Ankle Liposuction - Subiaco, AU

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It was simply the best thing I've ever done for...

It was simply the best thing I've ever done for myself. I've hidden my legs for the past 20 years. Hated school as I had to wear knee length skirts, tired of wearing maxi dresses and trousers.

In 2016 I decided enough was enough, I'm sick of my legs and hiding them. So I started enquiring about lipo on my ankles. Over the years I've visited 5 surgeons. 2 told me nothing could be done, one told me he wouldn't touch me until I lost 10 kgs and told me he could only tell if it would work once he started suction) and two said yes, lipo could make an improvement.
Naturally I went with one of the ones that said yes. So I've opted for Liposuction under local anaesthetic (I'll be awake) which works out much more cost effective (no need for hospital or anaesthetist fees) and will take a total time of about 3 hours.

Day 4 PO

Day 4 - my legs feel a bit tingly, but no pain or bruising yet! I've been lucky with the pain I reckon, I haven't had to take any pain killers. I've noticed I'm a lot more swollen today, and part of me is a bit impatient, and praying it goes down, because with the swelling they look pretty much the same as they did pre op. Butnso far so good anyway. Just trying to make myself keep them elevated!

Progress then reverse progress ????

Day 1 I could really see the shape, but day 4 and I've really swollen up! Hoping it disappears soon. But here's a day 1 v day 4 comparison.

The actual procedure!

I was welcomed by Christy the clinic nurse who brought me to a little room and gave me my gown, hat and some pain relief and antibiotics. I was then brought to the room where the lipo would take place. Dr Jadoon then took my before photo - and marked my cankles out for lipo. I was sat on the bed and then the local anaesthetic injections were popped in (little stingy). Then the tumeresent fluid was put in my legs, not going to lie, this was sore/uncomfortable, but bearable because I knew the pain would only last a few mins. I could immediately feel my legs expand and feel tight, such a funny feeling. I was left for a while until the anesthetic in the fluid kicked in and then we began! Didn't feel a thing only the vibration of the cannula, and the odd time I could feel it knock against an area not numbed. All in all, it was fine. Would I do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat. I am a fairly good humoured person and there was plenty of chat and giggles throughout the procedure. It was crazy being able to see the process happen, I'd much rather be awake than put asleep for it. Once I was finished I was bandaged up, given additional pain relief and antibiotics and I walked out to catch my ride home! I leaked a lot that night from the incisions. But the next day most of them had dried up! Now I'm just super excited to see my progress once the swelling goes down!

Day 5 post ankle lipo

Back to work, and I'm pretty swollen! Trying to keep my legs elevated is hard work! Can't see any results so far because of swelling but hoping by week 2 I can see a difference!

Day 5 swelling

Lots of swelling in my feet

8 days Post Ankle lipo

Oh today I'm so so happy! I rested my legs so much over the past two days, and the swelling is going right down! Take a look for yourself! I do still feel more comfortable with the compression garments on them. The bruising only turned out to be yellowish so far, and my incision marks have healed nicely and look more like freckles now! So flipping happy so far!!!

Can't stop looking at them

It's true. Every shiny surface and I'm grabbing a glance! I'm over the moon with the progress so far. So so so worth it!

10 days Post ankle lipo

I wore heels

Not high ones, but a block heel in the office today. I lasted about 4 hours. The result? Swollen feet and ankles. You live and learn ha!


Hey sorry it's been a week since my last update. So it's been over two weeks since my lipo on my cankles! They still feel a bit tender, like the skin and the leg just aren't stuck together, sounds yuck, but it's only if I am not careful walking or make a sudden movement with my legs I feel it.

My ankles are great in the morning!!! Love that initial sneak peak when I wake up, but by the time I walk to the bus and then to the office they are so so swollen. Hoping this improves soon, it's summer here and I'd love to wear some shorts!

Getting better

It's been 3 weeks now since my cankle lipo, and things are beginning to settle a bit more. I've stopped swelling as much in the day time, which is good! And I can see calf muscles!
One ankle does seem to be a bit slimmer than the other and suffers a little more swelling than the other. But hopefully that will settle with some more time. Being patient is the hardest part.

They still feel quite hard and numb. Odd sensation.

Almost 4 weeks

Still swollen

Check up on Monday, still swollen
Dr Ehsan Jadoon

Medaeathetics clinic is simply a lovely relaxed place to be. Dr Jadoon is a really nice guy, he's got a sense of humour and is just a rare find. Other doctors I've had consultations with have been quite rude or one even left me in tears! But Doctor Jadoon has a really good bedside manner. Christy, the nurse who was with me was fantastic, a little gem. She went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. The team at medaeathetics just really make things simple, friendly and make you feel so welcome and comfortable. I couldn't recommend Dr Jadoon more. I am so happy with my results so far!!

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