Getting Coolsculpting on 5/31 for Lower Abdomen - Massachusetts

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I workout and am in a healthy weight range. I am...

I workout and am in a healthy weight range. I am petite-5'0"-and I have always had a "pooch" even though I've never had kids and eat healthily.

Ok! I got it done! :) long story: I had my...

Ok! I got it done! :)

long story:
I had my lower abdomen done in Brookline, MA. The nurse was extremely nice and accommodating. I felt comfortable with her, because she, too, had gotten this done. She first placed a jelly-like pad on my belly. Then placed the "paddle" which looks more like a vacuum attachment on my belly and turned it on quick! Before i knew it, my stomach was in there and I was in shock! It didn't "take my breath away" but I know what people mean, because if you had someone sitting on your stomach, i would imagine it would feel hard to take a deep breath-that's kinda the same feeling-lots of pressure. But obviously you can still breathe.
I found it helpful to talk to her and get my mind off it. It seemed only about 5 mins. had gone by and it was almost back to a "normal feeling".
Never felt any cold.
My main issue during that hour was the rubbing of the corner of the machine on my right pelvic bone. I am very small framed, and bony in that area, (yet still manage to have a pooch-yuck), so she said since I was "narrow", there's no fat covering that area so the rubbing was really bad! I have a little bruise/mark there already. (This is probably the only time in my life I wish i had some extra fat for cushioning purposes :)
So then it was time (YAY!) to take it off-Less pain than i thought. everything's fine..but...Then-IT HAPPENED-some menstrual cramp type burning feeling in my stomach. Lasted about 3-5 mins. She did the "massage" which is more like, petting a dog's back. haha-no actual massaging going on, but Wow did that hurt! I told her to stop because I couldnt handle it, which I'm really mad about-cuz I hope it doesnt affect my outcome, but I was informed it should be fine. If I knew it was going to be such a short time frame of pain, i would have been able to handle it better.
Now that it's over, I haven't had any pain, yet I did later on around 11 PM (got the procedure around 4 PM) feel some little cramps on the right side. Nothing crazy though.
I will update soon!

short story:
The pain is bad (more shocking than actual PAIN) for about the first 2 minutes. the rest isn't too bad, just make sure you're in the right position & comfy for the next hour. The "massage" is VERY painful, feels like bee stings and menstrual cramps all in one. Fun. But mine only lasted about 3-5 minutes. The massaging isn't what hurts, its just the fact that its soooo sore, that a feather falling on it would hurt.

More updates to come! Thanks for reading :)

Day 2: No pain really. i leaned it up against the...

Day 2: No pain really. i leaned it up against the counter when doing makeup in the mirror, and it felt sore at that point. was able to workout fine. Did the treadmill, walked, bike, and arm machines today.
I used Arnicare gel on my stomach. tried Spanx, but they made it seem worse cuz of the waistband on my sore tummy. So i am not wearing those at this point.

8th day: Prob. the worst pain so far. Most...

8th day:
Prob. the worst pain so far. Most annoying when I'm laying down and just waking up. I started wearing a "tummy trimmer" belt to hold me in and it seemed to help! Also, ice helps as well when I'm sleeping. Looks like some results already, but it could just b the fact that the swelling went down

Day 9: using the McDavid waist trimmer pulled...

Day 9:
using the McDavid waist trimmer pulled tight on my stomach and it feels great. Really didnt have any pain except when I was sleeping. I tried to sleep with ice on my belly and also with my knees facing the ceiling, that way i wasnt stretching my stomach and hurting it. But feeling much better, thank God!

Day 13: Been feeling pretty good! Just itchy and...

Day 13: Been feeling pretty good! Just itchy and annoying feelings but nothing bad at all. I can't wait to see results! I feel like I can see some results already. I have been dieting and exercising like always. If I do end up seeing results, I know it will b from this procedure, since I've never seen changes in this area in years of strict diets and exercises.

Day 16: Have been feeling excellent. Already...

Day 16: Have been feeling excellent. Already seeing results!
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Everything was great and very professional in that office! Felt right at home!

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