July 1, 2014 - MOHs Surgery on Nose - 45 Year Old Female - Phoenix, AZ

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I have had malignant melanoma in the past, so skin...

I have had malignant melanoma in the past, so skin cancers are a part of my life. But, this time, it was more concerning because it was on my face! At first, I was relieved to hear that it "was only bcc" and not melanoma, so I immediately discounted it to not a big deal. Then, after reasearching MOHs, I became totally freaked out and overwhelmed.

Many people said, "Quit looking at the internet" and such, but for me, I had to be educated before I went in. Although it may have made me more nervous, I felt educated and was ready for the worst case scenario. I think if I hadn't been ready, I would have been totally freaked out in the end. Thankfully, I only had one layer removed and was relieved. However, the repair with the skin flap resulted in more cutting and stitches, but again, I was ready for this after my research.

Overall, I was relieved and pleased with the results on the day of the surgery. Now, just need to go through the healing process and be patient while things heal.

Day 2

I woke up with my left eye fairly swollen and hard to open fully for a few hours, and my left cheek was swollen and slightly bruised. It was not necessarily painful, just swollen. I was able to get a shower and change my bandage, no problem. I am still very pleased with the results and anxious to get the stitches out next week. They said that once the stitches come out, the healing with progress quickly for the first two weeks or so and there should be significant improvement.

Day 7 - Stitches Removed

Today was the one week mark and they removed my stitches. I am still pleased with the results and looking forward to the healing. I will have red, bumpy, and swelling for quite a while, but I am hoping that I can cover it okay with some makeup. I am feeling much better today.

I hope that these posts are helpful to others whom are dealing with the idea of MOHs and trying to get more educated on the various possibilities and outcomes. I did a lot of research prior to my surgery and for me, it was helpful...and, yes, very concerning.

3 Weeks - Post Surgery

Makeup helps and most people don't readily notice it, but it is still very bumpy, rough, and red. And, my nose is still swollen, which they said will take several months to go down. But, I am getting more used to it and able to go out in public for work and not be too worried. This is definitely a long healing process.

1 Month Post Surgery (Vaseline is my friend)

Many have asked questions about how it looks now, and specifically, how long the redness/swelling sticks around. My last few pics have been with makeup on, so I thought I would post one with no makeup. I hope I haven't frightened too many of you with my no makeup self :)
Yes, my nose is a slick mess! When I am home, I try to keep it covered with Vaseline....a lot! They say it is critical to the healing and getting the skin to go down, so I am trying to keep up with that.
It is still red and a little swollen, but amazing for just shy of five weeks.
To everyone out there reading this whom have surgeries in the future, I wish you all the best and remember that it may be better than you think. This my only goal and the reason why I even joined this site. I hope it has helped calm at least one person's fears.
Dr. Ochoa

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