No Fatigue After Lipo - HOW? - Bangkok, TH

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Hi, I'm Asian, 151 cm tall (4"11), weigh 44 kg (97...

Hi, I'm Asian, 151 cm tall (4"11), weigh 44 kg (97 lbs) and have a lean, muscular, and curvy body all at once. I'm really healthy. I exercise regularly. I love martial arts. And I keep healthy with my vegetarian diet. The only problem are my arms, and it's genetic. I'm pleased with how small I am everywhere else on my body, but my upper arms are disproportionately pudgy. So I decided to undergo smart lipo, or vaser lipo, on just my upper arms.
I had it done yesterday at Masterpiece Clinic in Bangkok, where I live. I went in at 3pm to get ready, but the surgery started at 4pm. It took an hour. I was able to go home around 5:30pm. I actually didn't feel the need to get the figures on how much was taken out. I just wanted to get through it. But looking at the deposit jar (?) it seemed like so little in comparison to pictures I've seen online. But I guess I only did my arms and I'm not a fat person. Specifically, my triceps, shoulders, and armpit surroundings were targetted. Three tiny incisions were made on each arm, at the elbow, front armpit area, and back armpit area. I was awake the whole time. It was painless. I do feel like a good amount for myself was taken out, based on where the wand was going in and out of and that the contents of the jar was mostly orange (fat). I think the doctor did a good job.
But here's what I am really surprised about: the fatigue. What I mean is what fatigue? From all the research I have done, I really thought I'd be totally out of it today. But all I feel is soreness to the degree of post-workout soreness, which I experience on a regular basis with working out. So I am going out later today to get errands done. I think this is due to my regular activeness, strength and pain tolerance before surgery, and the fact that I only did my arms, which were not dramatically fatty just disproportionately to the rest of my body. Anyways, I'm feeling lucky and relieved. Hope this is useful literature to someone out there like me who isn't fat at all but has a small area of the body that does not metabolize like the rest and is holding her back from feeling 100% confident.
(I'll upload some pics later. Maybe get them from the clinic.)

Upper Arms Smart Lipo - 1 Week Passed

I forgot to mention last time that I am 24 years old. I also have found out that I had just below 500 cc of fat removed - just to put things into perspective. So now it's been 8 days since the surgery. My arms have been so bruised over the past week, but now the purple has subsided to a yellow stain on pretty much my entire upper arms. It's slightly unsightly, but not as obvious with tan arms. You could definitely miss it under the shadow of regular t-shirt sleeves. Besides the awkward hue, my arm is swollen. How much? It's evenly swollen and not that much different from pre-op, so it's not sometime worthy of embarrassment. The soreness peaked around days 5-7 for me, and now I just feel a slight tightness at the triceps like days 1-4. Just to clarify from the last post, I took leave only the day after for precaution, but realistically I didn't need it.

3 weeks post-op

Very pleased with the results so fast. My shoulders have gotten noticeably leaner. I can feel confident in no sleeve. I'm back to exercising. No serious martial arts yet, but I can do cardio and light weight training. =]
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Masterpiece Clinic, Siam Square

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