2 Month Follow-Up w/PS

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Have been here since October when my quest for a...

Have been here since October when my quest for a TT began ....learning, laughing and loving it. Such a great site. Thanks for all your posts..it helps so many of us TT sisters. Well, I'm a 55+ African American woman who has decided at this point, enough is enough. I want to look and feel better. Researched three PSs all of whom have done work on friends, made my selection and tomorrow is my day! Everything is just about done, house is clean, shopping, cooking, post-op needs purchased (I was lucky enough to get a brand new toilet seat riser sealed wrapped and boxed for $5 at a flea market) yeah!!!.

Husband has taken off for 1.5 weeks, daughter and sis will be around! I have everyone's support and that means so much. As they say "I'm 'ret to go!" Feeling very good today, very strong and confident that I've made the right decision and this will work out for me. Best wishes and prayers to those going thru tomorrow and the remainder of the month. Stay positive, be realistic, patient and prayful...that's my goal now. Pictures later.

Day 3 post-op! Can't say its been too bad. ...

Day 3 post-op! Can't say its been too bad. Thinking of an attempt to move from Percocet to Ibuprophen 800 today. Tiring of the medicine regimine which keeps me up all night but thankful for minimal discomfort. Back is truly hurting and I am not even bent over much. I believe its the leather recliner with not enough support. Had first shower and that was relieving and afterwards realized I didn't get all the markings off my belly (dang!). Something else to do today. Appetite and taste returning. No BM yet so thats too is on the agenda for today as well. Am armed with prune juice, MOM and Citrate of Magnesium, stool softener - can you say 'prepared!' So how do I look, I've not really looked too hard but overall the result is clearly a vast improvement...LOL. Just don't want to prejudge as I am going into that swell mode. Overall am happy and now realize the value of this forum in educating those of us undertaking this challenge. To those TT sisters going through this week and those recovering...I wish you the best!

Well my surgery was last surgery. This time last...

Well my surgery was last surgery. This time last week I was running around like a little squirrel! The recovery road has been relatively smooth. Developed a nagging cough 2 days ago and talked to PS this a.m. for instruction. Stopped Percocet Tuesday, stopped Soma muscle relaxer yesterday. Only taking 800mg Ibuprofen and antibiotic. Had movement on Tuesday having only taken one does of MOM. The hardest part was the anesthesia and ring my body of that. Interesting that I had never reacted to it before. I sure did this time! Back achy
from time to time. Have bathed everyday and went outside for the first time yesterday. Did a few laps around the driveway before dinner. Overall I have been feeling fine. Go for first post-op appt. o. Monday . Prayerfully drains will be removed. So glad to have had this done. And yes, would do it again.

****Sorry .. Means to say had surgery last Friday....

****Sorry .. Means to say had surgery last Friday. ****

Well made it to the one week point. Jumped up,...

Well made it to the one week point. Jumped up, showered and went for a nice walk this morning. Definitely more active today. Husband goes back to work on Sunday so I may as well get it in gear! He has been an absolute jewel through all of this. Took pics however camera sustained some damage shots look double exposure. Ordered another from QVC today. I have reopened my EBay store and even shipped 2 items today . Monday morning is my first post-op appt w/PS and I can't wait! Plan to purchase additional CGs if these drains are removed. My total drainage output was 84 yesterday but up to 100 today...WTH!!! Increased activity? To much else to update. You ladies have a great weekend!



Yup...yesterday at 10 days PO the drains were...

Yup...yesterday at 10 days PO the drains were removed - whew! FYI, drain removal was painless - didn't feel a thing but was amazed that so much tubing was in my belly. Just prayful I don't develop a seroma has tends to happen (from reading here). The new compression garment the doc's office ordered was the incorrect size so another has been ordered and should arrive this week. Doctor also gave me pics of the skin/fat removed - 10 lbs but I can't bring myself to post it...SMH...nasty! My girlfriend drove me to my PO appt and I drove home - YES! Noticed how it feels strange driving after you haven't for a while. Also went to Ashley Stewart and Lane Bryant to look at Spanx products. Bought two, and after trying them on....they look and feel very comfortable - that's wonderful because neither can be returned to the store. Just want something to change into when washing this binder. Another turning point, I prepared one of my bedrooms (with the lower bed) to sleep in last night. OMG...it felt so good. I am still trying to figure how to get in and out of bed with the least stress on the belly....it takes me a while. But after sleeping in a recliner and/or sofa while sitting upright since April 19th...that bed was heavenly!
Its a rainy, drizzly day so I may stay in today and let the body relax more. Things are good overall. I have no complaints whatsoever related to this surgery (uum..maybe the anesthesia issue) but my PS and his staff are the best!! My husband, daughter and BFF provided so much support I couldn't have asked for any more and I will always remember that. To those of you headed to TT-land, stay positive, preparation is the key...your home, personal matters, personal post-op needs. Especially prepare yourself to rest and recover and enjoy the results of this surgery in time. Take care! Peace!

Hello....yesterday was 2 weeks post-op! I really...

Hello....yesterday was 2 weeks post-op! I really can't complain about much. I tolerated this procedure very well. Incisions healing well. Finally got my true compression garment from the doc yesterday (they needed to reorder). It took me 15 minutes to get in that thing. Whew! But once on its feels so much more comfortable than that wrap velcro hospital-issued binder. Its not uncomfortable at all (once its on). I've been progressing with my movement...nail salon, Target, visited my sister, grocery shopping and returning some of the items purchased pre-op and did not use. Kind of over did it one day using the Swifter on the floor. Wiped me out! Have pics of the 10 lbs removed from the belly but refuse to gross anyone out by posting it. Weight is good...right around 10-12 lbs down. Swelling is ....what do we all say "swell hell'. Hate that tight feeling which hits me primarily around 7pm. I am a 24/7 compression wearer. Really pleased with the placement, length and width of my incision and BB. Doctor did a great job. Somewhat sore still at the drain sites (hips) and I think part of that is due to the velcro binder as well. I don't return to the doctor until May 21. Funny, I put on a belt that I used to wear with leggings and a top...it would fit nicely on my hips and tummy. This morning, the belt fell to the ground. Also, when I went to the ladies room, my leggings which were under my breast when I left home, were down on by my hips. A few more steps and they would have been at my knees. Changes...yes, definite changes. Best wishes to those TTers on schedule for this week. Peace.

Well I can say overall things have been good. The...

Well I can say overall things have been good. The last few days I was feeling this super tightness in my belly. Last evening decided it could be a seroma. Left message at PS office and they called first thing this a.m. to tell me to come right in. Doctor drew 180cc of fluid and it was such a relief. Pressure/tightness gone! May have to do again - maybe not but at least I know the feeling of a seroma now. By the way, the aspiration was painless. It's important to listen to your body and respond accordingly ladies. So glad I did. Maybe now I can make it through the night wearing this darn compression garment LOL! Otherwise doctor was pleased with everything and my progress as am I. Best wishes to those of you going through tomorrow.

4 Week Post Op

Been a minute but I am now 4 weeks PO! Its still pretty uneventful. Went on my first road trip with hubby to our other house in DE. Just 1.5 hour drive. He wanted to do yard work and planting. So I went and purchased the plants and he did the hard work - planting. None of that bending over in that extreme heat and humidity this week. I felt kinda useless because I love the month of May for gardening and just refuse to get 'down and dirty' this year. Need to make an appointment with the endocrinologist about my diabetes because its definitely taken a turn for the better since surgery in that I am taking less meds and have better blood sugar readings. Had my seroma aspirated again this week with 50% less fluid than the first time - hopefully that is resolving. I had a UTI this week as well! Initially started meds from a previous bout, think med was old and symptoms wouldn't go away. Callled PS and got a new script. Asked if UTI is a common side effect of this surgery and he said the body has gone through so much (trauma, numerous medications, treatments) that your chemical balance can be off including good bacteria needed to kill off bad. Seems everything can go helter-skelter. Medicine kicked right in though. He wants me on it for 5 days instead of 3. CG issues: I love my old white hospital-issued binder and still wear it sometimes at night over another compression item just as a relief from that CG. The elasticity is wearing though - gonna have to give it up very soon ... so sad. I wore mine until I got the CG from the PS and it was about 2 weeks because it had to be re-ordered. I wear that CG sun up to sun down but absolutely cannot sleep in it! At 4 weeks, I am starting to see and feel the goodness of this surgery...and know it will continue to get better. Going to a family birthday party today and I haven't been around this group for months and they know nothing. Wonder if they will notice anything different about me. Appetite has not returned 100% - not upset about that. I am down about 12 lbs and 2" off waist and hips each. I literally almost walked out of my clothes yesterday but caught my pants in time. Need to remember to wear one of those belts that haven't fit for years .. LOL ! Just not ready to buy alot of new things because I don't know what size I will end up. I did buy a couple of Summer skirts though in a size Large (formerly 2X). And I get my rest in! My rule has been in bed (thought not necessarily sleep) by 9pm...don't get out of bed until 9am...that way I know I am getting 12 hours rest everyday! (Being retired helps with that schedule). Works for me and I don't get too tired during the day. Albeit the ups and downs happen, I am still 200% happy having had the surgery than not. Like everyone says....it just take time and you must be patient! Hope all you recovering TT sisters and those coming up this week have a great weekend! Peace.

32 Days Post Op!

Wanted to jump on for a minute. Had a follow-up w/PS today. All went well. Whereas I didn't think I had accumulated additional seroma fluid, I had and he drained that off.
There was not that extreme tightness or waterbed I had felt before. And of course, the draining didn't hurt. He okay'd me to start scar treatment, try to sleep on my stomach, try to garden (unless it hurts) and have a cocktail (YES!). My PS's general rule of thumb is try whatever but listen to your body and stop if you're uncomfortable. Putting up a few clothed pics. Happy healing everyone!

Feeling really nice today!

Feeling pretty good today.

DC/ MD/ VA Tummy Tuckers ... Let's Meet !!!

There are so many of us in the DMV on the forums right now! Maybe we should get together and put faces with names! Wouldn't that be fun? I think a Saturday afternoon may work best. Maybe a centrally located restaurant? 'Silversunshine' offerred to host but don't want to burden anyone out the gate...LOL. (There is a local horse rider around this forum).
Can we think about June?
June 8, June 15, June 22
If you'd like to join in..please respond here with your preferred date. Knowing we are into vacation time, we may not get everyone. Also any thoughts on a restaurant would be helpful. Can't wait for the responses and input.

Also, I think anyone should be welcomed to come if they are in the area.

Disclaimer: I am not a coordinator, group leader or party planner. Just wanted to get some communication started so this will happen. In other words... I am not in charge !!! LOL !

Seroma Free !!! 6-Week Checkup!

Oh my.....I am seroma free !! What I thought was the seroma Dr explained was fluid finding it way into the remaining fat tissue and of course, that 'swelling' syndrome! He said...'its all a part of the process but you are seroma free and doing just fine!'.
I had another issue I asked him about, a little poking/stabbing/pinching on my right side above my incision. He looked at it, touched it and said it was a dissolvable stitch. My question was 'why after 6 weeks hasn't that baby dissolved?'. He said if its still bothering me after 2/3 weeks, he'll numb the area and go in and get it. Whew! Least of my concerns (until that bugger irritates me!). Today I put on a size 18 skirt that I've not worn since 2009 (I've been a solid 20 for a while)...the 18 is actually falling down to mid-hip. Regrets??? NOT A ONE *wink* !!


Well yesterday my husband told me 'Please go get some clothes that fit!' He was tired of me trying to figure how to keep my clothes from falling during he day. What an endeavor shopping was. Coming from a size 20 (pushing a 22 at times)..I tried on soooo many capris, dresses, tops I got exhausted. I actually bought a 14/16 dress... woot-woot! The capris are a comfy 18 - though I could button the 16 there was a strange feeling on my already swollen tummy - too tight - NOT! The tops are the same size with these humongous boobs. Now mind you these are not the higher-end clothes cause I don't want to spend too much (hopefully I will continue to shrink). But it was interesting to see how different your body looks in different clothes. Especially clothing you never-ever would try before. Kind of exciting! Well let me go dress in some of my new clothes *wink*

7 Weeks and 3 Days ..... WTH ??

Whew I feel like a stuffed pork sausage trying to get out of its casing.
WTH ?? Whew....how much longer.....how much? (!!!)

First Walk...

Awakened this morning with a plan to go walking to kick-start my exercising efforts.
Actually walked 1.3 miles on an uneven grade (for the challenge) and did good IMO. I've never been much of an outdoors walker...but the weather this morning was beautiful. Came home and fell out, slept 2 hours ... guess it took more out of me than I thought. 1.3 miles isn't a heck of alot but its a start! Happy healing everyone.

9 Week PO

Well...it was 9 weeks yesterday and really its been a great ride. I'm walking every morning and a few times have gotten ambitious and walked in the evening as well. I have stopped getting on the scale every single day! I tend to do more measuring than anything. I am wearing waist cinchers or some other type of compression shapewear religiously. Tend to like those that allow you to wear your own bra as it smooths the back as well as support the belly. I thought a couple of weeks ago I should have had this surgery in September when its starting to cool down. I am not completely flat as some of you, and still don't have a waist....but I think I can see some shaping happening there. I am very patient and truthfully see the swelling deminishing and my belly following suit. Let us pray for flatness! Incision healing well...using home school remedy of cocoa butter and vitamin E twice a day and it appears to be doing just fine. Return to PS on Monday...curious when he will have me return. Visits should be slacking off I'd think. No seroma issues to report (fingers crossed). Just hoping that the healing continues on the positive. Best wishes to all the TTers!

2-Month Follow-Up

Let me start this by saying if you're contemplating a TT and live in a hot environment, do that procedure in the Fall! Left home this morning at 9a.m. headed to PS. It was 85 degrees already. Its too dang hot to be wearing CGs, cinchers, shapewear, girdles or whatever you want to call it this time of year. Whew! Its hot out there. And not to mention the DC/MD/VA humidity factoring in! Okay finished my 'hot' rant!

So....my visit was great. PS was so happy with my progress. Nice not to have a 'seroma converstion'! Said lessening of swelling is progressing well but wants me to continue to wear compression for another month. Showed him my waist cincher and got the A-OKAY! (Thank you Lord!...cause I don't think I could do anything else now)!
Told me to massage my BB 5 minutes twice a day. He actually gave me the Summer off....I don't return until Aug 19th...exactly 4 month PO date. Thats great!
I'd say thats about that. Oh...forgot to mention yesterday that the Tumeric is doing really well. Was only taking one 450 per day .. didn't realize the directions say 3x per day (reading is fundamental....ya think?). So I'll pump it up and start one in the a.m. and p.m. I really think it help with swelling.

You all know I'm not much of a picture person but put up one from this morning. To all TTer's on RS....best wishes to you no matter what stage you are in! Peace Out!

Happy July

11 week pic

Working It Out!

First workout without compression. Slowly but surely. Feels good.

12 Week PO

Continuing to Work It Out!

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