The journey to getting my body back after twins!!!

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I am a mom to 9 month old twins and my husband and...

I am a mom to 9 month old twins and my husband and I have decided these would be our first and last. At 5'4 I've always carried my weight evenly and I went from 165lbs to 205lbs during the pregnancy. 40lbs is not too bad for a twin pregnancy but it did a doozie on my poor tummy tum. I was stretched to no return and I was left with about five handfuls of hanging skin.. here are the pics of the monstrous tum tum and the hideous belly button which protruded during pregnancy and never went back in!

I had my consult yesterday....

I had my consult yesterday with Dr. T and I have to say I walked in feeling almost nauseous due to the nerves but walked out smiling because the reviews are spot on. He is super nice, realistic, thorough and very professional. His overview of the process and examination were very detailed. I almost died when he grabbed the handfuls of skin under that thing I once proudly called my belly button lol. He insisted several times (with hand gestures) that all the extra skin would go into the TRASH... Ahh, yes, so disgusting yet so beautiful at the same time lol.
Of course I had a list of questions for him, but I didn't really have to ask much of them because he already thoroughly went over everything. I was already impressed with his work before the consult but both my husband and I walked out feeling very satisfied and very confident in his abilities!

Deposit surrendered & Date secured...

I handed over the deposit today to secure the date!!! I will join the flat side on March 14, 2014 and it seems like its soooo far away!!! Im so anxious to finally just get rid of this flap and I cant believe I'm one step closer to doing just that! I am getting a full TT with hernia repair, along with lipo to flanks. My goal is to lose about 15lbs before the big day and I have about 2.5 months to do it... :-]

50 day count down begins!!!

I have 50 more days until the big day! It still seems so far away so I am trying to be as patient as possible. My goal was to try to lose 15lbs before the TT but I've only lost about 3-4lbs by changing my eating habbits. I plan on getting back on my treadmill starting this weekend; hoping that'll put it into full gear. Just seems so much harder finding time to exercise when you add kids to the mix lol.

3 more days to go :-D

Whoa, its been a while since I've been on here! I have about 3 more days until the big day and is it little weird that I'm not even nervous? It's kind of like I'm just ready to get it done and over with and start the healing process... It probably wont hit me until I'm getting prepped and prepared for surgery!!! Any-who... I'm a little sad to report I am not 15 lbs lighter... Only managed to drop 10 lbs but hey it's something right?? Is it crazy that I haven't seen Dr. T since consult day? I called to ask about the pre-op appointment and his assistant said we would go over everything again before surgery so it wasn't necessary...Okay?!?! I always thought there was a pre-op visit involved? I already have my prescriptions and I pretty much have everything I think I'll need. I'm struggling with the undies I should get marked in (I want a super low incision so not sure if I should bring along boy shorts, bikini, or thong undies)

Night before Surgery

Feeling anxious and tired!!! Did all of my last minute things, and now I'm just laying in bed hoping everything goes well tomorrow for my children and husbands sake. I hate thinking about stuff like that but it's been on my mind all day. I have to be at the surgery center at 10am tomorrow and I cant eat or drink anything after 12am. I took a minute to get my current measurements ehhhh here it goes:
37" under breasts
38.5" waist
44" belly
45" hips

Goodnight ladies ((As I gulp down my last bit of water until who knows when)) Here's to a safe, successful, uncomplicated surgery tomorrow!!!


Got back at home around 7pm yesterday still in lots of pain... With a big grin Dr.T told me he was pleased with the outcome, unfortunately I wont see anything until I go back to see him on Thursday 20th... Uggghhh No peeking :-( and no shower for a week I'm really exhausted so thats all for now

Should I have or Shouldn't I have?

Im still in a bunch of pain :-( My husband has just been beyond amazing in caring for me and helping with the most daunting tasks. I know he's extremely tired and I think seeing me like this is hurting him. I'm starting to wonder if this was worth putting him through this??? I definitely thought this would be almost like the c-section and boy was I wrong :-/ this is so much more painful because of the muscle tightening along with the hernia repair. My mom has had my babies since Friday and its killing me that I haven't been able to interact with them. I am struggling both physically and mentally, and it feels like no body really knows what I am going through, so I don't know what I would do without the support of you lovely ladies!

I will update on the surgery details tomorrow... Good night my fellow sisters.

Feeling a little better :-)

Whoa yesterday came and went and i don't even really remember much I got up a few times to pee, mini walk, take meds and sleep... And Repeat.
Thank you so much for the encouraging words I really needed and appreciated that! You guys are so awesome, so thank you so much for picking my spirits up off the floor.

The day of surgery during the marking process was a battle lol. I had my boy shorts and bikini bottoms which are both extremely LOW. He kept pulling them up and asking if I was comfortable, I kept pulling them down assuring him I wanted the incision LOW LOW LOW... We went back and forth and finally he was just so confused and with a chuckle and a shake of his head kept saying, "my my my have times changed, I remember when women wanted high thigh panties and scars to go over the thighs!" I assured him that I was fine with a low scar on my outer thighs and butt bc it wouldn't be seen bc all of my undies are hipster and boy shorts everything i wear is low.... We'll see how low he indeed went on thursday. Im so scared bc I dont know what it looks like underneath. I dont see any kind of shape but i do know the incision goes pretty far back on the sides of my butt. The skin between my boobs is super tight and looks pretty flat from peeking down as much as possible. I feel really tight all over.

According to Dr. T the whole procedure was a success and he believes it went really well. I only have one drain... woowhooo! I'm hoping that will come out on thursday. He assured me that
1. he got rid of all the extra skin from my lower belly (6 lbs worth)
2. I only have one belly button hole
3. he made the incision as low and as far back as he could possibly go without cutting into the table HAHA.
He also noted he gave me a nice womanly shape with lipo of the flanks (I've never had curves I've always been straight up and down) so I'm very excited to see my new shape :-)

I dont have too much of an appetite; I have been living off of chicken noodle soup and water since I got home friday. The pain is becoming more manageable as long as i take the next dose before it starts wearing off.

My husband took off my stockings last night and washed and massaged my whole legs. My legs, my stomach and back were itching like mad!!! Has anybody else experienced this? My legs are better now after he wiped them down but i want to take a brush to the rest of my body... Ahhh I can already feel how amazing that would feel!!! Oh yeah the first night i slept in my bed that was hell, I transitioned to the recliner Saturday night and thats where Ive been ever since.

Thanks again ladies! To those who are healing and those who are preparing: stay strong, its important to rest, get up and walk when you can, eat light, drink lots of water,sleep so you can heal and have a GREAT support system! XoXo

First follow up with Dr today....

went well. He's happy with the healing process and says everything looks good. I didnt get the drain out I have to wait until its draining under 30ml in a 24 hour period. I've been doing anywhere between 40-50ml. I thought I was doing well with relaxing but we'll try for next week. I get pretty tired after walking around a bit, back is very achy from walking hunched over and still lack a lot of energy. Pain has been very manageable with the meds; I dont plan on stopping my schedule of meds as of yet ;-) (I like being pain free so my phone is set throughout the day and night) Oh yeah... I still havent had a poo yet... But I'm not uncomfortable or bothered by it YET.

My incision is low and goes very far back (as you can see there is some pleating)... I'm not flat :-( but this is so much better than the extra hanging skin! I can finally see the front of my girly parts now which I am very happy about (LOL I haven't seen her since I was about 4/5 months pregnant) I will update better pics of the sides tomorrow.

Take care ladies!

1 week post op

I am one week post op today and I feel good! Actually I feel pretty great I havent done anything all day! I'm sure the beautiful spring weather has a little something to do with that combined with my good ol' Percocet. I only take the valium at night to help with sleep :-)

I can get up from a sitting position on my own; however, I'm trying to take it really easy now because I want this drain removed on the next visit. I stopped/haven't been walking up and down the stairs and definitely stopped bending. I'm still walking hunched over a bit, but thats to be expected for probably another week or so. I haven't stepped on the scale yet or took any measurements, maybe this weekend.

I have been studying that pic I uploaded yesterday and I don't see any curves at all so not sure if lipo of the flanks did anything for me?! I don't have a curvy (womanly) figure I was hoping for at all :-( so I am a little sad about that. I try to remind myself that getting rid of the flap was the main concern and now that its gone I notice all these other things I should have gotten done. I wish I would've got my boobs done too but husband didn't like that idea one bit :-) lol but ultimately I'm very happy I longer have that floppy lower tum tum.

Can't wait until I can go out and buy some new undies... I refuse to go out in public until I can walk upright like a normal human being.

I will take side pics when my hubby gets home and upload later

I'm feeling great....

Stepped on the scale today and I'm at 184lbs (Sounds about right after the 6lbs of skin/fat removal) I feel good and have felt great all weekend I did go out in public yesterday slightly hunched over and all! I felt soooo good and it was beautiful outside so I didn't even care about or mind the occasional stare Lol.

Wheeeew.... I finally had my first BM today! My legs and toes were completely numb by the time I finally got off. Holy hell did I pay for not staying on top of my stool softener schedule; lol lets just leave it at that :-|

My incisions are starting to itch and I guess thats a good sign that I'm healing! Instead of using gauze pads Im using always pads and I love these much better bc the sticky side helps keep them in place in my underwear. I keep the night time, overly long, mother of all maxi pads on my right side where the drain is placed bc it tends to leak. I keep an always infinity pad on the other side just for comfort and that works well. I feel better knowing its covered and my undies aren't rubbing against the side incision sites. My whole front is still very numb. I havent taken any pain meds today; however, I will definitely take my valium tonight to assure a goods night rest.

Measurements before surgery:
37" under breasts
38.5" waist
44" belly at largest area
45" hips

Current measurements:
36" under breasts
36 & 3/4" waist
39" belly at largest area

Stay well ladies

2 weeks post op... Feeling better and better by the day

I had my two week PO appointment yesterday! My PS was on vacation (spending all of my hard earned money LOL just kidding) so I seen another PS who was very cool and funny. I was hunched over standing by the counter feeling and examining these new gel like implants (hmmm, maybe one day) HAHA... Anyway, he walked over hunched over and introduced himself. He made a point that I need to start trying to straighten up and it was time to join the humans and walk upright again. He took out the stitches in my back from the lipo and pulled my one and only drain. I asked if it would hurt (yes, I'm sort of a big baby when it comes to pain... I HATE it LOL) without pause he assured me it would HURT and feel very uncomfortable. Yikes!! I grabbed onto the sides of the chair, took a deeeeeep breath and got ready. I thought this was going to be a fast and painful process (yank it out, maybe scream and be done with it)... it wasn't... It was a combination of uncomfortable and WEIRD... I felt the tube being SLOWLY pulled from the left side of the inside of my body, through the middle, to the right and finally out of my body... Gross, weird, uncomfortable but definitely not very painful. I can finally quit my sink wash up's and take a FULL SHOWER.......FREEDOM!

I do feel great and I am healing more and more each day. When I over do it.. I swell BAD! I get easily tired from just walking up and down a flight of stairs. I am standing about 80% straight...okaaaaaaay maybe 75% I'm trying but its still really tight/sore and almost feels as if someone punched me right under my breasts in the middle of my chest. I am still pretty numb in the middle from my stomach to my incision... He says it's normal for the first six months and then sensation should start to return little by little.

My incisions are healing nicely! That itch is starting to drive me crazy BUT I am resisting as much as possible! I'm told to use Neosporin on my belly button, on my back where the stitches were removed and on the hole where the drain was. I cant wait to start scar treatment; I'm thinking silicon sheets? I've heard they make scars less visible and very flat!

I go back next week to see my lovely PS Dr. T... I am pleasantly surprised that this has been such a smooth recovery. I'm finding it hard to eat a lot and I guess thats a good thing; I get so full easily! Im down to 180 lbs and I am already pretty pleased with my current results. I think I'd like to get down 15 more pounds and hopefully when I get the okay to start exercising I will be able to do it! I am so glad I did this! I look and feel so much better about myself; thats always a good feeling ;-)

The hardest part has been physically being able to care for and cuddle with my children. The lack of physical interaction with them breaks my heart everyday. My mom has been truly AHHHH-MAZING and I don't know how I could've done this without her. She's such an amazing Mom and Grandma. She has been taking such great care of me and my children these past two weeks... I cant even thank her enough and I don't know how I'll ever really pay her back... She jokes around that shes just taking care of her three babies but I know it's A LOT of work! Its not an easy recovery but I know in the end it will be very rewarding. After all, if it doesn't challenge you....than it doesn't change you. ;-)

Oh yeah, I'm currently in a feet up dont feel like moving or doing anything kinda state... so, as soon as I have the chance I'll take some pics and upload.

Take care my RS buddies XoXo

Updated pics...

I've been very LAZY the past couple days here are pics from this morning... Still feeling GOOD!!!!! ;-)

Take care!

3 weeks PO today!!!

I am down to 176 lbs... YEAH! I was about 190 lbs day of surgery, after surgery my weight was 184 lbs; so I have managed to lose an extra 8 lbs!!! I feel good and starting to walk more upright. Still not 100% I am very tight and I feel that weird tugging when I try to stand perfectly straight. Thanks to catnthehat for recommending core massaging; I will continue to do that bc it feels like its helping already! I can't wait until my PS gives me the ok to start putting something on my scar to help with the tightness and of course the overall appearance! I am only using Neosporin on my right side where the drain was and in my hideous, weird looking belly button. I stopped taking all pain pills March 25th and I felt fine. I've been trying to get back in a routine, since I'll be going back to work on Monday.

Hope everyone's doing well! Take it easy ladies ;-)

First week back to work...

I am exhausted! Although I work behind a desk most of the day, it was a rough week; by Wednesday I was already wishing it was Friday! I didn't tell anyone at work but I'm sure they have all been gossiping behind closed doors (I work with THOSE kind of women) Everyone has commented on how much weight I've lost, so I'm sure THEY KNOW... no one has been BOLD enough to ask/say lol :-]

Anywho- Let's just say I'm glad it's Friday and looking forward to my weekend so I can just relax or at least try to. I have had a cough all week and that has been very miserable. I can not wait to get back to normal! I am still not standing 100% straight (I do try very hard at work though to the point where it burns) the massaging is working I'll say im about 90% straight (hubby agrees this time lol). By the time I get home I'm swollen and very sore. My lipo areas (flanks & back) have been hard and sore! I am still wearing the garment my PS put on me after surgery; however, he says I'm healing well and I'm now ready for stage 2 so I will be going out this weekend to try to find one! I'm hesitant to order one online because I dont know which size to order. I've only been using neosporin on my belly button and incision. My goal is to get the scar to lighten and flaten out so I will probably order silicon sheets and hope for the best.

On a good note... I lost two more pounds! Even though it has been tough this week, I look at these pictures and remind myself it will get better with time and I have to have patience. These side by sides put it all in perspective and I'm very happy with my result thus far -SOOOO WORTH IT!

Hope everyone is doing well! :-)

Swelling and CG search...

Not much to update other than I've been swelling a lot lately! I'll have to watch my ham intake this Sunday because I'm sure I'll swell up like a balloon! I have been back to work for two weeks so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. I am standing about 95% straight but it does take a minute to get there after I wake up in the morning. I am still sleeping on my back with pillows behind me, under me and under my legs. I cant wait to finally feel comfortable enough to sleep on my sides!
I'm still on the hunt for a GOOD compression garment. I went to Macy's and tried on multiple garments and after about 15 min I was already exhausted! WTH? I ended up buying a medium sized spanx but I'm kind of disappointed because I don't feel very "compressed" at all so back to the drawing board. I'm looking for something that will give me the support and COMPRESS so I can get some type of curvy ness going on lol.
Have a great happy EASTER weekend ya'll!!

Swelling ....

:( Yesterday after work!

10 weeks PO

Wow, I cant believe I've been MIA for a month! Life is returning to normal little by little; although, my lipo spots are still very sore. I have ditched the cg (ps said I could) this week during the day but I continue to wear it at night. The first few days without it was very very weird... I felt as though I wasn't being held together? I must say the swelling is pretty bad without it, but it's getting a little too hot and uncomfortable for me now to be wearing that thing 24/7.
Yeeeeeeaaaasss, CONFIDENT intimacy time with the Hubs has returned. I am no longer ashamed of my body, so theres lots of walking around naked, lots of "couple showers" and just all around happiness and confidence. ;-)
I can now lay on my sides for a short period of time but I still wake up in the morning a little sore. I have attempted to lay on my stomach and that is still NOT comfortable. My incision area is still pretty tight feeling and my belly button area is still numb.
All in all I feel great and I'm still glad I had this done for me! I'm looking forward to the summer for the first time in a couple years. I bought a two piece and I cant wait to strut my stuff on the beach and at the pool this summer! Lol never thought I would feel that way EVER! What a boost!
I do need to lose about 10-15 more lbs I'm currently at 175lbs. I'm not in a rush but I'd like to get down to 160 lbs by the end of the summer =) I'll admit I need to do much better in the eating and exercising department.

I hope everyone is doing well and healing... This is a process after-all!
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