Switched from DR to Colombia (BBL, Ab Etching, Additional Lipo)

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I was set on going to the Dominican Republic for...

I was set on going to the Dominican Republic for sx, had even paid my deposit but I changed my mind and switched to Colombia about a month and a half prior to my surgery date. I decided to go with Dr. Daniel Correa in Medellin, Colombia. Since I am traveling alone, I booked my procedures and recovery house through Lily at Tabatinga Consultants. I understand not everyone goes that route but I felt better hiring someone else plan my trip for me. At this moment, I am only getting BBL, with additional lipo and Ab etching but I am also considering a Breast Lift with a small implant. I will also be getting a dental makeover while in Medellin. I will create another review to share that experience as well.

So Let's Start From May 3rd

I arrived in Medellin Sunday night and was greeted by Lily (Tabatinga Consultants) and her driver upon exiting the airport. The driver took my bags for me and Lily gave me a warm hug. They were very friendly. The drive from the airport was about 30 minutes. The first night I stayed at Lily's luxury apartment in Medellin due to the fact that is was closer to the clinic. Plus I arrived really late so we weren't able to get a lot of sleep before the start of Monday. I finally went to bed around 2:30am after chatting with Lily. She is a sweetheart and looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! (No Photoshop, No gimmicks) She looks exactly like her photos!
So Monday morning we wake up around 7:30am and get ready to roll to the clinic. (Remember not to eat anything the morning of your labs) We caught a taxi which is extremely cheap. Arrived at the clinic at about 9:30am. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Even though I couldn't speak much spanish at all, everyone tried to help me along the way (Plus Lily was an excellent translator lol) I met Dr. Correa and he is such a nice person. Very confident in his work and was very happy at my athletic shape. He was very happy to feel strong muscle beneath my skin. (I guess the years of lifting weights actually paid off for me) We talked for about 30-40 minutes, he asked me what were my expectations and he made suggestions. I was thinking of getting a Breast lift but he advised against it because he felt that my Breast were great and that I should wait a couple of more years if I decide to have kids. I happily agreed. So no Breast lift this time. I will be getting Ab etching, BBL with Lipo in abdomen, back, arms, and inner thigh.

Part 2: Medellin

Monday we spent a lot of time driving around Medellin. Lily took me to exchange money, we ate great food, went to the mall and also visited my denist who will be doing my veneers. He also gave me a three session whitening treatment while I was there. My teeth are WHITE!!! :-D and he was very friendly, a young dentist and he speaks some English. Very nice man. ???? Lily also took me to get an Ozone Therapy treatment which will help me recover from surgery today and minimize scarring. One is suggested prior to surgery and a few are suggested post op. I made reservations to see Dr. CarreƱo again post op. Sessions are $45 USD each. He was also very friendly and I enjoyed my conversation with him. We ended the evening at his office and then Lily and I caught a cab to the recovery house so that I could get some rest for my big day. Everything is going great. Positive vibes everywhere!

Pre Op Photos

Dr. Daniel Correa

Dr. Correa is really friendly and actually responds to posts on Instagram. He is one of the best in his craft.

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