Latisse Changed my Eyes- Permanent Fat Loss - Massachusetts

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I'm 34 years old and started using Latisse about a...

I'm 34 years old and started using Latisse about a year ago to have thicker lashes and brows. The results were great for lashes and brows after a few weeks only. I noticed a few weeks into it that my brow bone became more prominent and I felt it more. I didn't really see that as an issue though as I loved the results. I used it for 6 months when I noticed my eyes had an odd tired look in photos. I get Botox and filler for my eyes (pre and post Latisse) so it wasn't a look I should have. I compared before and after pics and saw my eyes look different. I had very hooded eyes with thick skin before Latisse. Now my eyes are crepey with thin skin. There's an extra fold of skin now too which is permanent. I stopped using Latisse 6 months ago and I don't see a difference in improvement. This product should be banned. I can't recommend anyone use it and changes are so gradual that you don't know it's happened before it's too late. This issue also can't be fixed by filler in my opinion as you can't inject in your upper eye I would assume. My before and afters are one year difference. Before is right before Latisse and after is now (6 months not using Latisse after I used it for only 6 months total). I see many Latisse before and afters online with this subtle changes and I think people don't even notice. Allergen needs to start listing this as a side effect as I would NEVER have tried it.

Latisse before and after

Just adding another pic. One year difference. First pic is prior to Latisse and second is one year later after 6 months of not using it. You can see the skin is much thinner and more than could occur in one year of aging at 34 years old.
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