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5'6 250 pounds. I am going to Medellin Colombia...

5'6 250 pounds. I am going to Medellin Colombia Oct 26 to Dr Daniel Correa for liposuction to stomach, back and arms. Bbl and also breast implants with a breast lift. My mother is coming with me for support. I don't have a recovery house yet. I met Dr. Correa on instagram and I love the look of his work. I have seen a few reviews but not a lot. Has anyone been to Correa ? Your testimony is greatly appreciated

2 Months Left, I Need A Recovery House.

The time is ticking and I need to act like I'm having surgery in 2months. I need a recovery house now. So far the only one I found was tranquility recovery house and it looks awesome. They only downfall is that, it's super pricey. For one week, they want $1,700 on top of a $5,700 surgery and A flight for my mother and I. I was wondering if anyone knows any good recovery houses in Medellin. Or does anyone think it's a good idea to just book a hotel. My cousin is a nurse, she can come with me and take care of me for a week. Also so far I've been doing intense cardio until it's time for me to leave that way I can tone and lose some of my thighs. I've had thunder thighs all my life and I don't want to look bottom heavy after my surgery. Ladies please give me some advice

Wish Pictures

Wish Pictures

So Freaking Disappointed

So I was scheduled for my surgery next month but sadly I will have to reschedule for next year. I'm a little upset but I thought, maybe it happened for a reason. I just landed a new job and I won't be able to take off until next year. Until then I will be working out, trying to lose as much weight as possible to reach my ultimate body goal after my surgery. I would like to be at my weight goal of 185 by this time next year and to totally eliminate all of my annoying cellulite. I will keep updating my journey tho until the big day.

Ok I'm Serious Now

Okay now I believe I have nothing standing in my way from getting this surgery except I don't know who to go to. I'm torn between Dr. Yily and Cabral in Dr and Dr Correa in Colombia. I orginally feel in love with Correa's work but he kind of dissapeared from his instagram and I keep hearing stories about he only does half the work. Cabral is fabolous at lipo and bbl but I'm not so sure about how good he would be about my breast lift with implants and Yily is kind of just a last option, plus she has a great package that includes a recovery house. I'm just so confused. But I know that I want to get it done in January. Someone please comment with your advice
Dr Daniel Correa

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