How to Share with DH? - Maryland, MD

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I'm really concerned of my DH reaction when I tell...

I'm really concerned of my DH reaction when I tell him I want F/L, neck,browlift and upper eyes done.
I'm 52. I have cystic acne scars on my cheeks chin, that I hope will be improved with the procedure along with getting rid of the lines and wrinkles. I look in the mirror and feel very depressed as the aging and volume loss has just increased how bad it looks. I also have one young child at home that I don't want to look so old and wrinkly as long as I can. I'm not trying to look like 30 just a bit younger and less lines and maybe less obvious acne scarring. I know PS said touch up with filler after for what it left. I did fraxel laser treatments $$ and it did nothing for my scarring. Now, I feel that these procedures will help me looking less angry, sad as I've been told by my children that I look often when I'm not - that's just how I look now (sad).
My concern is my DH reaction to telling him I want it done - especially to the tune of $15K when money can be tight with 2 kids still at home (one still in 2nd grade). I'm also a bit concerned of her reaction to my healing process. How did you share your desire to have it done despite $$? I do work full time, and will need to take off 2 weeks.
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