Circumareolar Breast Lift with Implants Scheduled for 11/07/13

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Hi there! I'm new to the community. Before I share...

Hi there! I'm new to the community. Before I share my story, I wanted to say how thankful I am to have come across this site. Reading everyone's reviews and experiences has helped so much!

A little about me, I am a 33 year old mom of three, ages 7, 4 & 2. I had all three kids within a span of five years. Within those five years, my breasts have ballooned up to a ginormous size and then shriveled down to what are now deflated sand bags that hang from my chest. After the birth of my third child, I lost about 30 lbs. I've taken up Crossfit and exercise 5-6 times a week with weight training and cardio. That has made my breast situation even worse. I have loose skin and enlarged aerolas that I absolutely hate because I've lost so much mass.

A few months ago I decided I wanted my old girls back. I saw several PS in the area and ended up choosing the PS that was the most candid and realistic with me about my expectations. I had my pre-op yesterday and I'm scheduled to get a Periaerolar Lift with 325cc high profile saline implants underneath the muscle on 11/7/13. He did say that my right breast had more droop and that he'd make the decision in the OR on whether the lollipop lift would be needed. I will also be having a skin tightening (aka excise) done on my lower abdomen right above my three c-section scars to remove some pesky loose skin that just won't go away with exercise or diet.

I am very excited and hopeful. 13 days away and counting!

Here are some before pics of my girls.


UTI and Meds

Ahhh, I have a UTI. Of all weeks, this is the week to happen to me. They put me on a Bactrim substitute for 10 days. I was so nervous this was going to delay my surgery because they emphasized so much to stop all medications, supplements and bc at least 2 weeks prior. I called the PS office and the nurse said I was ok and to continue the medication through its course. I will have to go back and get a clearance from my physician that all of the infection is gone prior to surgery.

And I need to correct my update, I will be having a circumareolar lift (donut lift) not the periareolar which is the crescent lift.

Today is a good day. I feel much more at ease and calm. I'm driving myself nuts reading all of the bad things that can happen. Trying to stay positive!

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!

I can't believe it's here! I've wanted this for so long and by this time tomorrow, it will be happening! I've been feeling so anxious for the past few weeks. But today, the day I thought I'd be most nervous, I'm not. I feel confident in my decision and I am very excited. I can't wait to be on the "other side".

I am scheduled to arrive at the doctor's surgical center at 6:30am. I'm scheduled for 5 hours of anesthesia (or so it says on my quote) but I'm thinking that sounds very long for just the BA/BL and skin tightening so I'm hoping its more in the 3-4 hour range.

I will be posting my progress/recovery and "after" photos as soon as I can. Thank you girls for being so supportive! Here's to a successful surgery!

Pics of the Pesky Flap over my c-section site

As part of my procedure I will also be having a "skin tightening" done on a pesky flap of skin or accumulated scar tissue (I have no idea what it is) that has formed over my three C-section scars. I'm pretty dedicated to my diet and exercise program and there is just nothing that will make this go away. Granted it is very minimal, but it bugs the heck out of me. Here are some pics.

On the other side!

I'm so happy to say that everything went well! My PS and his staff were amazing.

I was so nervous last night and into this morning. I tossed and turned from 3:30am - 6:00am. Finally got up and showered with antibacterial soap as indicated. We arrived at the surgery center, took the pregnancy test, vitals and prepped. The last thing I remember was the anesthesiologist giving me somethjng to relax. Waking up was rough. I was so disoriented, dizzy and my mouth was so dry. I don't know how I got up and into the wheel chair. I've been sleeping a lot and I'm in pain. It's manageable though. The best way to describe it is soreness after a heavy chest day at the gym and the pressure feels like engorged breats when breast feeding.

I was surprised at how much skin they removed from my abdomen and I feel no discomfort there.

I ended up with just a donut lift and I'm happy about that. (Not that I minded the scars)

I haven't taken any pics yet but here's one they took during surgery. Thanks for all of your thoughts and well wishes!

Day 1 Post Op was ROUGH

Talk about the pain and discomfort! By the time it's time to take my pain Meds both my breasts and abdomen incision are throbbing in pain. I've been applying cold packs around the clock in hopes to reduce the swelling. My left implant is sitting way up high so I've been trying to massage as best as I can.

My first shower was a total fail yesterday. I ended up fainting! Thank goodness both my mom and husband were there. It too me a while to come too. I honestly thought I was dying. It was the worse feeling ever. I had no control of my body and couldn't everything was so cloudy. I don't think I'll be wanting to take another shower anytime soon! Lol! I think it was seeing my incisions for the first time paired with the fact that I had just taken a strong antibiotic and having to stand there. My mom is going to go pick up a plastic chair today so that I can sit while she showers me. I was so embarrassed. Anyone else having a hard time? I'm still on the Vicodin and Valium around the clock and I'm hoping tonslowlybwea off of them because all info is sleep.

I don't know how some of you ladies were able to take pics and try on bras by this time! Props to you!! Here's hoping today is a better day! I did manage to tak le one pic. You can't see much other than the implants are a still very high. My PS did not send me home with a band because I had a lift. Anyone else not using that strap across the chest??

Feeling much better then this...

I have been feeling really good. I got off of the Vicodin and was only taking Tylenol to manage the pain. The second shower went without a hitch it wasn't until last night that we changed out my abdomen dressings that we found a not so nice surprise. It seems I developed an allergic reaction to the steri strips. Sown thing similar had happened to me on my last c section and made sure to tell the PS. They did use a different tape but unfortunately I'm allergic to that too. I went in the morning, had the tape removed and received a steroid shot and steroid pack to help with the inflammation and burning. No fun in the park at all. They removed the tape off of the nipples too to prevent a reaction there. Things look good. I have a big bruise under the left breast but it's not a hematoma thank goodness. The implant is still very very high on the left side and the nurse showed me how to massage. Uh, OUCH! Nothing compared to what I've been doing lol. Let's hope things get better. They haven't been too bad but I feel like such a baby with all of these little hiccups. Here's a pic of the allergic reaction :/

Found a bruise and it's freaking me out!

I've developed a large purple bruise under my left breast I was terrified it was a hematoma at first but the nurse said it was just a bruise. I eve seeing someone with something similar that just cleared up on its own. Anyone experience this?

Good days, bad days and Frankenstein Boobs!

Before surgery I had prepared myself mentally for a pretty tough recovery. Having three previous c sections gave me a good indication of what to expect regarding pain, loss of mobility, etc. the boob pain has been the most excruciating but that is getting better every day. I have almost full range of arm mobility and only feel discomfort when I don't take my muscle relaxer. I'm still terrified to massage like I was told because the incisions around the areola are still tender and they hurt. I did go to the PS on Monday due to the allergic reaction from the steri strips but tomorrow is my first official post op.

My days lately are good mixed with meh and then bad. I wake up in good spirits only to get overly tired and then just nauseas. I'm staying at my moms while I recover and yesterday my mom, dad and sister all came down with a nasty stomach bug. I felt quesy but luckily escaped the nasty symptoms they had. I slept most of the day I just felt so tired. My husband came over to clean my incisions and again I almost fainted when my right nipple incision lightly bled. I suffer from low blood pressure and any sight of blood or needles sets it off.

I took my first stand alone shower this morning. Woohoo! And I was finally able to take a full snap shot of the frankenboobies. The left implant still has a ways to drop. Overall I'm very happy and known that they will be beautiful once everything heals.

What's bothering me the most is the allergic reaction all around my abdomen incision. The incision itself looks great, it's the area around it that gets redder every day. This very
same thing happened to me after my third c section and now I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's a reaction to the sutures?? I need to address this with the PS tomorrow because I don't have the same symptoms on the breast incisions. I went into work today and boy is it burning now. I'm still taking the prescribed steroids and I'm hoping it doesn't take as long to clear up as it did the last time it happened.

So here are some updated pics. I hope all of you ladies are healing well!!

1st Week Post Op, outings and Relief!

Hi ladies!
I had my official 1st week post op appointment with my PS this past Thursday. Other than the pesky allergic reaction to the adhesive from the steri strips everything looks good. I wasn't expecting to see the actual PS because the appointment was made to see his nurse, so I was really happy when he came in to see me in between his surgeries. He said everything is looking great. My left implant is stil riding very very high and this is causing some sagging at the bottom because the implant has not fully filled in and settled into the pocket. He said I need to keep massaging and when I asked about the band he told me that he didn't recommend that for me because of my lift. They will naturally fall in time. So massaging it is until then. I got another steroid shot to help with the allergic reaction even more and he told me it was ok to start taking oral Benadryl. Boy has that helped! After only two doses, I can already see an improvement in the redness tremendously. I am completely off of the pain and muscle relaxers and only taking tylenol when my incisions ache. I have my second appointment this coming Thursday and will post pictures then of my weekly progress because they still look like Frankenstein Boobs!

2 week post op

I had my 2 week post op last Thursday. I'm so happy to share that so far everything is healing well. Nothing much new to update other than some slight progress:

My allergic reaction is slowly starting to fade. What was once a bright red rash is now pale pink so I'm hopeful that in two more weeks it will completely have faded away. I've been applying Cortisone cream daily and it seems so be helping it along. Last time this happened, it took a good month for it to completely go away so I'm being patient with it. It doesn't itch or burn anymore, so it's just the slight redness at this point as far as symptoms remaining. The incision itself looks great and had it not been for the allergic reaction, you'd hardly be able to notice that it's even there so I know it will look great once it is all healed up.

The breasts have been a little frustrating for me, but it's because I'm impatient. I want them to be all healed up and pretty and perfect already. But I have to keep reminding myself that it's only been 2-1/2 weeks. The scabs have started to fall off in the shower. As of now the only discomfort I have is that they are always sore. Like "starting your period" sore. I've been massaging when I can. They are still riding very high, especially the left. It's aggravating. But then again, it's only been two and a half weeks. My left is saggy (compared to the right) on the bottom, but that's because the implant hasn't filled in the pocket. Other than that, recovery is progressing smoothly and I'm grateful for that.

Here's a pic from today. Still boxy and odd looking with slight yellow bruising on the right and redness from the allergic reaction to the tape on the left.

25 days post op

Recovery is coming along great and I am so thankful and grateful for no major set backs. As I heal, the happier I am with the results. My surgeon did such a great job!

This week I've noticed that my left implant has started to drop and has finally started to fill in the pocket that was causing sagginess on the lower part of my left breast. So the massages are working!

I have regained nipple sensitivity in both breasts. For the first two weeks, I had no sensitivity in the left nipple, but it has slowly started to return over the past week or so.

Arm movements are not painful any more and the pain of my abdomen incision is just a dull burn at the outer edges. I've started wearing spanx for support of the abdomen instead of the binder because even at the tightest setting the binder was too big around my waist, which can only mean that the swelling in my abdomen has also started to go down.

The only other symptom I have noticed at this time is lots of dry skin on my breasts.

Here's an updated pic.


So I was at my local department store and passed by their lingerie department today. I saw a few bras on display that looked super comfy and supportive. I've been wearing the standard open front surgeon issued sports bra despite being cleared to wear any bra I like so I thought to myself what the heck, let me get measured. To my shock the lady (super helpful by the way) put me in a full coverage 32G sized bra!! It fit perfectly and I was in disbelief and in complete utter denial. The lady just chuckled and then brought me a Demi bra in a size 32DDD. This one fit great too. She said this was the right size for the Demi style. Still in denial, I took the Demi. I couldn't quite wrap my brain around the 32G number! I always thought I'd end up a full D, maybe a DD, but never a DDD! I still can't believe it. Not that I mind, hehe, I'm in love with my new boobies!
The bra is a Wocoal Demi and has great support and comfort. Just thought I'd share for those of you looking for a great post surgery bra.

Happy 1 Month Anniversary!

This past Saturday was my one month anniversary! I can't express how happy I am with this decision. Best investment I've ever made for myself! Here are a few pics of my before/afters up to this point! I am a very happy girl right now!

2 Months Post Pics

Tomorrow is my two month anniversary although I hit 8 weeks this past Thursday. I am beyond thrilled with my results. I highly highly recommend Dr. Rios! He exceeded my expectations more than I could ever imagine.

I'm back to working out. My PS said that at this point there isn't anything that I can do to hurt them. So I've been easing back into my crossfit workouts. I'm so happy to be getting back into my normal routine. I do feel slight shooting pain every once in a while. Just a reminder that I did have surgery only 8 weeks ago I guess. But for the most part, they have become a part of me and I don't notice that they (the implants) are even there.

12 Weeks Post: Pic and Update

Here's my 12 week pic update. Everything has healed well and I am still very happy with my results. I am back to normal and have resumed all normal activity, including weight lifting and crossfit with no pain or discomfort at all.
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