35 Yr Old Mother of Two. Ht: 5'6.5" 282lbs. - Mcallen, TX

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I am scheduled for my gastric bypass procedure on...

I am scheduled for my gastric bypass procedure on April 19th, 2016. I'm excited and also scared. I have hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, and depression. I'm looking forward to stopping my joint pain and high blood pressure. I know the depression will take time.

My doctor asked for me to prep the day before surgery with a light breakfast and a laxative in the early afternoon and water the rest of the day. I have already purchased Poweraid Zeros, sugar free jello, and sugar free Popsicle sticks to prepare for my first week out of surgery. I will give my updates after my surgery. Keep me in my prayers!

End of Week 1 post of Gastric Bypass

Hi all, I just had my surgery April 19th, 2016 in the morning then I stayed at the hospital for an additional two nights.
In all it has been worth it! I have dropped 16 lbs easily in one week.
Pain: The only pain I had on any day after surgery was on my left side of my abdomen but it was more like soreness. I was on pain medication at the hospital with Tylenol/Codeine and on the first night they gave me a stronger med so I could sleep. When I woke up the first day three hours after surgery the staff made sure I was pain free. So everyone, when it comes down to it, don't be scared of pain. The staff at the hospital are suppose to keep you comfortable so pain meds I would say is a must. My next two days at the hospital they started giving me ice chips and they would bring me my three meals a day which was a 4 oz of sugar free jello and 4oz of beef or chicken broth. I will say I was not able to drink the broths because it had a little spice or natural fat in them and were hurting my fragile stomach. Because I just had my stomach cut, the broth when I swallowed it would irritate the wound and it felt like I had acid reflux or gastrities. So I avoided anything that hurt it. I ate sugar free jello (any flavor) about 2 oz of it and I did not hurt. When your in the hospital or at least 3 days post op, it will hurt to eat things because your introducting food to an internal cut. So don't want to scare you but that is why it was important to keep small sips and following the liquid diet. I was walking the day after surgery. I could have walked earlier but I couldn't because I was so weak not because of pain. I continued to be weak for 4 days after surgery. After all, I was only feeding my 282 pound body 8 oz of jello the whole day! By the end of day 4 I transitioned myself to a protein shake. It was like day and night. I felt alive again. A lot of energy and was able to get of regular tylenol (due to gas pain in my stomach still and back). Because I was so weak I did not do a lot of walking which I still had a lot of CO2 in my body that the doctor inflated me with so it caused pain wherever this gas was trying to escape. As soon as I started walking I noticed my shoulders hurt but it was the gas and kept walking. I started burping a lot and passing gas. TMI, but it is the truth to benefit. As of day 6, I feel great. I don't have pain. The doctor cleared me to do light weights on Week 2 as long as I don't use stomach muscles. No swimming until a month so my out side cuts heal.
FYI, my first bowel movement was one day after surgery and it was black. I have had at least 6 bowel movements this first week and they have been black. The doctor told me that it was normal because it was blood from the surgery due to incisions of the intestines and stomach.
I was making my Mexican delicious dinners for my husband and kids this first week and it was not hard. I am never hungry. And that is the best gift of this surgery. I am no longer angry and hungry at the same time cause I passed a meal!

I will post a before and after picture on my 1 month post op since it is too soon right now. I attached a picture of my stomach with the incision scars healing.

Week 2.5 post op current weight: 263

My gas inside my body from the surgery has subsided finally about 2 days ago. No pain anymore. I did struggle with loosing some more weight. At week two I just stopped loosing weight. I did notice that I stopped loosing weight when I introduced soups, canned soups. Big no no. They have about 100 calories but they had 20 grams of carbohydrates, with only 3 sugars. I focused only on the sugars and not the carbs. As soon as I got rid of of the soops and sticked to pureed proteins: my diet now consists of eggs, protein shakes, fat free cottage cheese, tuna with mustard, chicken, pureed fish, lots of water, Celebrate multi-vitamin 2x a day, crystal lite with water when bored, fat free jello and cheese (i tolerate it).
I cant tolerate 1% milk, i just needed to vomit.
In 2.5 weeks post op: start weight 282 lbs to 263 lbs. 19 lbs total in 2.5 weeks post op

I also walk on a treadmill everyday for 30 to 45 mins in the early hours. I do 5 to 7.5 lbs of weights on my arms and shoulders every other day. I don't have clearance to swim or do weights for lower body yet.

I have struggled with remembering to eat slow and small bites as I forget I cannot swallow the amount of food I used to. I have had food get stuck in my stomach and it does not feel good. I usually start breathing deeply and try to stand up straight. If the food does not pass through I then have induced vomiting and usually does pass through. I will post another update in 1 month post op as I not longer have pain to report.

2 months post op lost 42 lbs

From 282 lbs, 5'7", I am now 240 lbs.
I could have lost more weight but I introduced semi soft foods too early in my diet. The nutritionist told me if I take more protein shakes and soupy meals high in protein, the faster the weight would drop. I am dropping slower now that I am eating semi soft foods such as fish, dark chicken meat ( because it's more moist than dry) beans, cooked vegetables, etc. I am going to try to stick with liquid diet again or going back to step II so I can loose more weight faster. I will say I have a lot of energy. More energy that I've ever had after I had my whole thyroid removed a few years ago. I'm also happy to say that I am off my high blood pressure medication! I'm got off it exactly 1 month post op. My blood pressure started to drop really low and then I would easily get light headed after I would stand up or bend down to pick up something from the floor. I stopped taking the HBP med and in two days I was back to normal.
Harlingen Bariatric Surgeon

I was referred to Dr. Reyes because he is one of the leading surgeons in the valley who does the procedure constantly every week. I have had several relatives who have come to him and have been very successful in their recovery and life after. His office provides a lot of support within their staff and they also provide support groups if needed. At the time I did not have money to get all the vitamins they asked me to buy anywhere so they gave me about one month supply of multivitamins, Calcium, and several protein shakes. They have specialty nurses that call you every other day to see how you are doing and you had any questions. I recommend this doctor. I would have liked the doctor though to explain more how the procedure went. My first visit with him he only asked me if I had any questions and what procedure I wanted to have. So he only entertained any question I had instead of giving information without asking. I didn't give him a perfect star rating because of that but would still recommend him because my rating does not take away from his many years of experience and professionalism.

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