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Im 5'3 and 146 lbs, I recently gained weight but...

Im 5'3 and 146 lbs, I recently gained weight but last year from eating healthy was 123. I decided to get smart lipo because even when i was 123 lbs i still had a stomach so this discouraged me because after all the work I could not lose my stomach. It is easy to lose weight on my legs and arms as I can do cardio for hours. Anyways no one really posts step by step what happens.

I had smart lipo yesterday and i was slightly nervous but excited. At the doctor’s office they gave me 2 oxy, Benadryl and xanax. After an hour i went into the room and they started the procedure. They gave me an injection on the right side of my stomach. the doctor then made the incision moments later- this did not hurt- it was a pinch. He then proceeded to insert this long rod that was attached to a 1 liter bag of anesthesia. This was by far the worst part, not unbearable but def the most painful part of the procedure as your stomach is being filled with fluid- however it hurt the worst on the sides I suppose because I did not have much lose skin to begin with on my sides. My stomach alone took 3 hours and my sides an hour/ an hour and a half each. I was in the office from 11-6.
Obviously today is day too and I woke up in the morning, cleaned the incision with rubbing alcohol and put Neosporin. My pouch is completely gone. However my stomach is uneven but I am blaming that on the pads you wear over the incision. I only wear the pads for the rest of the day so by tomorrow my stomach will be evenly compressed.
Right now I am sore like I did the P90 X ab workout for the first time. It was really bad last night though. But im sure that was the worst pain so far. Ill post photos of how it looks later today.

Today is day 2- yesterday I DID go to work only...

Today is day 2- yesterday I DID go to work only for 4 hours- it wasn't bad except for that I took the antibiotics and oxy without food so i felt sick- i went home and slept for the entire evening. I woke up today in pain but it has gotten better. I also forgot to mention I was able to drive home after the procedure. So far I can tell the difference- not really in my sides but I didn't have much sides to begin with. My stomach is bruised too so I think I will go get that anti swelling cream from the store.

The swelling as remained the same- I had the...

The swelling as remained the same- I had the compression garment on really tight yesterday that i felt nacious after every meal- also the medication did not help (in terms of feeling ill). I am trying to ween off the pain killers because they make me drowsy but I woke up very uncomfortable this morning so I had to take them.
Reasons I hate the compression garment:
- I cannot scratch my stomach when it itches
- it makes me feel sick because it is so tight
- My back feels so tense that I want to crack it but I cannot
- I get full easily

More brusing keeps appearing- its kind of gross but I am happy with my results- I can already see my flat stomach even though it is swollen. I do have a few lumps and it appears that the lower left side of my stomach is flatter than the lower right side of my stomach- not by a lot but im hopping this evens out with the compression wrap- also everyone keeps talking about messaging the lumps- my doctor never mentioned that so I dont know if I should start or read up on it more.

Day 8: Healing and bloating are down- I do have...

Day 8:
Healing and bloating are down- I do have hard lumps above my belly button so I hope this goes away soon- I know some posts mention massaging but my doctor never mentioned it- does anyone know how that one works?
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