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I originally went into a local place ran by Mr....

I originally went into a local place ran by Mr. Wade Banker and his wife Angie called Luxe Laser in Maumee, Ohio for literally 3 small acne scars. I asked the doctor if he could spot treat the small blemishes. He proceeded to tell me it 'would be better if we could go over your whole face because it would be a nice even treatment'. I hesitated because I knew had a very lovely face and beautiful skin- and only have few minor blemishes but asked him what that would even mean or be like if I did something like that (had never heard of it before)? He said I would simply have a little pinkness/sunburn type effect for up to 2 weeks and would be wearing makeup in 3-4 days. Mind you this place looks very upscale to me so I assumed the high price was just the going rate for a simple treatment. He mentioned nothing that this is 1.) considered face surgery in Ohio. 2.) this is a VERY invasive procedure. 3.) it could take MONTHS to recover because it is such a large procedure with great downtime. 4.) Never referred to it as a procedure or a surgery AT ALL. My husband was with me for this what I thought was a very light treatment plan and heard the entire conversation which lasted all of 5 minutes. I trusted the Dr. and thought well my skin is amazing so this is probably a very simple again treatment. I was provided zero articles of information on this or any info except what was above- it was all VERY 'nonchalant'.

A sad regret is that I had cancelled because I didnt want to have a 'sunburn' as he would put it for 10-14 days but then the lady convinced me on the phone to go for the whole treatment because her 'cousin had it done at my same age and loved it'. So, going through a lot of stress in my life, I thought it sounded kind of pampering and something nice/fun to treat myself to and decided to go with the 'treatment' after all.

During the actual lasering, I was disturbed by the pain- it was worse than childbirth times 2. I wanted to scream STOP but he said 'Oh most people think this is not a lot of pain at all but you seem to be the the type to feel it more'. So I thought I was just being a baby and tear-eyed through it. When they were done I stood up and looked in the mirror and could not believe what I just felt and what I saw- I looked like freddy kreuger. I started having a panic attack because I knew in my gut that I had just went through something other than what I was expecting from any doctor with integrity. I freaked out for days and days as I watched my face start going through crazy changes- extreme tightness and my looks seemed to become cartoony and whole entire face is different right before my eyes I look like a freak to me and I half-recogize myself literally. It is like a HORRIBLE bad dream. I also have these grooves all over my face which he mentioned nothing above being a possibility....and they are like corduroy lines all over my face and I see no improvement in them as I look every day they are heavy. My husband and kids are completely freaked out and my whole house is just in shock and sadness.

I have reached out to this laser-mill clinic and told them my hurt....but they seem very inconsiderate and have zero feeling for me. I asked the female owner 'have you had this done to your face?!' and she said no. I said 'why did you do something so strong to me- it's not like I am a old lady' and she just kept acting like it was no big deal and like I was being a baby.

Her husband, Mr. Banker also spoke with me on the phone but will NOT see me in person and now avoids me if I call he is always too busy to talk to me. He had told me though after I asked how strong of a setting he used 'Well we went PRETTY DEEP'. I said 'WHY would you do that!?' and he said ' The deeper we go the better the results'.

So the damage is done. I have nightmares every night that my husband is not going to be with me anymore over this...I wake up terrified and what I think is post traumatic stress disorder mixed with major depression and anxiety now. I checked myself into a suicide center in town because my frantic shock soon took me over with every glance I saw in the mirror- knowing there was nothing I could do to reverse what had happened.

On top of all this, my forehead gets nerve pain and my eyes feel like they have suction cups over them from all the tension and pulling all over my face. My smile is nothing the same whatsoever, can you imagine!? I do not know where to turn except to God. I m mortified, ashamed, scarred in my heart is literally broken and I am terrified to leave the house even. I keep wondering what I did to deserve this and how I could trust this man so this could all go so wrong with nothing to make it right.

I just can't believe someone who is a doctor would describe such a major procedure/surgery to a lovely 29 year old who originally visited for only 3 spots. And how could he describe it as just a short term pinkness and even tell me i'll be back in makeup in a few days!! It's just insanely under-telling of what this REALLY is and really does to people. I feel so taken advantage of, hurt and he can never undo the pain he has caused me.

Even worse, 8 year old daughter and family is VERY sad :( she knows she will not see her mommy's face the way God made it ever is like a major loss to her and it makes me feel a million times worse.

Please- do not do this....I begged the Luxe Laser owners to never do this again to someone so young, that this is something elderly skin would more so benefit from but to suggest this to young women with lovely skin is plain wrong and unethical...I begged for them to never do this again and hi wife Angie simply said, 'Have a Happy Thanksgiving Amanda' and hung up with me.

God Help me. :(

More post photos

Another post pic.

My poor face.

Texture pain and quality of life

I've been taking pain meds because my forehead burns and aches. My we eyes still feel weird like skin around them has been stretched in a way that they are no longer comfortable. The texture along with acne is everywhere. I live in a sadness that cannot be put into words. My face is not only destroyed but uncomfortable. All over 1500 dollars for this practice.

Face less full and painful

Fat loss and bags


My face had more padding. I lost about 15 more lbs. after this point but my face now is SO much thinner. It is very uncomfortable. I fear never getting over this.

Depression I cannot escape

Everyday I have been in pain and depression since this laser treatment. My face is very uncomfortable and hurts awfully. My face is tight and less cushioned which is also painful. I look in the mirror horrified by what my life has become since this has happened. I keep thinking this is a bad dream I will wake up from. I know I wasn't a perfect person, but I asked God to forgive me and still pray I did not deserve this awful thing. :( i miss my life. I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS!!!!!!

The Lord Knows All Of Our Pain and Suffering. He sees every tear.

I want to thank the Lord Jesus for preserving me through this trial. Yes, I hurt tremendously...yes, I please with the Lord to take this from me. But, through it all- I know more than ever that my heavenly father LOVES me and he LOVES YOU ALL TOO! No matter what afflictions are upon us; we know we have the Lord to SUSTAIN US!!! Praise Him. The bible says; if we suffer with Him- we also REIGN with him! Amen. So dear brothers and sisters, if today you share in my pain and sorrow your heavenly father knows your pain- he knows every hair on your head and he is a God of justice and great mercy. If you do no know Him- tell him you want Him in your heart and he will change you. Life has troubles- horrible troubles sometimes YES- but it doesn't mean the Lord loves you any less. Turn to him with all your heart and let him carry you through this deep heartache. Brothers and sisters hurting- or even just browsing my profile- if you would like to message me about anything at all- I am HERE for you. If you need prayers- I am HERE for you!

Here but not

Still lines all over ny face. Fat loss. My face feels squeezed to death and stiff and it hurts to smile even. My eyes feel restricted and my right cheekbone has constant pressure feeling on it. I hate lufe and ling to be in heaven so bad. This has completeky changed me and i am not at all who i used to be. My 9 year old cries everyday snuggles me in bed and cries and stares at me. This is the worst thing that could ever ever happen to someone. Why. :(

Fat loss

My face hurts.

Great Idea

Hey everyone; I have decided I am going somewhere over the next week or so to have surgical dermabrasion done (not to be confused with microdermabrasion). This was the procedure used BEFORE lasers were being fired up....and is done by actual plastic surgeons. This will get rid of the lines and free up my nerve endings from all the 'kinks' in my nerve signals in my face. Wish me love and blessings!!!! Will update as this process unfolds.

JJ Wendell in Tennessee

I have done some research and so I am most likely going in for resurfacing again but with a micro laser peel at deep settings. I will let you know if this works since i have lines everywhere except around my eyes for 8 months now. Not only is it strange in appearance, but my face is soooo uncomfortable since I suspect the nerve signals are kinked up like a hose in my face. Hope a sanding down on the raised tracks via micro laser peel will again free up my face. Hoping to actually love my skin again too! Get the result I originally wanted this time around- hopefully! I am praying to Jesus for a miracle answer through this procedure... I am going to JJ Wendell for a consult Wednesday this week since they say they have seen this problem before and helped it.
Also taking good vitamins now, vitamin C and D and collagen too and Zinc (zycam chewables). Going to eat good, sleep good and this time using a neosporin anti bacterial, anti-itch, anti-scar jelly that is infused with Zinc also instead of basic aquaphor. I had to buy like 25 tubes of it but this stuff healed some of my other wounds perfectly within days. I figure I need to free up the nerve signals in my face because my face feels paralyzed/squeezed since the lines everyone have kinked up my nerve signals. I figure get the lines out- even if it means more laser is WORTH it because my face is in a prison right now. What have I got to lose? Plus I have been praying for a miracle for 8 months and I know my God answers His Children with what is best for them. I am trying and not giving up-ever. I will post the outcome but as it stands- the consult is this week.

Also microlaser peels get the BEST laser reviews (9.4 out of 10 here on Realself) and can be repeated until results are desired and settings can be deeper. There isnt a line or grid shape pattern beamed onto your face from the videos i've seen and supposedly you heal WAY faster depending on how deep you go. I want a deep treatment since I am traveling far and want a once and done treatment therefore. So I have decided if this doesnt work then I will go with dermabrasion. But I have a feeling this is going to work. Prayers please. <3

No breaks for me. Wow

I wish I could leave negative stars. I chose Dr. Wendel to help me after laser left marks on my facial skin. I traveled all the way from Ohio after they made an appointment for me; took gas money and paid for a week's hotel stay and drove all the way from Northern Ohio to Nashville and then found out they cancelled my appointment because they are 'too scared to treat me'. They said they left me a voicemail but my voicemail isn't even set up to get messages. They decided to screw me over AND THEY NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT MY SKIN IN PERSON! So rude I cried. What a waste and they were very mean to me when I went into their office anyway- I didn't even get an apology or one glance of compassion! I have never been treated so unfairly in my life. The manager was especially heartless and totally rude. I sat there in tears and she cared ZERO. And to think I chose him because he has received 'compassionate doctor' awards. Don't waste your time! Go to the doctors that really want to help people. You've been warned!
Dr. Wade Banker

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