Size AA Wanting Small Implants Ended Up with 175cc - Massachusetts

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Day 1. I was nervous the dr would go bigger than...

Day 1. I was nervous the dr would go bigger than I wanted. I really wanted a small change. I am a small person 5 ft / 98 lbs and have always been flat chested. I am very fit and active (run marathons) and I don't mind being small breasted BUT I was REALLY small and won't go anywhere without a padded bra which is HOT and uncomfortable in the summer. My surgery was yesterday. I ended up with 175cc. My range going in was 150cc-200cc. Me wanting 150cc and dr thinking 200/225cc would look best. He called my husband post operation and said that I didn't have much skin due to being so fit and thin and ended up with 175cc. I know it's swollen and all now but I'm pretty happy right out the gate. Small implants are bigger than I have and I think will fit my lifestyle. By the way, I'm almost 40 years old (in October), have 2 boys (8 & 5) they were both partially breast fed and I'm a business professional. My husband didn't want me to change myself but I hope in the end he ends up liking the result. I think I will!! Definitley sore, but not too bad. Just staking tylenol but did take the prescription when I had trouble sleeping last night. Procedure was 10:30am on Wed and I plan to go back to work (desk job) on Monday. Hopefully I'll be ready. Follow up with dr is not until 2 weeks post op.

Day 4 post-op

I honestly think they look too big right now. Would have liked smaller 130-150 cc but Dr. said you need to have the right width too or it looks bad. Knowing he is a surgeon at a good hospital, I'm trusting his judgement. I'm sure they will be LESS BIG as the swelling reduces and they drop into their final position. Pain is completely manageable at this point. I took a shower yesterday. I have not taken tylenol for 24 hrs now. Sleeping on my back stinks. Anyone know when I can sleep on my side? Sleeping was not in my instructions, it only says to wear the surgical bra all the time until my 2 week follow up.

7 weeks post op

Finally feeling normal again. Started running and biking and not wearing that horrible surgical bar all the time. Sleeping on my side again too. LOVE that! I like my new boobs. They have softened allot but I hope they soften up even more over the next couple months! I hope I just keeping liking them more and more.

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