27 Years Old, Full Time Working Mom of 2 Boys (5&1) McLean, VA

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Well well well... The time has come and I'm...

Well well well... The time has come and I'm finally getting my Tummy tuck!
My decision was made once I was certain I wasn't gonna have anymore children by opting for permanent birth control (Essure) bc I didn't want to have a "surprise" pregnancy and it go all down hill with the tummy tuck.
I'm a full time dental assistant and mom of two boys (5&1) and the only thing that I know will frustrate me is that during my recovery I won't be able to cuddle or pick up my youngest, but I'll get over it.

I'm having my TT done by Dr. Widder (same doctor that did my butt) because I trust him. He doesn't try to push you on doing something that you don't want to, talks with lots of confidence and logic and shows you current before and after pictures of his cases. I was inquiring about also getting Lipo with TT and he suggested not to cuz my recovery time will become more challenging, also I was interested getting my boobs done (breastfed both my boys) but will wait after my TT bc I will loose weight and boobs will as well. He explained all this to me which made me feel so much better and not seek a second opinion bc it made sense.

I will post before and after pics as much as I can

Wish me luck!

Day 2 post op

Oh wow... Pain pain pain.
I blame my massive pain to no BM happening and... I got my period! I really do not wish this pain to no one in this world and due to this inconvenient timing I feel like my updates and journey aren't accurate.

I've been taking my pain pills on the dot and drinking lots of water. I barely have an appetite and just eating cuz of the pills I'm taking.
Results look awesome! I will post pics

Support is needed cuz I'm feeling so down... Miserable, useless, dramatic :(

Day 4 post op

It seems as if I planned this TT according to the weather. My area is currently going thru a intense blizzard making it impossible to go outside (2 ft of snow) maybe more, making my recovery relaxing and easy going.

At this point I'm only taking pain meds as needed (probably every 6hrs) however my BMs have not improved so every other day I'm using a suppository in order to have one... My back is killing me! Still walking slightly leaning forward and I'm assuming I'll do that for another couple days.
I've noticed swelling, I don't think it's that bad but it's expected (I'll post pic) it feels ans looks alot like after having a baby.

I'm expected to go back to work Thursday... But of course if I'm not feeling at least 95% better, that will change.

As always I will try to keep updating as much as I can. Just gassy (TMI) but hey... It happens.


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