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I haven't had kids and I am getting a BR and TT in...

I haven't had kids and I am getting a BR and TT in 2 weeks. I'm 5'2 and a 32DD (more like in between DD and DDD). Anyway, i am tired of having this huge weight on my chest and tummy. i have no excuse for my tummy other than genetics. i eat a fairly clean diet (modified paleo) and exercise 5x/wk. anyway, i am 2 weeks away and getting a little freaked out by the surgery. im not worried about the tummy, but i am worried about the BR. i have BROAD shoulders for a short woman so i'm worried a size B will look weird. anyway, i have to discuss with the PS. i do want them to be significantly smaller but i've gotten different estimates about how many 325 grams will be.

regardless, i am hoping to get some community support since i have no one else to really talk about this with. im trying to prepare for the surgery and i need help in figuring out what i will need at home.

my sis is with me for the first 3 days including the day of surgery. then i will have a part time nurse to help me out. i will have drains for the TT. and im staying at an aftercare facility the first night.

i dont have a recliner chair and im wondering if i really need to find one? craigs list doesnt have any that i like. i can get a cheap, new one for $159 (wont last more than 1 year i think). but i do i need it? if it's worth it, i will buy it. but i wanted opinions from others....i do have some problems with the back of my pelvis and the muscles around it....so if i am going to be miserable, i would rather just get it.

also, i should be getting my period 7-8 days after the surgery......which i know will make everything worse....

im planning on making a lot of meals in advance. i have toilet rails to be installed for a while. is there anything else i need?

other than pajamas and sweat shirts, i dont know what kind of comfy clothes i can get which open in the front...i just got a zipper front housecoat.
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