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Placed deposit for my drainless tummy tuck Lopo on...

Placed deposit for my drainless tummy tuck Lopo on flanks and lift without implants. Very nervous, just because surgery is anticipated to take 6 hrs. Have 3 little ones so my anxiety is high. I am trying to stay off the computer so that it doesn't rattle my nerves more. I have lots of help after the surgery. I will post my before pics in the next week or so. I have a very hangy belly from 3 c-sections and the fact that I lose the majority of my weight within first 3 weeks after delivery. So there is a lot of extra skin. I am a full D cup and decided against implants because I know there is a chance that they will have to be replaced since I am young. Doctor said size maybe a little smaller once lifted but insists that I have dense breast tissue and I will be happy with the end result. I will post my next update after my pre-op appt on October 21st! Oh, I also have connective tissue disease, fibromyalgia, IBS, Celiac, hypothyroid, and some post Partum depression just FYI.

Surgery is in the morning...

Surgery is in the a.m. Nervous, excited, anxious!!! Cross your fingers for me. If you want to see post op pics send me a private message. Can't figure out how to upload multiple pics. I will try and figure it out as I lay in bed over the next several days!

Surgery complete

Surgery went great! Took 7hrs, all nurses were great. I feel ok, chose to stay a night here but honestly could have gone home and been fine. I am walking around a little. C-section hurt worse than this so I am happy :).. Tummy and boobs look great!

Post op

I will post some post op pics without clothes after I get to take a shower tonight.

Day 3 post op

Doing well still taking pain meds every 4 hrs so that pain doesn't increase. I'm sure I can taper off of them in the next few days. Still feel really sore like I worked out hard. Walking around still a little hunched over but able to stand up straighter than yesterday. Not over doing it, taking care of the kids some by myself but I have help. I really did not expect it to be this easy. I may ask those that were planning on taking care of me next week to only come a couple of days because I'm feeling better each day. Didn't get to post my post op pics besides the one in the black clothes yesterday because after my shower I got really lightheaded and had to lay down. I will take some pics today when my sister gets here and post them for Yall to see :) !!

Post op boobs

A little sore but they look great 250cc saline in each

Tummy pics

Still really swollen. At kiddos soccer game this morning I feel great. Still sore but really good.

1 week post op

Feel great, still sore, very swollen. I'm taking lots of naps the pain meds are keeping me sleepy so may stop them tomorrow. Started massage on boobs for the implants to settle in their pockets, feels weird and sore so not my favorite thing to do.

Tapering off pain meds

Made it to noon today without a pain pill. Had to break down and take one think I just over did it. Went to dentist, dropped kids at school, and grocery shopping. Lol I overdid it! But took pill and feel a lot better within 20 min after laying down.
My breasts are healing up faster than my tummy I think because my undies are rubbing I really need some like waist high underwear. Or the amazing undies they give u after having a baby lol...

Swelling down a tiny bit

Feeling ok today a little less sore. Feels like swelling down just a little bit even though it might not look like it.
Mother in law used to do magnet therapy I may ask to borrow some and see if it helps the swelling go down quick. My husband used to used them on his twited ankles and swelling went down quick....I'll start using them today or tomorrow and let Yall know.

12 days post op

Almost off meds... Left Breast healing quicker...

Day 13

Sleeping with magnet on, will see if I notice a difference in swelling in a few days... Will let Yall know in a few days. Still waiting for the rest of the incisions to heal up so I can start the silicone treatment. I'm so impatient lol..

2 week update

Feeling pretty good. Still having to take 1 pain pill a day mainly because the kiddos keep me on my feet all day! Still really swollen but u cannot really tell with clothes on.

2 week pics

Post op bra

Got from walmart 8 bucks I bought 4... It's the same one u will wake up with after surgery!

Post op ......xxx lol

For those of u with significant others.... We were ok like on day 4 or 5 modified!!!! Wasn't too bad. Post op 14 days still motified but more normal. I read online not to push it though because stomach muscles need rest to heal. Lol trying to help the hubby remember that!! Just thought I would share this since I'm sure husbands have this in the back of their minds....lol ok the forefront of their minds.

15 days post op

For some reason I feel a lot more loose today. It's feels easier (less tight) to bend over, cough, etc. No pain pills in 1 1/2 days, still pretty tired by the end of the but been busy! I started caring for my elderly father in October so I'm running him here there and everywhere with kids in tow. Obviously I'm lifting more than I'm supposed to but trying not to carry baby in her carrier I just get her out every where I go. 13lbs + a car seat is way over the 8lbs the doctor would like for 8 weeks.

Post op 2.5 weeks

Most of my feeling has come back except a few areas on my tummy they are still tingly. My boobs however are fine. It's weird getting adjusted to the implants. It doesn't feel like my body like I can feel them In there. Just awkward feeling. If I do the massage for like 5+ mins they are less hard. My sisters who have also had implants said it takes about 3 months to stop feeling like they are not your own boobs. And honestly I'm still a little sore on my tummy but mainly when the baby kicks me when I hold her. But my boobs are still sore throughout the day but not bad enough for pain meds.......

Real undies shot :)

I haven't posted any back shots lol still haven't worked out my butt... One thing at a time lol.... My love handles the most swollen so I'm assuming the scars will settle downward a bit. Pics don't do justice. I'm a lot smaller in person I think. Weighed myself today down 8lbs from surgery already. As the swelling subsides seems like the scale goes down some more.

3 week post op

Feeling good. Still some numb areas on belly but slowly getting feeling back. Still swollen, I gave up on the magnets lol they may have helped but I kept setting my phone on it. Almost all scabbing is gone, will start embrace this week :)

Embrace and silicone strips

I started the embrace sheets last week. I can really notice a difference. It was 200 and I change it once a week. It only covers the length on a csection scar. The office placed it on the center of the tummy tuck incision but I couldn't afford to buy enough to cover the whole incision would b like 1400! So I went to walgreens and bought extra long scar away silicone strips which are washable. They also last a week so I opened 2 and switch between them everyday so they have time to dry. I also notice a difference with those too. They make the scar more soft if that makes sense. I also bought small scar away strips and put them on my verticle incisions on my boobs even though I know those will barely b noticeable once they heal up. Both the long box and short box were 50 bucks all together for 2 month supply. I will post some 1 month post ops pics this week. Swelling is going down, slowly but surely :)

1 month post op

Swelling down some. Still mostly on my love handles....I have the embrace on the middle of the tummy tuck scar. This week I'm gonna flip flop the scar away and embrace, I will cut the embrace I half long ways and put on the sides...obviously a big difference even though I still see difference with the scar away too.

2 month post op

I couldn't get anything to post so I'm almost at my 3 month mark. I feel great. I did notice as I started to work out the scale went up some and seemed like I was fuller or a little bit more seollen than before. Scars are healing great.... I have a bit of a reaction to the silicone sheeting so I do it every other week so I don't get a bad rash.

4 months post op

Feeling great, working out ALOT.... Trying to get my booty more time to match the nice flat tummy!!!

1yr post op

Hi guys, Just an update. I had implants removed early in June. I gave it time but they were so uncomfortable it made medical daily. They never felt like a part of my body. The surgery was super easy I was just a little sore afterwards. I was worried about how they looked after but they are great!!!! I didn't lose much in size either. My tummy tuck, I still have some numbness at my belly button and right below. But I can tell just recently that I'm slowly getting more feeling in that area. Here are some pics the ones without clothes are from Dec 2015 and the others are from August 2015. I have been working out multiple times a week about 10 mins cardio and then I do 3 sets of weights and finish with 3 1min planks. Total workout takes 40 mins-1hr. No diet changes. I alternate arms legs abs concentrating on only 1 of those on my workout day. I find a lot of the weight lifting excercises on Pinterest. FYI I have lost no weight from post op just inches (probably lost fat and gained muscle). measurements Pre op Right boob from sternum to nipple 8 Left boob from sternum to nipple 8 1/2 Around chest at nipple 41 1/2 Around rib cage under boobs 37 Around waist at belly button 39 1/4 Around hip bones 41 1/2 Around butt 41 Around each thigh 23 Post opt 11/20/14 Right boob from sternum to nipple 6 Left boob from sternum to nipple 6 Around chest at nipple 40 Around rib cage under boobs 35 Around waist at belly button 36 Around hip bones 37 Measurement update 8/25/15 Right thigh 22 Left thigh 22 At nipple 37 Under boob 33 Around belly button 33 Hip bones 37 Around butt 39.5

Initial consult was very educational. I shared my concerns about not knowing anyone that has used him so his office had a patient who recently got the same procedure to call me. We are meeting in the next week to look at her before and afters. She said he was amazing so the call really helped. He also advised me against certain implants since I have existing medical issues.

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