24 y.o, 5'3", 105lbs, Natrelle Inspira SRM+ 330cc Silicone, Unders

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I used to be a full C just last year. But I have...

I used to be a full C just last year. But I have lost 30 ish lbs. Great, yes. But unfortunately, my cleavage was gone, both dwindled to an A. Or even AA! I was not comfortable with my small boobs, BUT loved that I can sometimes go braless in some cute sundresses, etc. Most of the days, I don't feel as sexy with them being so small, no push up bras would even help to give me the cleavage i want. Ever since I lost 30 lbs, I have had to wear little girls' non padded bra, because my A cup boobs would not even fill in the other padded cup bras. Not a pleasant experience going in the stores to the little girls clothing department and having to pick out their limited choices of non padded bras that aren't sexy-like, lacy and whatnot like you'd find in the lingerie dept.

Day 1 POST OP (09-16-16)

IN a lot of pain. felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest and someone had kicked me in my ribs, my chests and my sides. Also my upper back. IT HURT LIKE HECK TO BREATHE.

Day 2 POST OP (09-17-16)

In a lot of pain still, like yesterday. Felt like my whole chest, my sides near the armpits, and the upper back have been soo bruised. It hurt like crazy to breathe. But i keep thinking to myself, it will all be worth it in the end! Yes! Felt so bad for my boyfriend, as i kept asking him to do this and that for me. My first night post op was terrrrible! At first i was able to go to sleep (with the pain med) with the bed propped up with a mountain of pillows around, under me, and my sides as i am and have always been a stomach sleeper my whole life. It was miserable, oh goodness! Woke up at 3AM and Could NOT get comfortable as my butt became numb because my butt was not used to be slept sitting that way all propped up. My chest,sides and upper back HURT like heck!!! I threw a pillow at my boyfriend to wake him since i am deaf. (He was sleeping on the floor right next to my bed) He had to help me move all the way up to the headboard for a more propped position, i decided to walk around a bit in the room as he fixed up my bed. It was awful, awful, and painful to try to get in the bed. He had to scoot me further up against the headboard using my butt! While i was being a crybaby about being in such a terrible terrible pain. (Pain med wore off hours ago at that time) for a long time, telling him which pillows that needed to be, under my knees, behind my back, rolled up blankets to my sides so i remember not to roll over out of habit due to me being a stomach sleeper. FINALLY felt comfortable, took another pain med, then i was able to sleep FINALLY!!! For the first time in my entire life, i was able to sleep on my back.
~NOW it is the morning of DAY 2 POST OP, woke up not feeling too shabby, but soon as i adjusted myself, the pain alllll went back. The tightness, bruiseness, soreness feelings.

DAY 3 POST OP! (09-18-16)

looking good so far! quite painful still...my right boob side hurts the most, like so so so bruised. hurts to breathe still. both look and feel swollen and very tender. new gauze pads replaced. wrapped the ace bandage back on. cannot wait for them to drop and fluff.


I have very, very severe pain radiating up and down on my right boob side, near the ribs. feels like it is badly bruised. have any one of you experienced it? the pain meds helps tons but just wondering if any of you have the same experience..?

DAY 4 POST OP (09-19-16)

I have been very nauseous the whole day. immediately regretting that I decided not to get the Promethazine medication for nausea because usually I don't get nauseous very easily. (wrong of me, apparently) The whole right side of my boob, and along down the right rib cage was PAINFUL PAINFUL PAINFUL, I could NOT breathe. It really felt like it was broken or kicked in. The cleavage part of my boobs were so itchy and throbbing so much, I think it is because they are finally starting to drop, shift, and fluff. Luckily, I had my post op follow up dr appt the very next day. Managed to unwrap the ace bandage off... O.M.G. i had goosebumps all over me, and actually threw up because the pain was just too much, too much. Unfortunately, I threw up the pain meds, also. Managed to take quick pictures of my boobs and wrapped the ace bandage back on, then the pain subsided some. Not a pleasant experience!!! BUT LOVING THE LOOK OF MY BOOBIES!!!!! :)

Day 4 POST OP FOLLOW UP APPT (09-20-16)

saw Dr. Gartside today for a follow up. she unwrapped the ace bandage, took a look at them and said they're healing good, gave me a refill on the meds because I am still feeling a lot of pain on the right boob. and the top of my boobs. Wrapped the ace bandage back on. Said I can unwrap it later today and start wearing my sports bra that has the front zipper. I'm a bit afraid to start wearing the bra right away... It really really does hurt a lot when im not wearing the ace bandage. :( Not quite ready just yet. I think I will wear the sports bra tomorrow. UGHHHHH, not ready for the pain at all when the ace bandage comes unwrapped.


TODAY is the day I get to unwrap the ace bandage!!!! So happy yet so afraid because it really was painful whenever I take them off. Definitely can see they are starting to shift, drop and fluff some.


clicked 'post update' button accidentally. but yeah, they have dropped and shifted lots. and im definitely happy about that. also i get to wear my new sports bra that has the front zipper! it is super cute, too. it's hurting a lot than when i wore the ace bandage. :(

Frustrated - (09-21-16)

i feel like i am just being a crybaby or just being ridiculous or both! there is a pronounced, tugging, and stabbing type of pain on the right side of my right boob, and the upper right rib cage. IT.HURTS.SO.MUCH. I have tried icing them with the good ol frozen peas. do I massage the boob or what? is it normal? :(

anxious/freaked out, boobs may turn out to be too small?

i know its normal to think things like that. "what if they don't turn out to be as big as we want them to be?" "what if they end up being too small?" boob greed moment here. i am 5'3" 109lbs. i have 330cc srm under the muscle. are they too small for me? should i have gone for 350cc or even 375cc? HELP!!!! there are some days where im like oh yes 330cc is the perfect size for me. but some days, im like, ugh...i want them to be bigger.

help a sista out, ladies. what do yall think?

my tailbone and butt cheeks really hate me right now

ive been a stomach sleeper my whole life. sleeping on my back is very much a challenge for me. i've rolled up blankets on either sides of me so to remind me not to roll over on my stomach subconsciously. my tailbone and butt cheeks are already so bruised from laying on my back. night 2 post op was a terrible experience, at 3AM, i woke up from my tailbone and butt cheeks feeling like they were on FIRE and just hurting so much, my boyfriend was such a saint and had to spend a good half an hour trying to make the bed more comfortable while i walked around stretching some before laying back down again. i had to tell him which pillow i wanted right next to me, which pillow to go on top of my head, on my sides, etc, etc. (because I LITERALLY have never ever slept on my back) So, any other way to make it a comfortable sleeping experience while recovering from BA? I do not have a recliner, unfortunately. otherwise, it'd be much easier and id have no problem with trying to sleep in the recliner. O.M.G. anyone else has the same problem? any tips/advices? PLEASE!!!! SO DESPERATE.


Time has gone by so fast, hard to believe it's been one week, what the heck?!
Reason why i did not post day 6 post op pics yesterday was because i thought if i stop looking at them in the mirror so much, and obsess over them just a tad bit too much, that my view and perspective on what the small and big definition of boobs really are, become blurry and all confusing..if that makes sense? from day 2 to day 5 post op pics, my boobs look the same, to me, at least. square/boxy looking. looking at them so often is not going to put my mind at ease, or do anything to my self-esteem. i thought id wait til maybe tomorrow? (day 8 post op) then ill take pics. although, i must confess, today i finally took a little peek... THEY DON'T LOOK AS BOXY AND SQUARE-LOOKING ANYMORE! they're finally starting to drop and fluff...and they look so BEAUTIFUL. just one little boob greed moment, i just hope they're as big as i'd want them to be...
ANYHOO, at the moment, i am thinking about how my sexy bra shopping adventure will go when they're done dropping and fluffing. i CANNOT wait.

i have questions for you ladies that i really hope i have answers to ASAP.

~Common question, i know, but Which is the first store should i go to, for my first bra? along with the bra fitting? some people mentioned that VS is not the right place for the bra fitting as they are almost always wrong, measurement-wise.

~What are the Dos and Don'ts for the upper body exercises? Before BA, I was all about the upper body. I could do 6:06 plank, push ups, vertical rows, chest presses. I like having toned shoulders, back, and arms.

~Can i ever sleep on my stomach again at bedtime?

~Are Fat Burner pills a bad idea to take when you have implants in you? Or would it be fine?

~I have SRM 330cc under the muscle implants, how soon can i go running again?

~LAST BUT NOT LEAST, what are the things to avoid doing and taking (FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE) when you have the implants?

i would appreciate it greatly if yall have the answers to my questions.



IF you don't mind, those with SRM 330cc Natrelle Inspira Under the muscle implants, can i see your boobies? I have them and had them done last Friday. I'm just curious how they look on you, and do you love them? are you satisfied with them? THANK YOU, BEAUTIFUL LADIES!

Day 8 POST OP pics (09-24-16)

I have stopped taking pics or looking at my post op boobies for the past few days now, I was so anxious, scared, and obsessed about them that it made me feel discouraged and worried that they're not gonna be as big or whatever. My boyfriend took me to a hair salon, so my hair can be finally washed thoroughly as I could not wash it myself at all, then had a haircut!!! I have had a long hair for a few years now (past the boobs length), now my hair is shoulder length!!! ahhhh. and a bit of tapered bangs. I love it as well. My boyfriend is such a wonderful boyfriend, he has been there for me through all this amazing (painful) experience. He really has helped tons, mentally, and physically. JUST LOVE HIM JUST A TAD BIT TOO MUCH!

ANYWAYS, FINALLY, yesterday i decided to be brave and take the sports bra off, started taking pics of them and really look at them and feel them. They have changed a lot, i think. I LOVE THEM!!!!! There has been some pain on the top of the boobs. still some pain on the right side of my right boob. the incision site of my right boob has been hurting, too. but overall, they're looking FABULOUS!!!

Boobies Blues

I've been emotional today. Sad and just Icky. My righty falls a bit to the side, im not sure if thats normal? woke up to the unbearable pain on the side of my right boob. feels like something is lodged between the ribs lol or like the muscle is torn. IT HURTS. What do you do to feel better? currently im making me a cup of hot green tea with raw honey, and just trying to turn my mind off. Last night, i came across the forum of explants on this site, (should have never read them!!! :( ) it made me worried and scared. some stories were horrid, and so sad. i felt so bad for the ladies who didn't deserve to go through such awful situations involving explants. UGH.

How to shave your armpits?

had a shower the other day, realized ive been having difficulty shaving my armpits... LMAO. There is like a big caved in space when i raise my arm up, too many crevices for me to get all the hairs. ugh! anyone have the same problem? i guess i have to start waxing (which i do not want to...) or using Nair???? It is IMPOSSIBLE to use the razor as my side boobs are in the way now, the bony crevices and caved in spaces are just too problematic now for me to even use a razor! >.< >.< any tips?

solution to my hairy 'pit problem


Slathered the cream on the pits, waited 2 mins then rinsed it off with a loofah with no problem. It was real uncomfortable and kinda painful at times raising my arm up to rinse the cream off, but it'll get better with time. it was soooo weird seeing my new side boobs when i raise both arms up! I can see the roundness in them. The girls are getting sexier and sexier as days go by.

Will only be using the razor on my legs from now on, i guess. I cannot use Nair on my legs as they cause rash, I have BAD skin sensitivity, ONLY on my legs, nowhere else. Strange. But if you have good recommendation of something i can use on my legs without having to use the razor. recommend away!
I know this topic is completely off subject, nowhere near about boobs LOL.


just wanted yalls good recommendations on which OTC painkillers i should get, preferably without ibuprofen in it. (it really hurts my stomach a lot) Herbally, chemically, or whatever that work very good. I'm almost out of pain meds that my ps prescribed me, and she won't want to do that anymore.

I'm still getting some pain on the right side of the righty, and the top of my lefty. the annoying, stabbing, tugging kind of pain, too, ughhhhhh.


All Frazzled Up

I've been so obsessed with looking up the photos of ladies with their 330ccs, similar stats to mine, etc, so i know what/how mine will look like whenever i have moments of "what if they end up too small????" I'm trying to stop that, of course, it is not good for my mind at all as it is driving me NUTS lol. Then i realize i do have this fantasy of having like huge 500ccs, but i don't want to have that every single day. I look at the realistic side of it, I just want my old, FULL PERKY C cup back. 330cc is good. and will be happy with it as being fit/healthy is a lifestyle for me now. 330cc is going to be easy for me to manage, easy for me to contain 'em in a underwired sports bra when i go running. with 500cc and up, i would have a hard time, as it will be distracting for me, and too heavy for me. i need for my girls to be as light as they can be. so 330cc is GREAT size for me... i keep telling that sort of thing to myself, that i do NOT need for my girls to be more than 400cc, that is just one of my 'fantasies', and that it is not an everyday thing for me....... 330cc is a REALISTIC, perfect size for me..
today, i had a bad case of boob greed, i must admit. anyone has a bad case of boob greed today, too?
i then think of so many unlucky ladies out there with much worse, unfortunate situations with their boobs that they're stuck with the rest of their lives. and here i am, whining about something that i ALREADY have! NEW BOOBS! stupid of me, geez.


goodnight, all.

Day 12 post op, Oh My!

It's been day 12 post op already! Time has flown by, literally! The first week post op, especially. I will be posting day 13 post op photos tomorrow, then do the comparison with day 1, 5, and 8 post op photos. Exciting and nervous! I'm hoping to see a slight or a even big difference in them! The pain has gone down considerably, but just the annoying pain of tugging, tightness, stabbing here and there. Mostly the pain is on the top of my lefty now. The steri strips did not fall off at all, should I go ahead and try to take them off? they're not itchy at all.. i have seen ladies saying theirs were so itchy, and their steri strips fell as soon as few days post op. Weird?!
I'm wearing my lined cupped sports bra around the clock as instructed by my ps.

how are you ladies doing with the recovery?!

Boobie Blues Again-need your help

I realized I am not satisfied with the size of my breasts. I really should have went up to 450cc, I am beating myself up about that. WHY DID I NOT GO WITH 450CC????? I did the rice test with my boyfriend tonight. 450cc really felt perfect on me. I'm sorry, guys, i could NOT bring myself to take post op pictures tonight. I'm just real unhappy with the size of them. BUT, BUT, don't get me wrong, Dr. Gartside really did a fantastic job on them, they look PERFECT. They're dropping good. She did everything right by the book. But just looking at the smallness of them really disappoints me so much. *sigh*

let's hope at my next post op appt (oct. 5th), Dr. G agrees with the idea of redoing my breasts as soon as possible. I want my breasts to be overfilling, overflowing at the creast, where the fold is. I want the big, full chest. I don't want cute, little, breasts that fit in the hand. I want Like a D or DD. i don't know why i did not realize that in the first place... i'm so, so sad right now. My boyfriend measured me for the first time tonight. My band size is 29.5, around my breasts, it is 34. so basically, it is a B cup. I am so, so, so sad. That is not what I want. My XS shirts are even loose on my breasts. My boyfriend said they look beautiful but if I want to go for 450cc, he will be okay with that. I feel so bad and so freaking vain because he paid for them. it is not fair, I should be over-the-moon, in love with them at the first sight. I knew from the get go once I took the ace bandage off, somewhere deep down inside me said, "...You really should have done 450cc.", my boyfriend somehow knew that, but i quickly smiled and said, "oh wow, they look different..not so big." I think that hurt his feelings a bit. I feel so bad, still. The whole week, I tried so hard loving them, but, my burning desire for the bigger, fuller, overflowing breasts is too strong.
I really need your ladies' help, have any of you had a redo on your breasts and did a implant exchange to a bigger one? How soon? How did that go? Financially? And the recovery process? Please, please, please. I am desperate. I am losing my mind. My mind is all over the place. I have some vacations coming up soon. My cruise is this upcoming April! I really want to redo my breasts as soon as possible, as i think it could easily happen soon, because my breasts look really great, incisions are looking very good, etc etc.
I need your help. PLEASE.


day 13 post op

2 weeks post op. Oh, My!

I went to the gym today with my boyfriend. I've been working out like crazy since March. It's my addiction! ;) Not being able to work out as much as i would like for 2 weeks is giving me the blues, making me crazy.
He ran on the treadmill, I just sat and pedaled on the cycling machine that has nice seat with the back that you can lean back. Pedaled for 4.47 miles ish for 20 minutes. The pain on the top of my lefty came back, and i regretted even going to the gym today... :\ has been hurting a lot today, even still right now. Like deep, electrical shock pain. I don't even know how to explain it. But it hurt all the way to the back of my left shoulder and a bit underneath the shoulder blade, too. I only have 1 pain pill left, I'm waiting til i have my dinner first, then i'm taking the med. I'm super emotional, too. I don't like when i'm not in control of my body, i hate how the pain can come and go as it pleases. it better be all worth it in the end.


So, any gym nuts out there, what kind of exercises can i do that won't affect/contract/hurt the pectoral muscles? I'm slightly going crazy here. i like to workout. I like to maintain being fit as much as i can.
helppppppp, please.

Arnica 30c pellets

I finally got around to buying them. Very skeptical of them... the pellets are soo tiny and has to take 5 of them 3x a day. hmm? i don't know. can anyone confirm they really do work? I took them 2 hours ago and still feeling pain on the side of my lefty.

Oh, and, the padded (cup lined) sports bra with the front zipper has been making my girls feel very uncomfortable and feel like they're swelling. (the bra itself is not tight on the breasts!) is it ok if i switch to the 'bralette' one without any pads in it, because apparently the girls feel more comfortable in it. but im afraid they don't give the good support the girls need.

Spooked out

Not sexist, but stupid question, are guys allowed here on this site? there's a guy with a profile picture of himself NAKED, commented on my very first review. (go look) i looked at his profile, no reviews at all. but asked a doctor about stretch marks but i don't see any in his profile picture! I don't know, just the idea of a guy being on here looking at my reviews with photos of my breasts make me very vulnerable and it is creepy.

Freaking out, idk

i have no idea why or how i came across the reviews of 'not worth it' with unfortunate, sad, disastrous BA stories... now my biggest fear is having Capsular Contracture. some even had it as soon as 6 weeks post op. What if i have it? Is that why my girls feel hard and tight?
my mind is just all over the place, it just sucks. i wish this recovery process was nothing but peachy at all times, but that does NOT work that way. :( :(

2 weeks 3 days post op

there are moments where i have no pain at all, some moments where i over do myself (picking up things from the floor, just basic chores around the house), that's when i feel the swelling, tightness, and pressure coming back, so i stop and sit back down. but then even me just resting and lounging around, the pain comes out of nowhere on the side of my righty and the top of my righty. my nipples don't feel sensitive, they feel normal. i've been switching from wearing a bralette to my cupped sports bra.
steristrips still have not come off! ahh! i just want to see the scars already. i have yet to clip the ends of the strips hanging loose, though. i haven't bothered them at all, just left them alone. I have a follow up appt this Wednesday, so hopefully she does something about the steristrips.

off the subject, pot roast in the slow cooker is smelling so good already. my wonderful boyfriend was nice to chop onions, sweet potato into cubes, and carrots last night, so i don't have to chop and risk injuring myself. it was real nice to get up in the morning to have all the pre chopped veggies ready to be dumped in the slow cooker (and even an apple! for my daily morning smoothie), all i needed to do is sear the top and bottom of the beef chuck roast then put it in the cooker. added the broth, spices and some cilantro. YUM!

how are yall boobyful ladies doing?

2 weeks 5 days post op follow up appt

Saw my ps today! She is very pleased with how they're healing. She looked at my incisions and bam, ripped the steristrips off with a satisfying smile on her face, i think. lol. i was soo afraid the whole time i'd rip the incision wide open. It felt really weird having them off. My lefty incision is almost all healed up, no scabs. however, my righty incision has a bit of scabs and is a bit swollen, still. She gave me a roll of 3M tape, and wants me to start massaging my righty. Push the open hand on the other hand that is in a fist, on the top part of the breast, hold for 2 WHOLE MINUTES. it is just to stretch the muscles, making it settle more. (hopefully it drops soon) hoping it isn't painful! lol. overall, i'm very pleased with what she did. she's amazing, i love her! i love how i have boobs now, they're perky and cute. if everything goes great still in the next 6 months, I kinda want to go a bit bigger. she will gladly go bigger if i still want to do it in the next 3 months, that's when we will be talking about it.

I was going to do photos today but soon as i put my 3M tapes on. i was like, "oh snap." When they come off, i will do the photos before i put the new tapes on.

incisions 2 weeks 5 days post op!

forgot that i do indeed have the photos! my boyfriend took pics at the ps office.

shaken up boobies

I decided to do some light cardio, walked up and down the stairs. i was not even running up and down, just slowly walking all the way up to the 5th floor and back down to the 1st floor, step by step, 3 times. Stupid me wore my Adidas sandals. somehow, the sandal slipped on one of the steps and made my boobs shake a bit hard, out of reflex, my arm went up fast, making it feel like pulled muscles. i didn't fall but swelling immediately came back. it felt like a deja vu all over again, back to day 3. the righty feels so tight and swollen. UGH.
Anytime I do LIGHT cardio, they swell pretty quickly. My ps said to wait another week before i am able to do my gym routine but ease into them slowly, but I am worried i am not gonna be able to do my daily routine before BA. at all. (running, planks, mountain climbers, arm presses and pull ups) I'm worried they would swell so much 2 minutes in of running or even doing anything at the gym... any tips?? Do i need to wait a few weeks til i'm able to do all of them? No pain, but just the swelling and tightness and deep pressure in the muscles that are the annoying problems. should I take muscle relaxers then do my gym time? i don't know.
i guess that shows i'm really quite impatient...and pretty annoyed. lol.

Sneak Peek of my incisions 2 weeks 6 days post op!

took the 3M tapes off, washed the incisions gently with soap and water. air dried them for a bit, while waiting, decided to take a pic of them! Loving my boobies more and more every day.

EVACUATEES WITH PETS-sorry if it isn't about the boobies


go there if you need places for your pets to stay temporarily!


Patrick McAfee
11 hrs · Port Wentworth, GA ·
ATTENTION anyone evacuating west bound on I-16 from the coastal area with a CAMPER or RV that is looking for somewhere to stay, I have 10 acres of solid flat land available for parking, pets are welcome in Dublin, GA. Please contact me for directions or info. Jason Shiver 478-595-3512 I will accommodate all I can until its full.

UPDATE: this is something the Land Owner sent me in a private message, that knew I lived on the coast, offering to help me and anyone I knew. The Hero offering up his land is Jason Shiver. He's an amazing Christian man that deserves the credit for wanting to help out. Not me. I simply copy and pasted a message he sent to me in Private Messenger. He still has plenty of room when we just talked, and has more land available if space runs out at his house. Jason is a true Christian and I'm glad to call him a friend!"

From Horse Lady Gifts organization
Hurricane Mathew evacuees.... Anyone stuck on I 10West with horses? I have 2 pastures available 7 acres each, one round pen, one stall, outside Monticello Fl. about 7 miles from I 10 (so far not in the storm zone!) cell is 850-342-1444 or land line 850-997-1488 no charge, just be nice!

stay safe, everyone. sending prayers! :( i just care so much about the animals' safety.

3 weeks 3 days post op

loving the size of them more and more, although there are some days where i'm like, hmmmmm, could i have gone a bit bigger? but again, I HAVE BOOBS AGAIN! YAY. i love the look of them. forever grateful for my amazing PS.

updates on them.
lefty is dropping and settling in some because today i could feel some zings in my lefty near the sternum, and then pins and prickling down in my left shoulder and down the arm. i'm assuming nerve regeneration, but man, totally uncomfortable.
as for my righty, ugh, righty is being stubborn, still riding up a bit high. i have been doing massaging still, though. still switching from my bralette to my molded cups sports. still have the tight/stiff morning boob, though.

sorry i never got around to taking 2 weeks post op photos, i have been busy and just figured i'd wait til maybe this thursday? (it is when i change my 3M tapes to new ones, anyway)
so, yeah!
Reston Plastic Surgeon

I LOVE Dr. Gartside. She is very down to earth, makes me feel comfortable, very cheerful and positive, definitely makes me feel more at ease with going along with the surgery. She respects any decisions/wishes i make. She doesn't make me feel rushed at all, I love that about a doctor. I LOVE her positive attitude, and she radiates happy vibes.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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