Coolscupting on Love Handles - Massachusetts

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*Treatment results may vary

Obviously no results yet as I had this done...

Obviously no results yet as I had this done yesterday.First the tech put a very cold gel on me to protect my skin, then as I was standing she put the coolscupting machine on one love handle and it was an intense suction that was a little uncomfortable but not too bad. Then she had me sit in a chair with many pillows and after about 10 min I was numb and she had a tv to watch Netflix . After one hour she took the machine off and had to massage the area, that was the most uncomfortable bc you feel so tender , luckly the massage is short. For the first 15 min my treated area was very sore, cold and so tender. Then she did my other side- the gel etc and sat for another hour, during this time my previously treated area felt much better, I thought " what have I done" initially bc of the pain but it was short lived. I drove home fine and now I have a little bruising and it feels like I did a ton of love handle exercises and a little numb at the moment

Day 5 photo

Still numbness, and nerve discomfort. Not unbearable by any means

One month

No nerve pain, slightly numb

5 weeks ish update

I put on the same outfit as my before photo, do you see a difference ? It's seems slightly different but then I wonder if it's just mental

Before and after 5.5 weeks

A few weeks away from 3 month mark

4 month photos before and after from doctor

I am pleased . I can tell they messed with the lighting but the contour is pleasing to me
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