PRP+ACell Treatment for Receding Hairline. McLean, VA

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TL:DR - I went in for a PRP+ACell treatment for...

TL:DR - I went in for a PRP+ACell treatment for receding hairline and got the treatment ONLY on where I already have hair. I felt I was experimented on. I did not feel the doctor was experienced/qualified to carry out this particular procedure. I do not recommend Dr. Sundin to anyone wanting to get this particular treatment.

The review on the consultation:
I went in for a consult with Dr. Sundin of M.Body in Tysons Corner, VA to see if I am a right/good candidate for the PRP+ACell treatment. He and his assistant came in and after barely examining my hair and powering through his spiel, he says yeah you're a good candidate for this treatment. I did not feel that I was listened to. Even though I didn't feel completely satisfied with how the consult went, I scheduled an appointment to get the treatment because he told me that he's done the treatment more than 40 times and that he will personally do the procedure. Prior to going for this consult, I had done some research on PRP treatment and it seemed very promising and it is none-invasive, so I suppose I was bit blinded by the prospect of this procedure working for me, even though my instinct was telling me I should maybe seek other advice from other doctors in the area.

The review on the day of the procedure:
When I arrived for the procedure on-time, I was told the doctor wasn't there yet, and that he was coming from Richmond, VA. What?

After paying the rest of my payment, I was seated in a small treatment room, and a doctor came in and introduced himself as Dr. Sundin, but he did not look like the Dr Sundin I saw, when I did my consult. You see, there are two Dr. Sundin(s); they're brothers, who both practice plastic surgery. I supposed they can make the argument that Dr. Sundin did in fact carried out the treatment, but anyone can clearly see that it's not the same. The Dr. Sundin, who promised to carry out the procedure, when I went for a consultation did not keep his promise.

This new Dr. Sundin seemed to be a nice person but he mumbled a lot and he basically mumbled through the whole procedure, barely explaining what he was doing. And when he did try to explain, I barely understood what he was saying. First he started to draw my blood to extract the PRP from it, and I kid you not, his hands shook like a leaf the whole time. In fact he shook his hands so much it took him three tries to actually find my vein to draw the blood from. I was scared to say the least, but what can I do at that point? I tried not to look, but at one point I looked over and he nervously chuckled and said, 'don't look, some people faint, when they look', clearly trying to mask the fact that he also could see that his hands were shaking. I've had my blood drawn many times and I was never scared until that time. After drawing my blood, he mumbled something and just walked out with the blood and came back later with bunch of needles with, what I could only guess, the PRP from my blood, because again he barely explained what he was doing or about to do. It really felt like as if he were performing this procedure for the first time.

He applied local anesthesia before the procedure so I couldn't feel what he was doing or much pain but I did feel plenty of pain on my temporal lobe areas just above my ears, which was strange because I have plenty of hair in those areas and didn't need any injections on those areas. Sure enough when I got home and closely examine what was done to me, I can see and feel (pain) needle marks only on where I already have hair (top and temporal lobe areas). I went to Dr. Sundin's office to see if I can restore my hairline, and I made myself pretty clear that that's what I wanted, but what I got instead were injections on where I already have hair, and none on the original hairline area or where I actually needed. It's been few days after my procedure and I've been trying to figure out why, and only explanation I can come up with is that he did this so they can get more business out of me. Because the original Dr. Sundin (who I consulted with) told me that I should at least get 2 treatments (at $2000 a pop), and if I got third treatment, they will give me $1000 discount. I really hope that it wasn't their greed that resulted in my mistreatment.

Moreover, after the treatment was over, no one tried to explained to me what to expect or if anyone will follow up on the procedure or anything that resembled 'taking care of the customer'. It was only after when I asked one of the assistants whether I should make a follow up appointment or not, she told me someone will be calling me next day to see how I'm doing. It was almost like them saying, 'we have your money, so you can go now'.

The staff who work at M.Body were courteous in that they seemed like a nice people, but that still does not negate the fact that I do not feel Dr. Sundin, who performed the procedure on me is qualified nor experienced in PRP+ACell treatment. In conclusion, I do not recommend Dr. Sundin to anyone who is considering this particular procedure.

Updated: PRP+ACell Treatment for Receding Hairline

Updated: Since I wrote my review here of my experience with Dr. Sundin, he has reached out to rectified the situation, and I've decided to completely forgo my review to stay neutral. What I can continue to say is that this was my first experience with the PRP and whether I'll continue with more treatments is still remain to be seen...
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