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I was offered Expressions Brand face filler at a...

I was offered Expressions Brand face filler at a reduced rate on this day only after the date it would be double the price. I went to get my top lip filled in very conservatively, my goal was to inflate it slightly to fill in some fine lines above my top lip. While I was there she said oh try this under your eyes you will love it, it will fill in any sunken areas, I was a little nervous but was talked into it. I specifically told the nurse that I had to work and did not want my children to know about the injections she assured me that there would be slight swelling nothing more. She told me to go home and ice. I did just that, When I woke up the next morning I looked in the mirror and almost had a heart attack, My face was so swollen I was not recognizable. I called the injector she assured me it will go down I must just swell more than others. The next morning I woke up my face was so swollen my eyes were shut from the swelling. I called panicked again to the injector and told her that I needed to go to the emergency room. She asked me to go with her to her surgeon office instead he could handle the situation better for me. I agreed when we arrived they couldn't believe what I looked like. He said you must just swell more than others and put me on a Steroid. Before I left they took several Pictures they said to show the sales rep for the product. The following evening I received a phone call from the Dr. he asked if the swelling is getting better? I told him that I still look like a freak but it has gone down some. He explained that the steroid would bring it back to normal. It has now been the 6th day since my injection and most of the swelling has gone down, But now I am left with a lump under my right eye that looks like a worm is sitting beneath the skin. It is hard and feels like it must be the filler that was injected. I texted the injector to tell her what was going on. She told me I could schedule an appointment to have another product injected into my face to dissolve the product that they originally injected. I was mortified, couldn't believe her response she said well it is an option. Still waiting to hear if I have to pay for that as well. I am nervous to do any thing to my face now. I am 53 yrs. old and was pretty happy with how I looked especially for my age. I would not wish for this to happen to anyone else I missed all week of work plus paid for a horrible experience and stuck with a face I don't like.


I texted the injector because she never called me as she said she would once she talked with the Dr. regarding if I would be charged for the dissolving of the injected product. She told me via text that the Dr feels everything will go back to normal, and if I have any further concerns to contact his office directly
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