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I am schedule to have my surgery this coming...

I am schedule to have my surgery this coming Friday and I am very close of backing up, I feel very nervous about it, especially because I have 2 little ones to take care of while I'm recovering. I'm not happy with my tummy, my pregnancies didn't Do me any favor. My doctor say I will have no drains so I'm thinking that will make it easier maybe?

Tomorrow is the big day

Lots of anxiety.

First day post op of TT no drains and some lipo. I'm walking every hour or 2, I can't barely eat.

It hurts a lot specially my back and every time I try to get up I feel like the stitches are coming apart. Everything It hurts a lot in general, how much longer does all this discomfort and pain last. I'm starting my massages on Monday.

Discomfort and pain

Regretting it but I guess is part of the healing, I can't eat I can't sleep
I haven't been able to go to the bathroom since Thursday and I feel nauseas all the time.
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