31 year old mom. I DID IT TODAY THURS OCTOBER 30 lipo and bbl with Dr. mel Ortega. miami.

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Hey girls. So I finally have built up enough...

Hey girls. So I finally have built up enough courage and money to get this procedure done. My family is from colombia and so therefore I'm going thru with this surgery out there. I got my aunts who live in el Poblado which is where my doctor Edison Osorio will be making me into what I want! I love the fact that his response time was professional and he has an assistant named Angelica who is great at se is g me any information I request. I  booked my flight for $400 bucks even which is fkn awesome compared to what the flight origiNlly would be which is like 800 plus. My mom is coming with me too which is pretty banging and mind easing as well. So I land in Medellin on Friday the 22 of August and he will check my blood work and have his first live consultation with me. I land at 106pm and 4 Is it with him. I was referred to him thru my cousin who got her breast done by him and she also told me that his assistant got her bbl and TT with hi. And she looked dope. Also good thing about him Is that he is board certified. U Lways gotta make sure where ever u go thAt ur surgeon is legit. I will post pictures of me when I get home tonight. I will try to post my wish pic later too. I mean I want what mostly every woman on here wants and that is to look and feel good naked as well as clothed. I will follow up with my journey. I am still making sacrifices to get this done. I'll keep ya posted. Xoxoxox

Only 96 days left

I have about 3 months to get this done! I'm super excited obviously!!! So my mom calls me and asks me whAt hospital in colombiA am I getting this done. I told her it was Dr. Edison Osorios clinic called biofirma in el poblado Colombia. But the great thing is that they also give you the option to choose 2 other large hospitals that have MORE medical equipment just in case. It's only 200 more. This doc is board certified and he has the info to prove it. By the way, what kind of faja should I wear for the TT?

80 something days left OMG

Hey guys so I'm back to my little blog and I must say that I cannot stop thinking about the pain that I'm going to encounter after my surgery. I sometimes even wonder if it's worth it but then I look in the Mirror and I see my stomach and I say of course it is!!!! Lol. So AnyWho I was looking at the email that my doctor sent me from Colombia and I noticed that he did not put anything on there as far as the procedures go about my Brazilian butt lift. So I had to email him and make sure that he includes the stuffing of the fat in my butt that sounds so funny but technically that's what he's going to do. Another thing that I was thinking about that I read on one of the other girls post is the concern of driving I am concerned because I'm only going to stay for almost 2 weeks. I get my surgery August 25 and then I come back September 3 which means that September 4 I will have to go back to work which if I'm not mistaken it's going to be Thursday. Hopefully everything will work out! Okay I'm off to bed to daydream about my new buddy catch you guys later. And good luck to all the dolls that are going thru the recovery process right now

The culprits that made mommy get this work done. <3

Arnica gel, pills, or what?

Hi beautiful dolls. So I have been hearing about Arnica but in what form do you take it? Gel!? Pills?! Cream?! and if it's in pill form how long before I start taking them ? I know I'm supposed to take vitamin C vitamin B , Folic acid, and iron pills! But when should I start? I'm getting the surgery on 8/25. Help anyone please?

Good weekend

Hey ladies what's going on so yes today is Monday and I'm feeling blah but whatever. So I have to say I had a great weekend I went out on a date with my husband and I brought a nice flower dress. When I go shopping I always envisioned it to look different on me and possibly better but whom I kidding LOL. Of course it would look better on a stick figure but any case I bought it anyways and it fit decent because it was a loose fitting dress so as soon as I put it on I felt nice and my husband make sure to make me feel beautiful as he always does. It was only two things that were missing a small waist and a nice little plump meat in the back. I don't have that unfortunately so I just basically covered it up a little bit with a long shawl and called a day. I still got compliments mostly got my hair and make up. So we went to Hoboken and we ended up at this really cool spot and I bumped into a girl who also happens to be the real self follower and I for some reason felt comfortable with her to tell her about my journey to Colombia and she also said that she went to Dominican republic and that she just got back and I must say she looks great. As soon as I find out her name I will post it on here if she doesn't mind but she told me she got a Brazilian butt lift and that transfer and a little bit if I'm not mistaken of Laipo button on the case she still looks excellent. She also said that everything has changed for the better that she gets a lot of compliments and a lot of head turns she still was a very beautiful girl but you just basically enhance what you look like. She said that the recovery for her was rather easy but of course I think that it probably won't be the same for me since I'm getting my stomach cut and half. It's crazy because this is got my brain all wrapped up in surgery and I feel ridiculous sometimes because that's all I talk to my friends about. I'm sure they're sick and tired of hearing it. But you know what I am also sure that they would be talking about it nonstop if their whole body was going to go to a phenomenal change. In fact I think about it so much that I dreamt about it last night. I dreamt that the Day came that I had to leave for my surgery and I only had half the money saved up and no one can give me the other half that even my mom I was so upset I was crying I was frustrated But luckily I woke up and was just a bad dream. I've been noticing that on Instagram a lot of women are being more open about the surgery that they have gotten done. In fact they even talk about it like it's a simple procedure that's freaking crazy but at the same time that's great because it opens the door for people to be less judgmental about what we want to do. After all it is our body and we do what we want to do with it. Alright dolls I'm on my way to work so I'll talk to you soon and I'll be posting some new stuff in a few days ciao

Feeling blahhhh

Good morning my wonderful strong women.

We'll lets first start off with the fact that I am sick. I have congestion in my chest and a cough. Small fever last weekend but glad that is over. So I have been just thinking a lot about this fricking surgery and it's heavy on my mind. I don't know if I mentioned but I noticed that on my surgery itinerary it did not mention my BBL. All it said was that they would mold my glutes. (Butt). I don't know guys but I think I need more fullness and projection on my behind. The doctor told me that I don't need to inject anything because when he would do the tummy tuck and liposculptor that my behind would automatically look bigger. I even went and looked for another doctor and he was gonna charge me about 700 more and he did not include bloodwork,. Also I would of needed to change my date because he needs to me stay for 3 weeks. I can't stay that long. So I'm a little stressed out about that. Basically I would need about another 1600 over what my budget is. I mean I just don't want to pay and not have a butt. But as long as I have a flat tummy and don't lose my hips and have an hr glass shape I won't be that bad. What do guys think? Have any if yu just had lipo and tt and still looked great? This sucks lol.

He mentioned also that I already have an ass and he can work with that! Uggggghhhhhhh. I'll follow up guys. I'm almost reconsidering putting this surgery off for another time. But if I do that it's like I'll never have it done. And my husband is not the most financially stable provider so I feel like I gotta do it while I got it.

I know I'm all over the place but i feel like this can be my little diary. In a few months once I get my new body I will look back and slap myself for almost backing out. I was lookin thru my pictures
And I realized that I don't have any full pics of my body. I want to be able to wear a nice maxi dress and have some sort of fluff back there. I don't guys. This is exhausting. Has anyone been on the fence with their future surgery? Hellllp me sisters!

changed my doctor and paid in full! Mel Ortega is the man of the hour now

Hi baby girls. So something horrible happened. (Well not that bad) i had half my"money down for this surgery in Colombia and my husband needed emergency money so i had no choice but to give it to him. I was upset but thankful cause we know God has a plan for everyone. So my mom who loves me so much decided to help a Daughter out and co signed for me. I'm set for surgery fully paid fir October 23. That's less then 1 Month away. Ohhh maiii gawww. Lol. Im not getting tt. I'm getting lipo sculpture with BBL. I will get a tt later in the future. I just want to remove that stubborn fat and sculpt my body and at the same time have a nice shapely behind. Ill need to post pictures now of how i look in a form fitting dress. I gotva good deal with dr ortega. Ill post more pics later. Ciao

ok so im a few weeks away and i cant stop looking at real self

Hi guys. So it's Monday October 6 ahhh I'm going to get my bbl and lipo on October 23. I'm nervous and have mixed emotions? I keep stressing about how good it's gonna look. Does this or has this happened to anyone? Sometimes I'm like "can't wait" but then sometimes I'm like "its not gonna come out right blah blah blah" i have everything paid for. I land in Ft. Lauderdale on 10/23 then my sister who loves in Tampa is driving tho pick me up and take me to the doctors office to pick up my meds. I'm taking my 1 year old cause his dad can't handle him so mom And sis are looking me out!!!! I cant wait. But at the same time im scared. I keep trying to remind myself to take current body pix but i keep forgetting. I will try to tonight!!

soooooooooo Upset!!!! don't know what to do

So i have my surgery booked with dr Mel. Ortega in Miami. At CG cosmetics for October 23. I get a call today saying that dr. Ortega won't be available. I have to change my flight for a week before or a week after. I can't do that for many reasons. They suggested Dr. Freiman. But i don't see ANY reviews for him. Only breast augmentations [which i wouldn't mind getting) i don't want to take a chance in getting a bbl and it not get the results i want. So i figured maybe i can just do lipo and breast job. What do i do???? Anyone get Any written done with Freiman???? I'm desperate

so im going for Ortega and im gonna take a risk with work

Hi muchachas. So i ended up moving my date from the 23 til the 30. I'm suppose to fly back Nov 3rd but I'm gonna be irresponsible and wild for once and get a note from the doctors office to let my job know that i had tho stay extra due to some minor issues. Efff that. CG cosmetics better do that due to their whole fak up with scheduling. They would not not and not pay for my flight change. So they threw free botox in there. I was like fk it. My mom's will take it for sure and she was happy as helllll! Lol. Anyways i guess I'm just really excited and i still don't know what to expect. Byv the easy how do i remove the old doctor i had from my profile?

some pics of me and what i like

Some pics of me and what i like

in tampa. driving to miami on wed 10/29 for surgery 10/30.

Hi guys. So I am ready for my surgery. Although I'm a bit nervous and I can't imagine what the pain is going to be like. I've read some of the stories on here and I guess it's pretty common to get butterflies and thoughts of maybe not even having the surgery. I was wondering if any of you girls know where in Miami I can get to tUmmy board d.also I am going to be driving back on the 31st Miami to Tampa I was wondering if anyone has done so. Obviously my mom will be driving me but how many times did you guys stop to get out of the car to walk?it sounds like a silly question I know but rather be prepared

The day before the big day. can't sleep

Hi girls. So i finally made it to Miami with my mom and my 1 year old. We rented a hotel here in coral gables where i will be having my surgery with Dr. Mel Ortega at 630 am. I'm his first patient. I'm pretty nervous and anxious. I drove from my mother's home n Tampa. Were got to Miami at 530 pm. Went to the hotel room and went out for dinner. I ate at this delicious authentic Cuban restaurant. I'm so full still. I ate at 63o pm And right now it's 11pm. I still feel full. So everyone at CG cosmetics was pretty cool. I spoke Spanish to them since most Of the girls there speak Spanish. I still update you gals tomorrow if i feel good! Pray for me. My mother and i did a little prayer before bed. Good night

i made it

hi girls so I needed to the other side thank you Lord for accompanying me towards his huge ordeal in my life. I am excited and so far so good I went into surgery this morning at 9:30 a.m. And was out of there by 12:15 p.m. So I can say that that's good because it's less of a risk for the bad stuff if you know what I mean. So right now I'm in the hotel room I got back to the hotel room at possibly cool clock took a nap I'm up walking around I am a little worried bug so I get up to walk every about 20 to 30 minutes for about 10 to 15 minutes. Film ice cream today started off kind of bad, I got to the surgical center at 6:30 in the morning. Turns out that the anesthesiologist was sick.! I was pretty upset because this is the second time that they pulled something silly like this. Anyways about 3 hours after waiting in the cold cold depressing room maybe I'm exaggerating sleepy was 2&a half whatever feel very long whatever I met my new anesthesiologist and she was a woman for a little asian lady super cool very sweet. so anyways she asked me to say goodnight to my son and my mom and I did just that. Once we started walking to the old are rules things got real I started sweating from my palms as if I was Dipping them in water. It was a little was a littleFrighteninganyways she told me she was gonna 0give me some happy juice . dr. Ortega was playing some music And the while atmosphere was pretty cool. One i started talking i must of dozed off because i woke up what seemed to be a few mins. I woke up swearing i was hungover from too much drinking lmao. Obviously not. Well I'll post more details tomorrow.


trying to upload pictures

Good more guys. So i had my surgery yesterday and let me tell u...last night was horrible lol. Not scare you but i guess the hardest part was trying to get off the bed. That was like insane. Also i heard many women had back pain and that is what also v sucks. The lipo areas hurt too but the pain meds makes this now tolerable. So I'm still swollen anf u cant really see the contouring of the waste but my butt def looks good. My mom was like wow it looks almost as if u were born with that. Its nice and big. The doctor told me that he was going to put all my fat back there cau s e no one complains of how big it. They complain more of how NOT Big it is. My sides hurt alot by the tip of my ribs. Let me try to post some pictures now. Thanks girls for the well wishes and support

a few flicks.

I will be able to take better pictures soon
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I will be having this procedure done on October. 30, 2014 with Dr Mel Ortega. In Miami

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