Rhinoplasty - Massachusetts, MA

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This is only the beginning... It's baby...

This is only the beginning...
It's baby steps,
and discovery.

I've been thinking about Rhinoplasty for years. There is not one day that goes by where I have looked in the mirror and not disliked my nose. I'm not really sure when it all started. Maybe since middle school and high school when my nose began to "change." As I was growing up, I got a lot of comments on my nose... they definitely weren't positive ones:

"I thought you were a witch when I first met you because of your nose."
"Are you in the culinary field, because you have the NOSE for it!" (hilarious, right?)
Or just flat out: "You have a really big nose... it really doesn't suit you."

They've continued up until today, and the majority of it is from people who are really close to me, so I really take them to heart. I've always known being teased about my nose is a poor reason to consider cosmetic surgery. That's probably why I've tried to shun the thoughts of rhinoplasty surgery from my mind for so long. But all these comments aside, today I'm realizing this is something I genuinely want for myself. I'm not trying to change my life. I've realized this is something real, that I can make the decision to do. No more digital Photoshop nose jobs, or shying from cameras, no more hiding behind my hair, or getting anxious about driving! No more tipping my head way back to drink out of a glass in a restaurant because of my monstrosity of a nose. No more feeling like my life is a paradox because while I try to create beautiful things... (I am an artist/art major)... I look in the mirror and feel ugly, because of my nose.

I can say I am ready for this. I am saving my money and beginning to research...
My goal is to save up enough for this by next May. Whether I'll actually be able to go through with it next summer, well, only time will tell...

Please join me on this journey and share your knowledge, expertise, research, and thoughts. I'm based in New England (Western MA&Burlington VT), so that's where I'm starting my search for MDs. However, I'll also be looking along the east coast... NY... VA...

I'll try to update here with whatever I find out!

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