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Scheduled for June 29. I'm 5'4 and 145 pounds....

Scheduled for June 29. I'm 5'4 and 145 pounds. Before pregnancy (kids are 10 and 8) I was around 110 pounds. I am very athletic and work out religiously but somehow never seem to be able to get rid of my bulging tummy... or lose weight for that matter. I've given up on the weight and just looking for a more curvy and streamlined hourglass shape. I'm using Dr Adam Tattelbaum. So far just waiting on the D-day.

TT; Lipo of Flanks/ Back; Hernia Repair

Hi everyone,
The day is drawing near and today I decided to take some before pics. Very hard taking pics with one hand. To prepare, I've been doing cardio and tummy exercises for an hour every day. I also It's depressing that I only lost 5 pounds. Like I said, I've given up on losing weight. I also walk for 2 miles daily.
Diet wise, I have been eating healthy / protein and lots of fiber.
I will focus on living healthy.
I have been taking a glass or two of wine just to relax after work. Yesterday I stopped all alcohol.
I like tea and coffee too...i stopped this and will now switch to healthy protein shakes.

Waiting ....

Hi, I'm at work trying to concentrate and be positive. I still haven't heard from my clinic on a confirmation of the surgery time, but I expect that tomorrow. I have suddenly lost my appetite and wondering whether this will be worth it.

I haven't really bought anything because I am completely clueless. I have a super supportive husband who will be taking care of me. We arranged for child care for the kids too. Schools are out for summer vacation.

Please stay tuned.


The nurse finally called earlier today with my surgery time...10.30am.

Here I am lying in bed with fingers crossed. Tomorrow I have to be in the surgery center by 9AM. I finished up some work stuff this evening, prepared some meals, went shopping for a few surgical supplies and did laundry.
Not sure if I'm catching something or perhaps it's the nervousness messing up with my mind. I have a mild headache and itchy throat. Hopefully I get a good night's sleep while I can.
Good luck to anyone scheduled for tomorrow or this week!

Can't sleep- here are night before pics

I got my hubby to take these pics and I'm finally convinced I'm doing the right thing. I had no idea I looked like this! Just look at that tummy and posterior flanks! I have this surge of courage suddenly!

On the flat side

The surgery went well today and I was back home by 3pm. Dr. T and his staff were super amazing with a great bedside demeanor. One minute I was awake and he was asking what I do for work. The next minute I was being woken up by the nurse. I was super super exhausted and sore...just wanted to be left alone to sleep. It was time to go home. It was a strange feeling of tightness and soreness I could Barely walk to the car. The feelings of 'what have I done' started to plague me.
The 30 minute drive was smooth. I was asleep the whole time. Getting out of the car into the house was another daunting task. The kids were kind of alarmed seeing me like that after seeing me strong and healthy last night.
Hubby has helped me go to the bathroom twice. The pain medication is a miracle...I took Percocet before the drive home and extra strength acetaminophen 3 hours ago. My kind level is down to a 2 or 3, I'm about to take OxyContin shortly.
I'll keep you posted! Goodnight.

I'm in Pain...

Last evening went well and my pain was down to a 2 or even 1. For the night I moved to the bedroom upstairs. The stairs seemed endless and hubby set up pillows for me. The bed is very uncomfortable and my pain level is back up to an 8 or 9 for some reason. I took an OxyContin 2 hours ago so this pain is frustrating!

Anyway, I'm now back downstairs on the recliner where I will stay!! The bed was not working, despite being propped with pillows on my back and under my feet. The pain is just too much. That bed was a mistake.

I have one drain, draining steadily. Like 60 every 5 hours or so.

But this pain!!!

Better today

Hi all,
Today is so much better than yesterday., I was able to walk around fairly simple. The recliner word very well. I can use the stairs alone slow. The drain outlets is about 50 cc. I will share pics tomorrow. A lot of itching...is this normal?

Tightness in tummy and itchiness

Hi all
Yesterday was ok...I barely needed pain med. I changed the drain dressing and the drip several times a day. I haven't removed the binder! My tunmy has been swelling all over and when down I can rsee my crotch which is good. I haven't taken pics yet because I am severely bent at 90 degree angle

So far I'm satisfied but the tightness at night is too much. The back hurts like hell from all the bending.

If only I could do something about the itching!!!

From my list I've only used the pads for the leaking and surgical tape to hold the drain in place. I've not had a BM because of my light diet. I also drink lots of water. The apple sauce, yoghurt and fruits help so much.

Dr T and his stuff have been calling to check on me which is so comforting.
I don't have any pics to share yet because of discomfort and bending.

Feeling good today

I've been surviving without painkillers today. Only antibiotics and lots of water.

This morning I made breakfast for the family...hubby was pleasantly surprised. I made bacon and eggs and coffee. My back was killing me!

Drains are like 40cc every 10 hours.

No appetite so no bowel movement; I took off the Binder to change the dressing. Shocked by the swelling. The ambilical code looks ok.

I haven't had a bath so I use antibiotic wipe cloth.
Other than the swelling and the itching and 90 degree bending all is well.

Tomorrow I see the doctor and will share pics!

thank you all for the support

It means so much to me...your prayers and words of encouragement keep me going

1st post visit to Doctor

Hi dolls,
Today was my first follow up visit. I slept through the 30 minute drive.

DR T and staff were great as usual. He took off my binder, drain pads and the bandages. Now, I am still standing at about 100 degrees. I cannot stand straight butt he doctor says it will take time.

For my itching he recommended Benadryl.
He put the binder back on with nothing underneath and asked me to continue the same medication.

He said I looked great eve
Right now I would say the procedure is about 95 percent worth it... My only issue is the pain and itching. No bowel movement yet, DT Said it would come and recommend prune juice.

Here are some pics ...considering I still have the swelling and binder, bandages etc on!

Bowel Movement Today

I finally had my BM. I quick easy process, no constipation. I think my diet has played a huge role. I eat only fresh fruits and vegetables and a slice of cheese and half a half cup of oatmeal every morning. I also drink lots of water and Gatorade for energy.

I'm getting more and more excited waiting on the swelling to go down. Hopefully the drain comes Thursday.

Another thing, I can see my crotch when I look down at it. Before it was obscured by rolls of fat.

Scars not so pretty

Hi guys,

The bandages came off on Thursday last week (6 days post) and all I have on is the annoying binder. Taking pics from this angle shows a grotesque look on the scar and lower tummy. Perhaps it's too early and my doctor warns not to try any scar treatment at this time, which I also agree. What do you guys think of the scars?

Also, I am still bent 100 degree. Good news, I'm off the pain medication except for a little Valium to relax and sleep. I am also finished with my antibiotic dose.

My back hurts like crazy and I'm still sleeping on the recliner all nights. I'm drinking lots of fluids and eating fruits and veggies.

My bowel movements are a breeze too! I guess I am luckier in some ways. I still have the drain...still drips like 60cc to 70cc daily.

The doctor checked for fluid build up and there is none. I'm swollen...again. Ugh!


Hi dolls,
I have to keep my drains on until next Tuesday if I'm lucky. I'm really not in pain, its the back ache making me really uncomfortable. And the swelling is not a pretty sight at all.

Today I went out to grab the mail, I felt like i had run a marathon with a 300 pound brick on my back.! And it was just about 15 foot steps from my front door to the mail box!

My kids were asking lots of questions and I showed them the drain where it exits my body. Big, big mistake. The 10 year old and the 8 year old are still traumatized.

I'm getting to the 'why did I do it ' Phase, but here are some pictures. I could use some cheer.

The Days go on...


The weekend is slow, mostly because I still have the drain on. It has been the longest week for me... Dr. T and his staff were always available to answer my questions. Hopefully I can lose the drain in the next couple of days.

Today I took a shower ... Gingerly took a shower, that is. Felt so good afterwords! So fresh and new... Most of my grouchy moods would have been non-existent had I showered sooner, I think.

I washed the binder and will be putting it back on. It's the first shower for me ( been wiping myself with antiseptic wash clothes); and the first time taking the binder off since Dr T placed it there. It's easier getting around with the binder on than off. Great support and comfort and added protection. I sort of wish I could stitch it on me so I never have to take it off!

I'm walking almost, nearly straight and upright, athough I still have several bent over moments. Mornings are tougher. Tummy feels tightest and I'm more sore with backaches in the mornings.

Yesterday I moved out of the recliner and back upstairs to bed. I tried sleeping coiled up on one side and it felt so good for about 20 minutes, so to the backside I returned... With pillows and all that. The change from recliner to bed was good for my back though. And better for my hubby... He'd been sleeping on the floor by the recliner.

I stopped worrying about how I will look and concentrating more on getting better and regaining my strength and following all instructions. By the Grace of God go I... I wish everyone recovering and contemplating the TT/Musle Tightening/ Lipo/Flanks and all that all the best.

Here are some pics... I'm still very swollen and puffy by the way. I'm happy with the early results. So there's still hope!

What do you guys think of the belly button?

And does one side of my tummy look more puffy than the other?

So long, Drain!

Hi everyone, had my drain taken out today. The stitches were first removed. Then ...I felt a swift, weird and uncomfortable tug inside me and it was over!

I had one only drain on my right hip, and it extended internally across my lower belly, which was interesting.

With the drain gone I feel like a whole new person again.

Hubby forgot to take pictures, but I sure looked good and flat whilst getting examined and watching myself in the full length mirror. Another very pleasant surprise for me!!! Kudos to Dr. T!

I'll post some pics in a few days. So long!

I need cheering up...

Happy Weekend everyone,

Thought it's time to share my recovery and some pics. As you can see, I'm getting there slowly and steadily. This week has been somewhat hard.

I had my period this week, another affair to deal all things considered. My pain spiked back to a 9/10 the first two days, I was super swollen and uncomfortable. I called Dr. T in a panic and he had me in for a check up. He assured me that everything is healing nicely. Phew!

In addition to the period scare, I'm having uncomfortable nights and cannot sleep. I moved out of the bed and back to the recliner. Mornings are tough and my back is killing me. Must be all that Lipo.

I haven't paid much attention to the incision and the scar at this point, more on that later when I feel better.

Yesterday we took the kids out for dinner but I couldn't eat a thing. My back hurt and I was exhausted. The store near my home is out of oxy and Valium. Just Great.

Oh, and none of my work clothes fit. I am working from home now but dread going back to the office.

Here are some pics... Someone please cheer me up?

Getting Better and Better

Hi All;
It's been a while since I updated everyone on my progress to date:

I am still generally stiff in the mornings and swollen in the evenings when I come home. Because I have a desk Job, the long periods sitting down tend to be uncomfortable. I still have general soreness on my back and thigh àrea, and tightness in the belly. Lipo areas are still sore and tender. Nights are especially tough when I shift positions. Not to mention the itchiness!

The scar is not that bad, just long. I use Cocoa butter but no funky products. My doctor said the fancy scar products have little or no visible benefits, so i refuse to spend any more than I have to. :)

I am off my pain meds and back on the treadmill... Brisk walking on the incline but no tummy exercises yet.

Oh, i still wear my girdle spanx religiously. It tends to be unpleasant in this terrible summer heat.

I'll post pics when i get home.

My clothes fit better and i have lost some inches off the waist. I wasn't expecting the scales to bulge abusat, so I'm generally pleased with my look. The belly button looks amazing too.


Here are some pics
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