Bad results MacsLift, Neck, Fat Transfer all TWICE by Dr. Larry Lickstein at Belcara Health

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I am really embarrassed of my neck, so I made an...

I am really embarrassed of my neck, so I made an appointment with a surgeon at the same practice where I had my breast augmentation. I spoke with him about having a neck lift. However, he suggested a Macs Lift. He said it would not only correct my neck but would address my sagging cheeks/lower face (which I had never really noticed because I was fixated on my neck) and marionette lines so that I would not have to have Juviderm anymore, and that if I was considering a neck lift I might as well have the Macs Lift.

After the surgery it seem he had indeed fixed my neck. However, as swelling subsided I noticed my neck sagging again (so did my son who asked why my "turkey neck was back"!). After I sent pics to him (we live 2 hours away) he contacted me by phone as he concerned about how my neck looked. He assured me that he wanted me to be happy and that it would be corrected. At my follow up appointment he stated that I was the only patient he has ever had to have problems with their neck sagging again after a Macs Lift. He talked about Botox injections, laser, and a surgery where he ties the neck bands together. I told him that I did not wish to go under anesthesia again, (not to mention time off from work, gas, and paying for a hotel near the surgery center) that it was too expensive. He stated that he would waive HIS fee, but that still leaves the anesthesiologist and "facility fee"- which he co-owns. I just paid $2635 for those very charges, and there is NO way I would pay for that again. I am already sending $1000 a month to Care Credit to pay for the Macs Lift. I gave up a new car to have this procedure done. I am so upset, and so disappointed.

Macs Lift

I just want to add that he never came out and said I would have to pay any other fees when he tries to fix my neck again. But after my follow up appointment both my husband and I came away with the conclusion that we would have to pay some of the same fees again to fix what I came in to have fixed in the first place. When I commented I did not want to pay for anesthesia again, he did not correct me or say I wouldn't have to, he just said I wouldn't have to pay his part of the fee again.


I emailed my coordinator Christina, and even though she was not in the office she emailed me back right away! I emailed her after staring at my neck in my vanity mirror and bursting into tears. I asked her to let Dr. L know that I wanted my neck fixed sooner than later and she is forwarding my email to him and says either she or Dr. L will get back with me soon. I feel like they are really listening to me and taking my concerns very seriously. After reading more comments from doctors replying to other patients here on I realize I probably do need to wait until early April to address my neck not being corrected with the Macs Lift, as Dr. L advised. I know that they will make this right as promised. I also think worrying that I am going to have to pay again is probably unnecessary, since the main reason I came to see Dr. L in the first place to fix my neck. I am sure Dr. L will confirm that when I speak to him again.

Wish I Had Seen This First

This is posted by realself at the top of the Macs Lift page:

"MACS is an acronym for "Minimal Access Cranial Suspension", a facelift technique that promises skin rejuvenation benefits similar to that of a traditional facelift, but with less invasive surgery and a smaller scar. Know before you go: The MACS facelift does not address neck issues.
Average Price: $8,725"

My surgeon said Macs Lift would address my neck, but it did not. Had I read this first, I would not have had it done. I would've had a neck lift which is why I came in to see a surgeon in the first place.

Having a Revision

It has been 7 months since my Macs Lift. All of the fat that was transferred is gone. My neck, jowls, cheeks are sagging again. My skin behind my right ear is pleated (I believe they call it "dog ear" which of course is not a desired result). Not one person, NOT ONE, of all the people that know that I have had these procedures says that I look any different than before, except now I have "pleated ears" that are visible when I wear a pony tail. I have shown friends and family before and after pics and more often than not they think the before picture is the "after". Every single one of my family members and friends say there is no difference in my appearance. Epic fail. I am worried about having my revision on the 22nd. I have this fear that he may "over correct" this time and I'll look like a freak (instead of just old like I do now). I hope I'm doing the right thing, but I'm pretty anxious about it...okay scared is more like it. I have a pre-op with him tomorrow.

1 week Post-Op Revision

It's been one week ago today that I had my revision Macs Lift/Fat Transfer. I also had a neck lift this time. I seem to be healing well. Still can't go out in public though. What I did notice last night when putting Bacitracin on my sutures behind my right ear is a piece of twisted skin that seems to have "popped out" of the suture. It's really gross looking. It doesn't hurt, but I can see that it is probably going to heal with a very undesirable result. What I think happened is it was done when the nurse removed the drain the morning after the surgery and I didn't notice it until last night as the swelling has gone down some. It will have to be sutured again. Great...

Second Macs Lift w/Neck Lift Results 3.5 Months Later

In July I had a revision Macs Lift with the same surgeon, Dr. Lickstein. At the same time I also had a second fat transfer b/c first one didn't take, and a neck lift. He also cut my platysma bands. Everything looked pretty good-at first. Neck is now starting to sag AGAIN, fat transfer "took" under one eye only and I have a deep "dip" under the other. Left side of my mouth is a bit higher than the other. Transferred fat to one temple area only. Fat transfer to upper brows has made them uneven. In certain light I look like I have a Neanderthal brow/forehead. I called him and also sent an email, but heard nothing back. The doctor has now left the practice where I had my surgeries.

MORE Surgery and ANOTHER Fat Transfer

Two year depressing, frustrating, disappointing and expensive Journey. Second MacsLift, Second fat transfer and necklift. All done by Dr. Larry Lickstein. 6 months post op and $1000s and $1000s of dollars are the end results. Pictures speak for themselves.

At first I felt I had made the correct choice going with Dr. Larry Lickstein. He answered my questions in detail and never acted as if I was "bothering him". He didn't really rush me through consultations or appointments. He returned calls and emails promptly (as did my coordinator Christina. The night of my first surgery he called my husband to check on me and to see if we had any questions. The staff seem nice and professional. The nurses took time with me and explained things. That being said, I gave an overall rating of only 1 star b/c the reason I came to see him was because of my neck , and it is still not "fixed". I was also told that I'd have to pay a portion to have it corrected (which I already paid for), and that surgery is "unpredictable". This was not the attitude I initially encountered (sunshine, rainbows and unicorns). The fat transfer "did not take". Also, I was told by another surgeon last week (he is on this site with many excellent ratings) that he "was way, way too conservative with your fat transfer!". He said I look "hollow". Hopefully this will be resolved b/c every time I have to send $$$$ to Care Credit for this I want to cry. -Update Nov 2015 with a revision Macs Lift/Neck Lift/Fat Transfer with Dr. Lickstein ~ I have emailed my patient coordinator Christina with pictures explaining to her that $1000's and $1000's of dollars later my neck has fallen into the same position with the revision as it was with the first surgery. I still haven't heard back from her. Before she was very quick to respond. Dr. Larry Lickstein left Belecara a couple of weeks ago. I don't know what is going on. All I know is I'm STILL paying on surgeries that failed.

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