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I actually had a tummy tuck 5 years ago in CT....

I actually had a tummy tuck 5 years ago in CT. Five years later, I am scheduled to have another one but with a different doctor. My story is a bit of a nightmare. Like many others here , I had the typical gross, flabby, loose skin stomachs from childbirth. The loose skin started from the top of my ribs all the way down. Clothes would get stuck in my creases. I have always been so self conscious of it and its hindered me in so many ways for instance, I am a dance teacher and do a lot of jumping around. There's no worse feeling then having your stomach move in the opposite direction. I was constantly having to cover myself up when my shirt started to rise. One of the most uncomfortable things I dealt with is when my clothes would get stuck in the creases or my pants would roll down. I hated this feeling and all these experiences, and still do. How can that be after having a tummy tuck you ask? My doctor gave me a mini instead of a full tummy tuck. You dont need to be a doctor to see that what I needed was a full tuck and absolutely needed my belly button moved. I couldn't have made myself more clear in my consults and emails. He assured me, all my loose skin would be gone and my tummy would be tight. He showed me pictures and we had ample conversations about what I was expecting, including the conversation about moving my belly button. He said he would make the decision about moving it at the time of surgery because I may not need it. I'm not a doctor, I didn't know exactly what that meant. Like all of you, I had faith in him. The procedure I paid for called the revolutionary, minimally invasive tummy tuck. What makes this revolutionary was the fact the procedure is done under local anesthesia and includes tumescent liposuction. In other words, its just like the traditional tummy tuck where the belly button is moved and muscles tightened, except the technique is safer and more effective. Included in my quote was lipo to my hips, back and stomach. All of this..a whopping $14,000. One would think they will be getting the correct procedure for this kind of money, right? Nope, not so much. Things looked great the first day except I complained that the top of my belly seemed a little loose still. He told me he didn't need to move my belly button. Didn't need to move my belly button? Did you see what I looked like?? You dont need to be a doctor to know I needed a full tummy tuck and absolutely needed my belly button to be moved. He brushed me off and told me it would tighten up. As time went on, the looser it looked. Months and months of complaining got me no where except he did offer to return $2000. He refused to fix the problem and there was not much I could do. He made so many excuses. I can not tell you how disappointed and resentful I am. I can not believe how a doctor could take such advantage of their patient. So many people save their money and wait years for an opportunity like this that only comes once in a lifetime. How can a doctor take no accountability but take your money? Not to mention what this experience and disappointment does to a person psychologically. The one positive out of it was he did a good job on the liposuction and I do look much better, with the exception of my stomach...the major procedure I saved up for.

So, five years later, I finally saved up some money and got the guts to do this again. I did my research and decided to go with Dr. Lowney out of Massachusetts. I cant tell you how scared but excited I am! I had my first consult and he confirmed I had a "mini" tuck and that I really needed a full tuck. I forgot to mention, he didn't even tighten my muscles because I "didn't need it". Dr. Lowney will be doing a similar procedure, in that, I will have local anesthesia and it will include tumescent liposuction. He will be addressing my stomach, hips, back and this time I'm adding my arms. Lastly, he is including muscle tightening. Imagine that!

What you see in my pics is my before and after my first tummy tuck. (pics to come)

5 months after tummy tuck

Seriously...they cant find my records?

I'm very excited about my upcoming tummy tuck but given my previous experience, one can understand why I am a little nervous. Well, now I feel some of my anxiety is justified. My new doctor, Dr. Lowney, asked that I have my records transferred to him to review my procedures and the outcome of surgery by my previous doctor, Dr. Marcovici. In contacting Dr. Marcovici's office to retrieve the records, I learned he moved and is practicing from another state and as a result, he sold my records to the new physician who purchased his practice. This is perfectly legal. The problem is this........ the new office cant find my records! Its been over a month and the new practice swears they have been looking diligently and can not find them. I asked they contact Dr. Marcovici to be sure he doesn't still have them. I even called. Apparently, Dr. Marcovici does not have them. So now what? I called my attorney who stated there is no negligence here, that sometimes records go missing. The office is still trying to address the issue, supposedly. I called Dr. Lowney's office and notified them of the issue. They, too, will give the office a call to see if they can have this problem expedited. The reason this is a big deal is, according to Dr. Lowney and other reports, having a second tummy tuck comes with risks due to the scars. I want to make sure Dr. Lowney is fully aware of the specific procedures that were addressed on my body and how to plan ahead. Not asking too much right? So annoying. Even after 5 yrs, this guy is still making my life hell. Ill keep you all posted if I learn anything more.

Scheduled my Consult for Tummy Tuck #2

I wrote back in 2014. I was expecting to have a my tummy tuck redone but things came up, plus I gained weight and also wasn't prepared finacially. Needless to say, I'm ready now. I have my consult this Tuesday with Dr. Lowney and I'm very excited. 

Back in 2009, I had a lipoabdominoplasty. Lipo of back, waist, tummy followed by a tummy tuck. I myself happen to be a practioner and made sure to have thorough communication with my last Doctor regarding my expectations and what I was paying for. That didn't matter. He messed me up and didn't give me anything close to what I was expecting. The lipo of my back was the only thing that came out good. Instead of giving me a full tummy tuck, he gave me a mini. When you look at my before pics, you or any human with eyes can see I needed a full tummy tuck. It took me such a long time to save money, all for nothing. We are 7 yrs later and I finally saved my money to get what I originally wanted, and that's a full tummy tuck, lipo of my waist, hips, back and adding my arms this time. 

Yes I am nervous but I have been waiting for this for 20 years. Like

Various weights

More recent photos of me at various weights.

Consult today.

I had my consult today! My consult went up 3500.00 from 2 years ago so that definitely stinks. He's been training with "dr Miami". He will be doing a full tummy tuck and lipo 360. Unfortunately lipo of arms has to wait another month after my tummy tuck because it's too much lipo in one day. Surgery is scheduled November 17!

He seemed surprised by my results from the last tummy tuck. I think he understands my expectations. I can't be worried or scared. I did my research and advocated for myself. Time to move forward.

Arm Lipo Connecticut?

Question: my doc is not going to be doing liposuction on my arms as part of my lipo 360 tummy tuck procedure, to minimize too much surgery at once. Rather then going all the back to Massachusetts after I get my surgery in November, I'm just going to find someone local. He says I would need to wait a month after my first surgery. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good plastic surgeon in Connecticut? Anyone who offers good prices?
Fall River OB/GYN

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