Nervous but Excited

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I've been wanting a nice booty and a nice shape...

I've been wanting a nice booty and a nice shape for awhile. I'm 5'5 and 155lbs. I want to do my procedure next year; if I wait any longer, I won't do it and it's already been years since I've wanted it. Been doing some research, and for the females who have done their surgery, who would you recommend and why?

How I want to look after surgery

Is there a doctor alive to make my dream come true?

I dream of (Goals and wish list)

Ever since I've started doing research and keeping up with some of you girls, I'm addicted. Lol! I have narrowed it down to two doctors =) I just hope when it's all said and done, I'll have the ultimate shape, booty and body I've always wanted.

And the Doctor of choice is..... =)

Dr. Hassan *ding ding ding* after a thorough research and confirming with my coworker (she's going too) we have decided to go with him. I've seen so many beatiful women who have bodies to die for that have been done by him. Don't get me wrong, it was a hard choice but in my gut, I'm confident about this and him. I want to schedule my appointment for next year in September. Can't wait to be an Hasan Doll =)

Nerves jumping out my skin

So I spoke with Kandis today (Dr. Hasan's coordinator) she's so soft spoken and silly. She actually made me feel comfortable although I felt like dying on the inside. A part of me is like no, stop, just let it be a dream and another part of me can't believe I'm really doing this. I guess you can consider this day 1 of my journey but nothing is official until my coworker agrees. BTW they like my titties =)

All I see is

I'm just infacsuated with ass. I look even harder now because I'm really excited about this surgery. Going to Miami in a couple weeks just to meet with Dr. Hasan. Lock in my date and get the ball rolling.

Losing fat all over?

I have a slightly chubby face (hence been gaining hell of weight) for all the vets, after your BBL, did your face thin out? I don't want to look funny with a snatched body and face still on

Flight is booked!!!

Omg omg.....I can't believe I'm really about to transform. Booked my flight last night to do my consultation and pay my deposit. I'm super excited but nervous. For years I've been wanting this and it's around the corner. Next up, saving more and choosing my date. My coworker and I want to go in March. Anyone else getting theirs done in March?

Consultation next week

I'm so nervous but excited. Next Wednesday I'll be meeting Dr. Hasan for the first time. I can't believe this is happening. I just want to see the results he'll put together for me so I can have a slight visual of my new profound body. I'll keep y'all updated =)

Recovery house reviews....

For all the dolls who went to Vanity for their procedure, what recovery house did you go? And, what's your opinion on the one you chose? While I'm in Miami, I want to check out at least 3 recovery homes. What's your top 3?

Vanity check list....

The day is tomorrow I'll meet with Dr. Hasan for my consultation. I'm super excited. I have my deposit ready and date set in mind. After talking to my coordinator she told me its additional for my faja and the boards. I thought that was included in the price =/ For my veterans, what items were included with your package deal with vanity?

Airport chillin

It's about to go down

Surgery Date Set =)

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees, I made my deposit and locked in my surgery date. Me and my coworker are going March 18th. Is anyone else going that day too?

I need HELP....FAST =/

Soooooooooo.....I have 21 days until I leave for Miami and the person who was suppose to go with me hasn't been keeping in contact with me. Then come to find out my original coordinator no longer works with Vanity. Right now my mind is all over the place. What I need help with is looking for a recovery house. I never had surgery before and this is MAJOR so everything MUST go right. I'm super excited about my new body to be but nervous about the healing process. Please ladies, let me know which recovery house you feel is best so I can do some quick research and get the ball rolling. I was waiting for my friend who is getting hers done with me but it's crunch time so I can't wait any longer.

New date ????

Alright ladies, it's been a while but I've been peeking in and out to check on everyone. So this year things didn't go as planned but God knew this is what I really wanted so he made yet another way ???? So this go round I'm scheduled for May 1, 2017. And, as long as I stick to my plan Jelly with finally have some JELLY ???? Is anyone else going May 1st?

Which doctor?

Hey dolls! My time is getting shorter and shorter but I'm in a dilemma. So for the past year, I've been watching everything Dr. Hasan does but my homegirl introduced me to a new doctor named Dr. Calva. I've seen his work and he's bomb. I wanted to know if any of you ladies went to him and how do you like your results? I'm torn between him or Hasan =/

It's OFFICIAL...Calva doll countdown begins

I am scheduled with Dr. Calva for May 11th. Is anyone else going to him? As much as I love Hasan and his work, I can't take any chances. However, over the past weeks, I love Dr. Calva's personality. Just booked my recovery house stay and now it's time to get my mind prepared and body ready for this change. Im experiencing so many different emotions. For those who have been to Calva already, how was your experience? How do you like your results?

The Time is Almost Here

I just got super excited! This is really about to happen and I'm experiencing so many different emotions. I went to check my email and guess what popped up....MY PORTAL! The countdown is real now. For this last month I need to know what I can and can't do before I transform? Help me out dolls. A little over a month =)

New Buddy?

Hello Dolls! So I had to push it back a little and my new date is June 8th. Is anyone else going on that day? I would like a sx buddy if possible. I'm also thinking about making a sx page closer to my date too. All the dolls I follow on IG now look so good and keep me motivated.

Key Biscayne General Surgeon

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