Reduction, Lift, Implants Needed for This 46 Year Young Mommy - McLean, Virginia

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I had those full, youthful, perky breasts that...

I had those full, youthful, perky breasts that left men admiring and women jealous and betting their friends that they were fake. They were all real and, as the saying goes, they were Sensational! At a few minutes away from 46 years old (after breastfeeding twins for a year at age 38 and then a singelton for a year at age 40) , these once sensational breasts were now sensational in a different way. Now, they represented a pair of mismatched tube socks with a billiard ball carelessly dropped into the bottom of each one. Sensational? Not! My left breast was an out of control, mushy Double D cup and my right breast was an underfilled water balloon representing a weak C cup, both harnessed together by an overworked size 32D bra. When I took the bra off, the girls would slap the floor. Enough was a enough. Time to set the girls right again. The 32D bra was the best compromise I could come up with for one empty girl and one that runneth over. It wasn't comfortable or pretty and there was nothing sensational about them! Finding a Plastic Surgeon is a lot like finding the right man. You know when you know! The conversation is easy. You feel comfortable. It feels right. There is no little voice inside your head telling you to run. I met with about nine surgeons. Two of them were "almosts", one was "maybe" and then I met with Dr. French. I just knew he was the one! I explained to him that I did not want huge stripper boobs and I would be really upset if I woke up with them. I wanted to be a 32 Full C or a small D on both sides. I wanted a rounded look on top. I did not want any side boob. Oh, and did I mention that I have an auto immune disease? Dr. French told me that the procedure I need to get the look I want is a small Reduction in my left breast, a Lift and small Implants in both breasts. To accommodate my Auto Immune issue, we had to use Saline as opposed to Silicone, which will be fine because I have a good amount of tissue to cover the implant. The implant would be small, round, smooth and placed under the muscle and the projection would be Moderate Plus. This just felt right. Dr. French was "the one"! We set the date! Our journey back to "Sensational" began on 9/16/15. I am five days post surgery now. He put in a 185cc implant on the left and a 205cc implant on the right. I'm still quite swollen, but I'm looking good. I hope, when the swelling goes down, I'm not too small! I am leaving for my second post-op appointment in a couple hours. I am posting pre surgery pictures and pictures form three days post surgery. I will continue to share as we progress.

Day 5

Just saw Dr. French for my Day 5 Post Op visit. OFF with the wrap and bandages and ON with surgical sports bra for me! (It's all about the small victories!) As you can see, there is still lots of swelling on the sides and on top. My left side is more swollen than the right side. Makes sense because the left side was "D cup that runneth over" and required tissue removal. So, as the days go by, the swelling will go down, the sides will come in and the "ledge" on top will soften and my breasts will take on a more natural shape . All great news! What about the incisions? We are looking good there too. I do have a few blisters from the tape, but nothing that won't scab over and heal. I do feel some sparks and stabs of pain as the nerves reconnect. While it doesn't feel great, it does mean I'm healing and that in itself is GREAT! I even have feeling in my nipples already. Yippee. Aside from being exhausted (I did just have surgery!) I am doing great. Stay tuned for more of my journey.

Day 7: Crazy Town- Pain & Regret

Here we are at Day 7 and like everyone says, going through this experience is like riding an emotional roller coaster! Come along on my ride, but be warned...I'm on a little bit of a downward plummet at the moment. Being a glass half full kinda girl, I know we are going to sky rocket at the next turn, but for now, I'll describe the craziness I feel right now. Hold on to your hats (or in this case, boobies)!

Full disclosure, I am drugged! Yep! Sleeping pills, (I will get to my sleeping hell in a moment), muscle relaxers and pain meds. I have the trifecta! Now, I need to say here, I had twins at 38 and then a singleton at 40... both by way of a C-section. I took pain meds for about a minute! So, I'm quite shocked, (I, who boasts a high tolerance for pain) that I have been a royal wuss through this experience so far!

I am in P-A-I-N and sleeping, even on my back, is T-O-R-T-U-R-E! My breasts (saline) feel so hard that if I were a superhero, I would be called Marble Mams! For real! My marble-like breasts feel like they just may rise up out of my chest, tearing my skin and flesh As they explode from my body. We go from this explosive feeling to the "fondu poker" experience. Yes, Fondu. You know, that long thin metal stick that you use to dip treats in chocolate or cheese? Each one has a different color at one end and two very sharp prongs at the other end to spear food with? Well, imagine if someone were to hold the spear in the fire until it is red hot, stab your breast repeatedly with it, and then push you into a pool of alcohol. Still with me? Hence, the no sleep and the meds.

So now that you have taken the ride to Crazy Town with me and understand the sleeplessness and pain part, here is the sad part and I have no one to blame but myself... I made it very clear to Dr. French, his staff, my husband, (and anyone else who would listen) that I did not want to look like a stripper, that I am a mom of three, that I'm not tall enough to look chubby, blah, blah, blah! I insisted that I wanted to be a Full C. BIG MISTAKE, ladies. Always listen to your doctor. If you trust him enough to Let him cut you open, then trust him enough to know what will look good on you! I wish this "me" could have had this conversation with the "me" of 7 days ago. So now I am in tears because at 7 days out, I may be too small now and we all know that I am just going to get smaller as the swelling goes down. So, I want to cry. I always had beautiful breasts and now I basically cut them off. Am I over reacting? Is it the emotional roller coaster I'm on, am I trapped in Crazy Town, is it the pain meds and the fact that I have not pooped since the day before surgery, or am I really too small because I didn't allow my doctor to be the artist he is? Will I see things differently tomorrow? ????????????????

Time Line: Before--5 Days Post -- 7 Days Post

Day 11: on an UP!

Phew! Thanks, for hanging with me through that downward emotional plummet! So glad I was prepared for that by reading so many other posts on Real Self! While I still hurt (with night time being the absolute worst) and I am still quite swollen, I have no regret about about size. I put a bikini top on (just to see) and I was pleasantly surprised that I am happy with my size! Here iare pictures. I will post more as the healing progresses.

Day 12: Size and Shape

I am now good with my size. I am definitely not too small. Here is a picture of me in a 32D bra. I think it works. My only worry now is my left breast. If Gumby and Frankenstein hadn't a baby, it would look like my left boob. Itvisxa hit square with the outer edge being much more pronounced. This was the breast that was originally larger and received a reduction, so I suppose more trauma equals more swelling. Plus, as my awesome surgical nurse said, "they are sisters, not twins, they will heal at different rates and will have their own journeys." I am paraphrasing on the journey part. ????. I hope she is right!!! My two week appointment is in 3 days, so we will see.
Annandale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. James French is great. After having met with and interviewed eight doctors, I knew right away that Dr. French was "the one". Aside from his stellar credentials and his comforting bed side manner, there is something about Dr. French that makes you feel confident that you are great hands. With each interaction i have with Dr. French and his staff, It is confirmed that I made the right decision. Dr. French's staff is just as fantastic. Laura, Erin and Sherri care so much about how their patients feel. They take the time to listen and to understand. They are supportive and honest. They are very patient and kind. They are knowledgable and responsive. They make you feel good by just being with you. Starting with Dr. French, to his coordinator, to his nurses, to his front desk staff, I feel like they all know me and that I am a part of their family. I will expand upon my review at the completion of my experience, but so far, I can't imagine a better team for me!

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