**1 Year Post Op!! ** Finally Proportioned! 33 Years Old, 1 Child, 450/475cc Mod Unders - McLean, VA

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Finally got the last little push I needed to...

Finally got the last little push I needed to commit to having breast augmentation surgery. I've always felt like I needed more on top to balance out my hips/butt. My plastic surgeon has measured me as a 34A (although I've been wearing a 34B with Victoria's Secret forever). I'm 5'7", 135 lbs, 33 years old. Had one child over 5 years ago - the girls didn't change much before and after pregnancy because I didn't have much to change. My boyfriend loves my hips and butt, but would love to have some boobs to go along with them =) I've dated guys in the past who preferred natural breasts over implants so I've hesitated for a long time because I wasn't sure how the guy I would end up with would feel about it. But I think this guy is the one and he is super excited to finally have some nice boobs to play with ;)
Kind of planned this faster than expected - Found some plastic surgeons online with great reviews so I decided to just go in for a consultation to see what kind of cost I could expect. I found one doctor online who consistently had great looking after photos and his work always looks really natural which is the most important thing for me - I'm not looking for a really "fake" look and I knew I wanted moderate profile and just all around something that fit in with my body. So I went for a consultation with him first and felt really comfortable with everything we discussed and with his work so I decided this was the right doctor for me. He's been doing this a long time and I think his goal is the same as mine - looking as natural as possible.
So we got a surprise after meeting with the surgeon - the price was not nearly as high as I expected! I think since this is Northern Virginia I was expecting more like $10k for breast implants, so a price tag that is half of that kind of solidified it for me. I just so happened to already have a week's vacation from work this month so we went ahead and scheduled my surgery!
The doctor told me he would use 425cc moderate implants and fill them to 450-475cc's. My boyfriend is hoping for 475-500cc's =) I think I'm most comfortable with 450cc's. I had always thought I didn't want to go larger than a C cup, but after listening to my PS, I think a D cup might be right for me (especially since VS has been boosting my ego by 1 cup size all this time!) He is going to do an areolar incision as he says this allows the implant to settle closer to the center of the chest, rather than sitting wide apart and will give nicer cleavage. I like this better than the wide-apart look, so although I was worried about the scar before and loss of sensation, I think it will be the best way to go. From what I've seen now the scar seems to heal just fine there so I'm not as worried about it as I used to be.
So we booked my surgery about 4 weeks ago, and now I have just 13 days to go! I will get some pre-op pics taken today and I still need to make sure I have all my vitamins/meds/creams etc. Will post soon about that. What was the #1 thing you discovered you needed that wasn't on your doctor's list??

10 Days away!

Just 10 days to go and a full week of work ahead so I need to start wrapping up my shopping. I ordered my "Make me Heal" vitamins which have been delayed due to our recent snow storm so I'm eager for those to get here so I can start them. I ordered my Sinecch (arnica) and I have some regular arnica tablets I'm going to start taking soon as well... a week in advance? 3 days? I'm not sure. I have bromelain tablets, bendy straws and Nausene (my favorite nausea medicine), I have my cocoa butter cream that I started using a week ago, hopefully to help prevent any stretch marks which I worry about. I bought some comfy sweatpants and zip up hooded sweatshirt for surgery day as well as some comfy tshirts for the days following. I'm on a mission to find a cheap front-closure bra a walmart today, as well as looking for something to prop me up while I'm sleeping (no recliner here), any suggestions? I have to go pick up my prescriptions meds at the pharmacy today, soft ice pack is in the freezer and I stopped my multivitamin and supplements last week. Anything else I'm forgetting? I'm lucky enough that my boyfriend will be taking the day off work to stay with me and take me to appointments. He always cooks and cleans anyway so he'll be able to take good care of me in regards to everything else.
Still have to get some decent "before" pics taken. I can probably take some today so everyone can see what I'm starting with =) Starting to get pretty excited! Counting down the days...

Dream boobs

This is the "after" I'm hoping for!

One week away =)

Before photo

This is all I've taken so far for before photos...not much here =)

All ready to go!

I think I finally have all my goodies ready. I looked Everywhere for a front close bra and couldn't find one.... finally had to give in and go to Wal-Mart. I found the white one there and bought it in a 36 instead of a 34 due to swelling etc postop. I got the red one at Lord and Taylor for later on, just because I expect it's going to look awesome with my new boobs!
I've been taking my "Make me heal" vitamins, and I received my wedge pillow last night. It's kind off difficult for me to sleep on my back - giving up sleeping on my side is going to be the hardest part. I'm hoping this will help with the dreaded "morning boob" and allow them to drop more quickly. I love the pillow, it's like a memory foam and keeps you upright at a good angle. Should be really helpful during my recovery week since I don't have a recliner.
I'm trying to suppress the urge to go out and buy new bras! Really looking forward to no padding now and wanting to get some sexy stuff for the bf. I'm sort of planning to be a D since I've decided to go with 475cc. I guess as long as I save the receipts, I should be good. My PS measured me as a 32, but I've been buying 34 bras forever... I use the tightest hook on them though, so I suppose I could wear a 32 as well. I'm going to have to get sized at Victoria's Secret a few weeks postop so I know for sure.

Wedge pillow

Here is the memory foam wedge pillow I received yesterday. Great price on Amazon.

Can I copy?

I'm hoping to look exactly like this! Putting our pics side by side I think it's very possible to get this exact look. What do you think? I'm starting to get very excited... wish the 26th was here already.
I've been thinking so much about this surgery that I forgot my boyfriend

My posts keep getting cut off...

I'm hoping to look exactly like this! Putting our pics side by side I think it's very possible to get this exact look. What do you think? I'm starting to get very excited... wish the 26th was here already. I've been thinking so much about this surgery that I forgot my boyfriend's birthday is 2 days after... Guess I've already lined up his present!

Feel a cold coming....

So it's less than 48 hours until my surgery... I wish it would just hurry up and be here already! Only problem is... I feel like I'm getting a cold. I've had a runny nose that I've been taking an antihistamine for and also using Afrin decongestant. I wonder if this is going to be a problem with my surgery? Taking everything I can think of to get better fast. Lots of water and vitamin c and airborne. I'm going to rest up tonight and hope I feel better tomorrow =(


Took a bunch of "before" pics today, just in case I ever want to look back and remember what the "old boobs" looked like! I'm really excited to be done with my last shift at work tomorrow. I have to work until 10pm and then my surgery is the next morning at 6am! I'm going to be so tired, but I figure I get to sleep for a while once I get there =)
I hope I haven't forgotten anything... I need to go over my preop sheet one more time. I'm currently enjoying my last cup of coffee since I'm not allowed to have any tomorrow. I have to remember to take my first dose of my antibiotic tomorrow night before I go to bed as well. I'm also going to shower with Hibiclens... I've read that you should wash twice with that, but if I get home at 10:30pm, do I need to shower then and again at 5am in the morning? Not sure...

More pics

Just under 24 hours to go! Took a bunch of pics yesterday.

My diet

I feel like I'm going to be eating nothing but vitamins and supplements...
Today is the last day of my Make Me Heal preop supplements and then I'll start the postop ones tomorrow. I take my preop dose of SinEcch tonight along with my first dose of antibiotic. My preop instructions say nothing to eat or drink after midnight, but since my surgery is so early, I'll probably stop everything at 8pm tonight. I have to remember to take another antibiotic before I leave in the morning. I'm going to make a checklist for myself so I don't forget anything.... and probably print everything out for my BF to follow. He has me all set up with plenty of food already cooked, and cut fruit (pineapple especially). Set up the tv in the bedroom for me and cleaned the house. Feels wonderful to know he's here to take good care of me!
I showered with hibiclens this morning and will take another quick shower around 5am tomorrow. Belly button ring is removed as well as toenail polish... I almost forgot about removing polish there.
Getting last minute things gathered up this morning before I go to work - this shift will feel extra long I'm sure!


Quick pics

Just 2 quick pics for now. Will write up my experience later. Everything went well. Very sore right now. Managed to get one after pic. The size 36 bra I bought is way too small so we couldn't even close all the hooks!

A few more pics

Just a couple more pics I took on trips to the bathroom. As you can see I can't close this bra. Doctor called tonight though and said it won't matter because I won't be wearing one during the day for 2 months (I think). Will get more info at my follow-up appointment tomorrow.

Post op day 1

So yesterday was my surgery and everything went really well. Got there at 6am, my PS took my before pics, marked me up and gave me my IV and then just waited on the anesthesiologist. After going into the operating room, they put some Versed in my IV to "relax" me and then shortly after I must've gotten the general anesthesia (Propofol) because the next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room. Immediately after surgery my chest felt pretty painful and tight. And I was really cold. I got to take 1 dilaudid (pain) and zofran (nausea) in the recovery room before I left. Was allowed to take 1 more pain pill when I got home and I would say at around the 3-4 hours postop mark, I was feeling much better. The pain had subsided until it was more bearable and that just left the tightness/pressure feeling. Didn't have any nausea at all. Took a nap after that and then woke up and had a protein shake and took some other scheduled meds. Pretty much just sat in bed for most of the day. Did get up and walk around every couple hours but nothing too strenuous. Ate my pineapple a little later and then a little spaghetti (no tomato sauce) for dinner. Joined my BF and the kids downstairs for some ice cream before they went to bed.
Had some difficulty sleeping last night - started to feel even more swollen and tight. And I think I'm holding my shoulders up a lot to try to relieve the pressure which is making my back tight as well. The pain medicine works ok, but it makes me feel nice and sleepy for about an hour and then when it wears off, I am wide awake. So I was up a lot last night waiting to take my next 4 hour dose.
I did find some stretching exercises online that I started doing after the pain medicine was fully kicked in and these seemed to help a Lot! I read them here: http://www.realself.com/question/how-can-pain-recovery-time-after-getting-breast-implants-be-minimized Doing some slow stretching like this made a big difference. I actually feel like it helps the swelling and tightness. I was able to move around a lot more easily after starting these.
Still a lot of soreness today, especially on the sides. My PS said not to use ice (and I have researched all about potentially freezing the skin) but I am using a little ice pack a bit anyway. I have it wrapped in a tshirt so I think it should be fine. Shhh! I want to ask him today exactly how many CC's he managed to use, and also about changing my pain medicine to Percocet (I only have about 5 of my 20 dilaudid left) and if I should be taking a muscle relaxer for the pain in my shoulders and back. My BF is concerned about the swelling between my breasts... he says the area looks raised and wants to make sure that is normal and not indicative of a rupture or something. Took a couple new pics today... can't tell if they look identical to yesterday or bigger. lol. Definitely swollen for sure and still very high.

First Postop Appointment

Appointment today went well. Finally got to take the bra off. Yeay! He said my incisions look good, I have very little bruising. Lots of swelling as expected. I'm due back on Monday. No bra during the day - only for sleeping. Saturday I can start massages which I think will help a lot. I got more dilaudid since I only had 3 left. Took some pics when we got home... the girls look huge today! I'm going to try sleeping in the red stretchy bra tonight. Need to buy another comfy bra.
Also, not sure how I'm going to go braless to work for a month.... right now my nipples are visible even through a tshirt with sweatshirt over top.
Also I have dissolving stitches, they're supposed to be gone after 2 weeks.

Rock solid

Woke up today feeling extremely tight... my boobs feel as hard as rocks today. Ice and stretching didn't make much of a difference.
My boobs look very big today. We were worried at first that we didn't go big enough, but now I'm worried that they aren't going to look natural... If they drop lower will they still be too large to look natural? It's hard to tell at this point. They're definitely not too small! Praying I can still end up looking like my wish pic! My PS seemed pretty pleased with his work so hopefully he is able to predict my final outcome better than I am.
So last night I remembered that I had bought arnica cream, so I put some of that on before bed and this morning and I think it really helped! The space between my boobs looks less "raised" I think and I feel like it helped the pain a bit. I also have next to no bruising, which is amazing considering that I bruise very very easily. I'd say the SinEcch and Make Me Heal vitamins are doing their job.

Evening rant

Ok the tightness is driving me crazy! I feel like I'm carrying around snow globes on my chest. The hardness is uncomfortable. Praying this eases up soon. Has anyone found anything that will relax the chest muscles?
Also just weighed myself and I'm 3 lbs heavier than I was before surgery. And I've barely been eating for the last 2 days. So is that 3 lbs of saline? Probably still some bloating/water retention too I guess.

Post op day 3

Not much change from day 2. Still really high and tight. Pain is about the same as yesterday. Hopefully will decrease a lot by tomorrow because I will be out of pain reliever. It's mostly the hardness that's uncomfortable. Feels like the muscle is contracting non-stop. I hope the volume I have high on my chest decreases before work on Wednesday...

More pics

Some more day 3 pics

So yesterday I did manage to get out to go to the mall. Had to buy a supportive bra to sleep in. The nude one I bought at Macy's is super comfortable. The girls are still looking rather large in a tank top.


I forgot to mention the Macy's bra I bought is a 34D. The 32D was too small and they didn't have any 32DD. I would probably have to order that size online.

Day 4 post op

So I'm sort of upset that I woke up this morning still feeling pain. My PS said most pain is gone by now. But I'm still feeling sore. My left breast is especially sore - around the bottom crease. It hurts to do the massages on the left one and it feels more swollen. I can feel air pockets or air bubbles on the bottom of the left one and these hurt! Not sure what else I can do... I've been trying to conserve my pain medicine, but I will run out today and then I'm left with just Tylenol =( What else should I be doing? I was thinking of buying some Epsom salts today to see if soaking in a bath might help. Ice isn't relieving that pain either. Getting frustrated.

Wish Pic

Any chance I could still end up looking like my wish pic? My implants seem much wider...

4 days post op

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday. Still high and skin feels tight. I did do something that helped with the pain.... it was against my instructions, but this evening I broke down and took one ibuprofen. I've read that some patients have taken only ibuprofen for pain, so I gave it a try. It worked wonders! I'm going to try not to keep using it, but it did help a lot. I can actually manage to do a lot more massaging now. Hopefully that will improve my swelling. Pics look pretty much the same.

Post op day 6

So Day 5 was pretty uneventful and was exactly the same as Day 4 so I didn't bother to post. But today is much better already. This morning I had a Much easier time getting out of bed. Was finally able to sit right up and stand, rather than my usual process of sitting up, holding the sore left boob for a minute, and then wiggling close to the edge of the bed so I could stand. Lol. Feeling more heaviness/tightness today rather than pain.
I have another post op appointment today (rescheduled from yesterday due to snow) so I will see how my PS thinks we are looking. My boyfriend is really concerned about how "raised" my cleavage is. I keep telling him it's probably just swelling but he wants to make sure I have nice definition and space between my boobs. So yesterday we ordered a sternum compression bra from Design Veronique. It was $50 but worth it if it prevents any revision surgeries. Will also help with my swelling I'm sure. Also ordered one of those straps everyone seems to hate, but I really would like to help my dropping process along. (I'm a medical professional so having a lot of boob showing isn't really appropriate for work.)
I feel like I am definitely dropping a little. Looking better on the top today. Yesterday I found a good daytime wardrobe to help cover up these big boobies! I have a stretchy, nude tank top I started wearing to help cover up nipples (I have my kids at home and don't want lots of comments!) and putting another black tank over top of that. I also found some random bathing suit liners - the kind that go in the top of your swimsuit to provide some coverage, and I started putting those inside of the tight tank top. Seems to work pretty well so I may do this to keep everything covered for my first day back to work tomorrow.
I'll upload the pics after I finish this post and hoping to get a good review from my PS this afternoon.

Day 6 pics

Coupon code

Oh! If you're going to order anything from the Design Veronique website - Use the coupon code MD100 when you checkout to save 10%! Also, I did overnight shipping which was less expensive when ordering directly from the website rather than ordering their products from other sites. Hope that helps! http://www.designveronique.com/

8 Days Post op!

So yesterday was my first day back to work and a busy day so I didn't have time to post. Was tough being on my feet for 8 hours and my back is killing me by the end of the day.
Had my bandages removed at my Tuesday appointment so I'll post pictures of my incisions. Doctor said I didn't have to cover them or put anything on them. I did buy Scar Away sheets today to put on them though because I really want them to look like normal (they look much bigger to me now though. Not sure if that will change!).
Work today was a little better. I received my thong bra and strap, however, I've only worn them in the evenings after work. Will have to take pics of those to post.
It does look like things are dropping a bit though, just wish that upper swelling would go down. And I still have swelling in between my breasts.

9 days post op

No work for me today, so I got to rest a little, plus wore my thong bra most of the morning. Took it off this afternoon and wore my "boobie strap" for a while too. I can definitely tell they are dropping. It's much easier to look fine in clothes now. However, I definitely won't be able to wear v-neck sweaters to work without it being obvious that my boobs are much bigger. Major cleavage to be seen in v-necks!
Here are some pics from today. Pretty soon I think it's going to be difficult to see much change day-to-day.

Days 10 & 11

So I'm not seeing a lot of change in the girls lately. Pics all look pretty much the same. But yesterday I did start to get some feeling back and my nipples have been Super sensitive! It was really bothering me yesterday. Felt tingly and a little sore. Today my breasts feel itchy all over. I've been putting cocoa butter on them every day, so I'm not sure if it's just the skin stretching or what.
Also last night was my first night sleeping without my wedge pillow. I can kind of sleep on my side a little, as long as I prop up with a pillow and don't put too much weight on my chest. So I slept with 2 pillows last night and was definitely a little sore and riding higher in the morning. Might go back to the wedge pillow tonight as I'm waiting for a lot more dropping to happen.

Day 12 Post op!

Had my 3rd post op appointment today. Everything looks really good. Swelling between my breasts is going down and incisions are healing nicely. My PS removed 2 or 3 little stitches that were left but incision is healing nicely! I will post pics down below - I wore my Scar Away sheets for 48 hours in a row and it made a huge improvement! I have 2 more weeks of no bra, and then I can switch to a wireless bra during the day. Went to VS today to look for one and she measured me a 34 DD. I know that can change... but which direction? Up or Down?! Can't wait to wear a normal bra to work for some nipple coverage...

Day 12 pics

Day 14

I'm starting to think maybe this size does actually fit my body... added some day 14 pics, what do you think?

19 days post op

I haven't posted anything in awhile... Not much has changed. Everything is dropping and getting softer and squishier. Looking more natural. Here's a pic from this morning.

20 Days Post op

Ok, so I am going to share this, only because it seems like there are very few reviews on here that mention this.... So a week or 2 ago, I noticed that when I did my massage, I would have a few drops of breastmilk coming out. Kind of freaked me out at first because my son is almost 9 now and I haven't seen that for a Very long time! But I did some research and I can understand how that could happen, so ok no big deal. But then last night I was just massaging them (They are getting much softer) and suddenly I noticed I had breastmilk coming out of the corner of my incision! It was more than a few drops... probably a few teaspoons and it was slightly pink. It was only my left breast - the one that got more cc's and has been more sore. Is in fact still sore now. I've been doing lots of stretching on that side lately. My incisions look great. I thought they were completely closed and healed. I'm obviously going to call my PS today and most likely he's going to want me to come into the office. I'm really afraid I'm going to need stitches or something.... That or I'm afraid my incision is going to heal with this small hole and always be a problem.
I put some neosporin on it last night and a bandage to hopefully keep it closed. I'll do anything not to have stitches put in! Maybe a butterfly bandage would be a good idea?


27 days post op

I can't believe 27 days has gone by already! The girls are feeling more and more comfortable. Still feel a little sore when I wake up in the morning. I feel like a little swelling has gone down though, so I think I may wind up with a D instead of a double DD which is fine with me! I have to say though, I'm pretty glad I went with a moderate profile now - I don't look like I just had a boob job a month ago. They look like I've had them a long time already. My boyfriend was wanting that natural look where they don't look like 2 bowls stuck to your chest... more of that sexy natural "under-boob." Lol. He thought you had to go extra big and then wait for them to fall after a few years before they look good. Luckily he was wrong =) I already have some of that sexy, soft feminine boobs look which is exactly what I wanted.
I initially thought that my implants were wider than I liked... but now I can see that this is what makes them look the most natural. I look like I've always had big breasts - although I don't feel like it yet. I don't feel like a well-endowed girl, but I'm sure that will come with time. I almost have to remind myself that my chest is big now =)
Still having the problem with my incision, hoping to visit with my PS Friday. Will update with that info and with some new pics.

Day 28

Pic from today

30 Days Post Op!!

So 30 days post! I'm finally here! Feeling so great at 1 month out. Boobies are soft and squishy now. Muscles aren't tight all the time or when I first wake up. Still just slightly sore first thing in the morning, but nothing major. I need to go back to Victoria's Secret as well for another sizing. Was a 34 DD a week or 2 ago, but now I feel like some swelling has subsided so I'm guessing I'm more like a 34 D. Had to tighten the straps on the wireless bras I've been wearing. Today was the first day I was officially allowed to wear a wireless bra every day, but I actually started a few days ago. I love how my boobs have dropped at this point and I don't want them to drop any lower!
So I finally was able to get in to see my PS about my incision today. I guess it's rare to have breast milk leakage after surgery, but it happened to me. I'm confident it's breast milk since I have it coming out of both breasts and the incision on the left side as well. My PS said he doesn't think it's an infection either, but we're going to do a round of antibiotics just to be safe. Also, today's appointment was not much fun... so he opened up the hole that was already present in my incision and made it a bit bigger. He said he wants it to remain open and drain for the next week or two to make sure all the fluid that was there is out (it's more of a clear fluid now, whereas it was white breast milk before). So that wasn't fun... poking around under the skin with some metal instrument. Ouch! And then he put some silver nitrate (I think?) on it which he said would prevent infection and allow it to stay open. Let me tell you... that burned! Wish I had gone in before I had started regaining this much feeling in my breasts! So it's supposed to stay opened until all fluid is gone and then it should close up on it's own. He wants to see me twice a week for the next 2 weeks to keep an eye on it. Also, the silver that he applied made the little hole look black so it's not pretty. I'm supposed to keep gauze on it if it seems like fluid is coming out and then just a bandage and neosporin.
Other than That..... I'm starting to become really happy with my breasts. I think they are looking so much better than before. I don't feel like they are too wide anymore - in fact I think they give me a nice hourglass shape! They have seemed to get just slightly smaller... I'm almost wishing they hadn't! But I do think the size is great for me now. They look incredible in a low cut top, and yet in a t-shirt they don't look too big at all. It's almost as if you can't tell I've had a boob job unless I take my shirt off =)
The boyfriend loves them. He's noticed how much squishier they are now. I'm wondering if they are going to change much between now and month 3? I don't see how they could, but anything is possible I suppose. I started back to the gym last week, just low impact stuff and lifting legs mostly. I got the OK to start working out again today from my doctor, so that was reassuring =) Not sure if I'm ready for jogging or upper body workouts. I may try that carefully tomorrow and see how it goes. I'll post some pics from day #30 (Also some pics of my incision + the black silver nitrate so beware! Just want to help anyone else who is dealing with this situation.)

1 Month Pics

Day 40 post op

I never got around to posting these pics from day 40, but as you can see, the problem I was having with my incision is almost completely cleared up. I had a follow up appointment on this day and my PS said that the incision was heading nicely. It is "filling in" from the bottom up which means I won't need additional stitches like I was afraid of! The little hole that was there is gone now and just looks like a scar at this point. I'm really happy with how it has healed. My doctor is wonderful - he has so much experience that he knew exactly how to handle this situation and knew exactly what my body would do and how it would heal. He really knows his stuff so I feel like I am still in good hands!
At my last appointment we also discussed what exactly his procedure is for making my breasts look so natural (nipple incision allows him to bring the breasts closer to the midline and breastbone for the perfect cleavage; using moderate profile implants allows for less upper fullness and makes them look like natural boobs; placing the implants deep under the muscle will prevent rippling our seeing/feeling the implant; lowering the crease prevents them looking too high and fake). I love that I can't even feel the implant even when I try.
I still don't have all the feeling back in the lower half of my breasts, but I know that will take a bit longer to come back. My PS said there will also be a little more dropping between now and month 3, but I am satisfied with how they look now. I will try to take another picture today to compare to my wish pic because they are looking a lot more similar! My implants are a bit wider I believe, but I actually am preferring that now!

Pic from day 44

Oh, this is a pic from trying on clothes yesterday. I can now so tank tops with no bra! Love the way my boobs look in clothes now...

**62 Days Post Op**

So I missed posting on my exact 2 month post op date! But I did take some pics that day, and took some more this morning. My boobs look Perfect now! I love love love them! I feel like my body has perfect proportions now, and even my waist looks smaller to me now that I'm more balanced.
I was originally sized at a 34 DD when I was 3 or 4 weeks post op. I feel like after they dropped and more swelling went down that the DD bras were a bit big. I went and bought a couple more 2 days ago and asked them to size me again. They measured me at Victoria's Secret at a 34 D. So I tried on a few bras in that size, but I was totally spilling out on top. Another lady came in to check my sizing and she said "No, you're not a D, you're a DD." So she brought me new bras in a 34 DD and they fit perfectly. I realize that may change in another month, but I'm really happy with the way they look now so I hope not!
I've been back to the gym, doing cardio and weight training, however, I haven't done any upper body lifting that would require using my pec muscles. I'm not sure I even want to as I've read that building up your pecs can flatten down your implant and make them look smaller. I really have no desire to work on that muscle anyway as I only did so before to get more chest definition ;)
My incision has healed up nicely now. Only I wore the scar strips a lot more on the right side which didn't have any incision issues, so now I need to wear them more on the left to smooth out that scar a bit more.
I have a lot more confidence now, I've gone out and bought lots of new tank tops and low cut tops for summer. I've noticed I don't crouch in the corner in the gym locker room trying to hide myself while I'm changing - my body looks awesome and I don't really mind if anyone can see me =) It's funny how getting a breast augmentation can really change your perception of yourself. I used to be really worried with what people would think of my body and I don't worry about that anymore. I think I look great! I'm actually looking forward to swimsuits this summer and showing a little more skin ;)
I'll post a recent pic below...

2 month pics


New wish pic side-by-side

Here's another comparison with my wish pic... I like mine better now actually =)

3 months postop!

I can't believe it has been 3 months already! I love love love my boobs now. I should've never waited till 33 years old to do this. Sooner is better than later. My boobs look awesome. Test drove them at a pool party last weekend and they got great reviews! Even a month ago they did not look "new." They look like I've had them forever. They are soft and squishy and my boyfriend absolutely loves them. He says they look and feel like real boobs. I barely remember how my boobs looked before. Old pictures of me look strange now. So happy with Dr. Widder and my decision to get them done.

Mentor stats

Here's the Mentor page where I went to get an idea of the width and projection I was going to get with my implants. I found it super-helpful when I was wondering if I was going too big or not.
Here's the Mentor page: http://www.mentorwwllc.com/global-us/Breast.aspx

One year post-op

Just wanted to send in some pics taken on the girl's first birthday. The twins are one year old and still looking better than I ever imagined.

My husband (married now!) says they are softer than ever and feel just like real boobs. He can't tell the difference. He loves them and so do I. I only wish I had gotten them sooner. Best decision ever.
McLean Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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