Liposculpture Armpits to Knees with Fat Injections to the Breast - Massachusetts

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I had my Laser liposculpture done on March 4th...

I had my Laser liposculpture done on March 4th 2011 and March 7th 2011. Because of how many areas and how long it was going to take, it had to be done in 2 sessions. Yes I actually went back 2 days later and did more!
They say that you are awake but I don't remember anything on the 1st session(they give you a wonderful medical cocktail of pills which pretty much makes you La La) I do remember them rolling me over and they said I was talking to them from time to time.

They did all of me front and back from my armpits to my lower abdomen on the 4th and then on the 7th they did inner and outer thighs and injected that fat into my breasts. Yup I also got a breast enhancement with my own fat!

The 2nd session I was a little more coherent. I remember pretty much everything about the fat injections. I never felt any pain and I didn't see anything. They had pads over my eyes, but I remember talking with the doctor while it was going on and we were joking and laughing.

After the 1st session my husband basically rolled me into the car and when we got home poured me into bed in our spare bedroom (which I had prepared with everything I needed well ahead of time) Plastic mattress cover, older sheets & towels, disposable pads for underneath you, a bed wedge, etc. I stayed in bed for a few hours dosing in and out in the medicinal haze and when that wore off I was wired. I wasn't in any pain at all, so I kind of took an inventory of my whole wet self. I seemed to be leaking from everywhere, but I had no idea at all what to do about it so I took some of the Vicoden and knocked myself back out.

I had to go back in and see my PS assistant the next day at 11:00 and she undressed me, cleaned me up and showed me how to take care of all my drainage tubes, which by the way were freeflowing. I had disposable pads wrapped completely around me underneath my compression garmet. But I could still leave a wet spot anywhere at any old time!

I aquired 4 more drainage tubes for my thighs on the 7th and that is actually when I also started feeling some pain.
The pain started to come on that night and while it wasn't debilitating, it wasn't just discomfort. I was very restless and uncomfortable and everytime I moved it hurt. When I wanted to get out of bed, I had to plan it. There was absolutely no quick movements with out a serious groan out of me.

All I can say is thank God for drugs, because I can't even imagine trying to do this recovery with out them.
I had to go in to see my PS assistant every day for that 1st week to have her give me drainage massages. Not a pleasant experience I assure you. Actually hurt so much it would bring tears to my eyes. But the liquid that she pushed out of me was amazing and it was very reassuring knowing that I had her for an hour everyday for all my questions and concerns.

Their office is very concerned about proper nutrition, exercise, hydration ect. I started Bromelain and Arnica tablets 2 weeks before and I am still taking Bromelain daily as well as eating fresh pineapple and drinking loads of Gatorade and water. We had many conversations regarding how well I was contributing to my own recovery along with their efforts.

Everything was included in the price, which I realize is high compared to what many would pay. (Remember you get what you pay for) I was seen 3 times a week for the first month and then 1x a week for 2 weeks and now I don't have to see her again for 3 weeks. I am in my 3rd compression garment and I think she has a white one waiting for me when I see her next. I have seen the doctor on a few occasions when his assistant was treating me for a small seroma and wanted his input.

I have read so many freaked out stories regarding seromas online that when she told me I had one I panicked. But she reassurred me that it is quite common and if treated correctly and in a timely fashion not a big deal at all and she was right. Yes it hurt having it worked on (she would numb the area with Lydocaine injections and then remove the fluid with a big honkin needle) that was actually the only area where I got any significant bruising. For the most part the doctor did the surgery and his assistant brought me through the whole recovery. I did my homework on this procedure for a year before I made any decisions and I wanted the best not the cheapest. I did not want someone operating on me and then sending me on my merry way to figure out if everything was normal from other people online.

I am 1-1/2 months post op. and I am down 20 lbs and 4 pant sizes. I went from a 38C to a 34D in Bra size and at this point they tell me I still have swelling which is mostly in my legs. I love the way it is all starting to look and I can't wait to see more changes.

BTW I also quit smoking by doctors orders 1 month before the procedure, he told me he would not do the procedure if he even suspected that I was smoking and made me sign a paper stating I would sumbit to a blood test if need be. I had been smoking for 30 years and I have absolutely no desire to ever go back to it now!

I cannot say enough good things about my doctor and his assistants and and their overall practice and procedures! If I ever (and I probably will) want anything else done I will go to them without hesitation! I have taken weekly photos and will post them later on tonight. 

If you have any questions or comments please feel free.
Happy Recovery All!

Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. I and his staff take every bit of time needed to answer questions and I never had a moment of him selling himself. He and his staff are discreet, professional and friendly almost to the point where I feel like I know them. When I checked off excellent on every one of the ratings I wished there were a superb rating! They are honest about what they can and cannot do and have "really" been there for me through out my recovery. One of my best friends has just scheduled her procedure for May and I can honestly say I know she is going to look fabulous!

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