15 Year Old Saline Implants Under the Muscle About to Come Out! - Massachusetts, MA

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Hi, I have been following many posts on this site...

Hi, I have been following many posts on this site and felt I should share my story and photos for others considering removing their breast implants. I feel the main reason i viewed this site was to see what the before and after pics were like and was happy to read others stories and that I'm not the only one doing this! I got my implants when I was 23 years old, placed under the muscle, then I was a 34A. My implants looked great when I was younger, they were perky but after children and over the years gaining about 20 lbs they are sagging and not pretty at all to me. So I figure if they're not gonna look good without a bra anyway might as well get them out! I really cant wait, I feel embarrassed that I ever did this to my body but when I was younger I wanted them so bad, lol! Anyhow the plan is to remove my implants under local anesthetic leaving in the capsules. I don't want to replace and it is unlikely I will ever get a lift. I am returning to the surgeon who place them, he gave me prescription valium and percocet to take before the procedure if I want. I will let you know how it goes! I am very nervous about the results, but cant keep these things in forever.

They're out!

So far so good, I got the implants out yesterday afternoon. I'm sore this morning mostly where the incisions were . I think they're still swollen and will be even smaller than they are now but I'm glad I did this ! Here's my first after photo, they look a lot bigger in the picture than they really are but that's OK! I'll try to continue to posting updates as the healing process continues.
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