I do have quite a bit of fluid. I am a stomach sleeper, but it is still uncomfortable to sleep. Ladies the shewee is a must, without iti would've died trying to squat.

Post op day 3

Feeling pretty good today, my right glute is pretty tight and uncomfortable. Not taking so many pain meds, just ibuprofen to help with the inflammation and antibiotics that the doctors sent me as well.

5 Days P.O

Hey guys, well not much new to report. I'm bathing, walking around, and staying active as much as possible. I will tell toy my right cheek is the only check that bothers me, it's tight and so I have to take breaks and lay down to give it time. Taking ibuprofen if passion gets bothersome and nothing else. Stated wearing my uncomfortable board since Monday ugghh! Hate it, but I'm doing it. Let me know if there are any questions.

8 P.O

Not much to update, but is healing nicely and I'm still swollen from lipo. Tomorrow I see my surgeon for a check up. I haven't lost any of by booty. I have received messages wanting to know whyi went modest. First of all, I'm 5'2 pretty petite. I don't have big legs and the lat thing i wanted is to look disproportionate. I wanted a rounder butt with projection. Plus I had to make sure I kept my hubby happy too. He likes a nice butt not a huge one. Personal preference.

10 Days P.O and check up

Well ladies, I'm feeling good. No infections no problems, had some fluid drained. Yes the stick a needle where the fluid is, but it's doesn't hurt as bad as it sounds. I had about 15 cc extracted from both sides together. Here are some pics, love this shape. Mind you in still swollen in the waist and can't see the ab etching in pics yet.

New booty pics

Dr. Isabel Uribe

Cliniq.com.co this is the website for the surgeon I am using. They are pioneers in abdominal markings, so you get abdominal lipo and a six pack. Check out the site.

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