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Hello everyone,i am here today to review an...

Hello everyone,i am here today to review an incredible surgeon named Dr Arthur Tjandra who specialises in liposuction.

Where do I begin? I have always hated the shape of my thighs for a long as I can remember and was always referred to as a pear shape, meaning even if I would be so bony and skinny on my upper body my lower half would remain fat. I appeared to have a granny's bottom!!! A few years ago I decided I am going to do something about it and after 2 years of research I decided to fly all the way to medan,indonesia from Melbourne (Australia) to have 3 dimensional liposuction performed by the amazing doctor Arthur.You are probably wondering why on earth would a young women (im 18) choose to travel so far away for surgery? well it is because I am smart and I realised that getting 3 dimensional liposuction is a much smarter choice than getting 2 dimensional liposuction why? because you are not a piece of paper and improving only the inner thigh or outer thigh alone will make just one angle of you look slim and toned .Dr Arthur taught me that liposuction is about sculpting the body and looking at the body as a whole.Before even arriving at medan I emailed Jennifer who is doctor arthurs patient co ordinator who helps overseas patients book flights,arrange dr arthurs driver to pick you up from the airport and bring you to the clinic.Jennifer is very kind and never hesitates to answer your questions,personally I have sent hundreds of questions (sorry Jennifer) but each and every time she has replied with a kind and informative answer).

On arrival,dr Arthurs driver picked myself and my friend (who was also getting liposuction by dr Arthur) up from the airport, he was so kind and even carried my luggage for me!! when we arrived the driver unloaded our luggage and showed us to the clinic.This isn't just any clinic,in fact it is a clinic downstairs and has amazing accommodation upstairs for dr Arthurs patients.I was showed to my room by the lovely maid and told that if I needed anything at all to just let them know.My room was large,had a double bed,desk,tv and own bathroom! I felt right at home as it was so fresh,clean and had everything a girl could want and more!!! upon being shown to my room/apartment I met dr Arthur.He greeted me by welcoming me into his clinic and shaking my hand with a warm and friendly smile

Dr Arthur performed 3 dimensional liposuction on my thighs which consisted of 7 areas making up the entire thighs along with that I also got my neck, chin and jowls done as I had a very stubborn double chin. After surgery I was able to see my results immediately as you are not put under during surgery and only have local anaesthetic.When I walked over to the mirror I was shocked!!!! is this even me?! I asked myself in my head.....I have never looked this in proportion in my entire life and for once I could even see my angled kneecaps and my beautiful muscles that run up my legs.I used to have fatty knees but they were gone!!! I honestly thought it was a dream it was extremely satisfying to see my body transform in an instance. My neck an chin angle is also now simply stunning and I no longer have to worry about having a turkey neck in photos.

After surgery I was accompanied by nurses to make sure I was comfortable and all my needs were being met. I was even offered a warm milo (this made me feel so at home) but I opted for a small sip of water as it is important to stay hydrated even if you do not feel up to drinking.I then had my legs wrapped in bandages and helped upstairs. I was not in any pain I just simply felt tired which is to be expected with the local anaesthesia.I was brought to my bedroom and had a nap (a long nap) and was quite happy and comfortable.Later that night I watched some tv and went to bed.Dr Arthur knocked on my door later that night and put on a night light for me as well as giving me some water (This was so sweet and thoughtful of dr Arthur).

The next day I was called downstairs to get my free drainage massage which helps decrease swelling and bruising.It didn't hurt it just felt a little tingley as well as some pressure (I didn't mind it actually) The nurse (yusma) is so sweet and kind!! we chatted away while she applied the post op ointments and massaged my legs.Yusma then kindly helped me into my compression tights (I wore 2xu brand) p.s buy from app called wish for literally $100 cheaper than instore then I just relaxed on my bed and watched Netflix on my ipad (dr Arthur has free wifi) yay!!! That day and the following few weeks I felf a little swollen and stiff which is expected as the bruises heal and muscles contract.

Swelling can last up to 6 months so don't worry if you feel bigger one day and smaller the next as it is normal!!!!
after about two weeks (I returned to work about 5 days after lipo although I could walk right away) I was feeling a lot better and could already see my new shape.Each week the bruises,swelling and stiffness decreased until about 2 months later when I felt 100 percent normal again!!

fast forwart to 7 months later and I am so much more confident and happy and my legs believe it or not shrunk even more after the 6 months mark.I used to shy away and not wear dresses,leggings,skirts or shorts but now drag my friends to the shopping centre/malls to try and buy cute clothes!!!

Thank you so much dr Arthur,not only have you transformed my body but you have transformed me as a person.I am now confident and happy to be me.
Dr Arthur removed 3 litres of fat from my thighs and look at my before and after pics!!!!

Before liposuction

More before pics

Horrible look what I used to look like!!!
Dr arthur tjandrs

AMAZING!!!!!!!!! one and only liposuction surgeon I would allow to perform lipo on me

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