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Hello all,Like most of you here I had my implants...

Hello all,

Like most of you here I had my implants done on a whim because I didn't feel good about myself, that was 15 years ago. I would say for the first couple years I loved them but once I had my 2 amazing children I have regretted my decision. I hate how hard and big they are, I have 400cc under the muscle saline implants. Last measurements was a 34DDD at VS. I was a B pre BA, I was afraid my boobs would look like wrinkled flap jacks but from seeing pictures on this forum I am encouranged. Now being a mom I don't want to deal with implants and possible future surgeries and replacements, ruptures etc. I am so nervous but am planning to contact my previous ps but don't want to deal with being talking into anything or told I need a lift because I am hoping to avoid a lift initially and see how they heal, I am assuming I can get that done later if necessary.. Any thoughts or a nformation would be so great..

Thanks in advance

Contacted my PS

So I have contacted my PS and have a consult date Jan 5, I am super excited. I have noticed since I made this decision and found this forum I have so many symptom that everyone is talking about.. My brain is foggy, achy pain for no reason and am wondering if it due to my implants. For me my breast can move around easily but feel tight to my chest and I just want to feel free again. I am looked through a lot of the stories that are posted and that is what is keeping me going. The receptionist who was super nice by the way said my ps like to use general but now that I have kids I am afraid of going under. Any advice?

consult tomorrow

Sitting her thinking about my consult tomorrow and Hoping it will happen this year. Explant is expensive and in some cases as much as it was to have them put in. I desperately want to be rid and free of my implants but I want to ask all the right questions and make the right decisions for me.. Wish me luck ladies I am hoping to be implant free ASAP

Surgery is scheduled

So I met with my previous surgeon and completely remember why I Chose him in the first place. He was completely supportive of my decision to explant and did not try to talk me into replacement. He did ask me question to make sure I knew this was what I wanted. He said he prefers to do it under general which I was bummed about because he is going to remove the capsule at the same time. He also said he doesn't think I will need a lift do to my age and thinks I will be very happy with my results. My husband was very happy with him as well and said he could have tried to guilt you into a lift etc etc but he didn't. My surgery is scheduled for March 9 at 7:30 am. Super excited, wish it was sooner so I could be done with it. Any advice from any of you wonderful ladies about preparation?? Can't wait to be free of these DDD's...


Looking for advice from those of you who have already explanted! I want to make sure I do everything I can pre explant to be in optimal shape for healing. Also looking for recommendations for post explant to help with fluffing..

Concerned about explant results

So I have been talking to a few friends about my up coming surgery and although I am not having second thoughts about my explant... I am starting to worry my poor little boobies will be flap jacks. I have been going through the pictures on here for reassurances that I will look good but I got implants in the first place because at 23 with no kids I was saggy. Now I have had 2 children plus walking around with these DDD's I am concerned I will have a bad result. Just so mad at myself for doing this to myself in the first place... Uugghh

24 more days!!!!

So excite and 24 days left! I just wish it was tomorrow. I want the be on the road to recovery.. I am having surgery on a Wednesday and going back to work the following Monday.. Is this doable?

2.5 more weeks!!!!

I can't tell you all how excited I am for this surgery, I feel like it is taking forever to get here lol. I am sure as it get closer I will be nervous but not yet. I figured I will talk to my kids about he explant but not until after the surgery is completed. I am hoping I can use this as an example as to why it is so important to love yourself for who you are. Hugh that part stresses me out.

Thank you to all of my real self sisters who have helped and supported me. It is amazing how a bunch of people I have never met can be so encouraging and supportive. I will be forever grateful! Love to all


Thought I would post some recent pictures.. Hubby took the today.. They are way to big uugghh.. I can't wait to get rid of these DDD's

Pre-op tomorrow

Reality is setting in as my preop is tomorrow... Next week is surgery! I am so excited for surgery but so nervous, uugghh! I am a bit of an emotional roller coaster because I have no doubt I want to do this but there are so many variables right now.. I am not good with surprises and I have no patience for waiting. I told my husband from now until after surgery he is just going to have to try to be understanding and patient. Lol

Starting to freak out a little

As my date approaches I am starting to get super nervous! I am obviously worried I will have a horrible result but I am also worried about the pain and afraid of a seroma since I won't have drains. Trying to read up on rs to put me at ease.. It isn't working yet lol

And... They are out!!!

Surgery went very well, I am home relaxing now. Will post more later when I am not so groggy. Here are some pics..

Surgery day

So I woke up this morning bright and early to get to the hospital for 6:30 for surgery at 8. I was brought in a little while later and they went over everything, my nurse did the IV super fast and painless. I then met with my surgeon who gave the a full rundown of what to expect from him and answered all my questions. I then met my anesthesiologist and expressed my concerns and he addressed everyone I had. Then I was wheeled into the or and talked to everyone until they put the gas over my face and I was out. Next thing I know it was over and I was in the pacu waking up, then transferred an hour later to recovery which I wanted to leave ASAP so I was home by 12:30. Since I have been home I am crazy thirsty and drinking water like crazy, I have not been hungry at all.. I was given Vicodin but have not had to use it yet, had just 1 Tylenol extra strength today and that is all. We shall see what tomorrow brings. ????

What a crazy ride.

No change in my boobies but I woke up this morning with almost no neck or back pain.. My joint pain in my hands is also gone, a Little soreness in my chest especially the incisions. Biggest problem for me is my sore throat from the tube and I am ridiculously thirsty still... I love my smaller soft boobies... I am borderline obsessed with looking in the mirror and seeing how much better this size looks on me then those huge implants. Guess we are made perfect right out of the gate, wish I hadn't learn that lesson the hard way ???? Thank you to all of my real self sisters who have encouraged me from day one and continue to... You guys are amazing, strong and beautiful women. Love to all

Super itchy

Hello lovely ladies... I am 2 days post and I am sooo itchy, I can't stand it. Still very sore and I can't wait to be able to wear a normal sports bra... For those who have ex planted before me, when did you start to see changes?

Day 3

Well here I am day 3 and I feel great... I am a little tired but I expect that's from all the trauma to my poor body. Hope the fluff fairy doesn't skip my house but if she does I am ok with that... I wake up and realize my implants are gone and I do a little happy dance that it wasn't just a dream. I have wanted them out for so long and it is so liberating. I can't even describe how it feels to feel my boobs, to hug people, to look proportioned... Best decision ever

5 Days Post op

Let's see... Well I do see a little bit of change I suppose. I can't get over how great I feel, it is hard to relax when I feel this good but I don't want to cause any complications. I have been sleeping on the couch still because i am a little nervous about sleeping in bed with my husband just yet out of fear he could accidentally hit my incisions in the night. ???? (He offered me the bed but I actually love sleeping on the couch) my steri strips fell off on my right side and my incision looks a little rough ???? But hoping over the next month it will heal nicely. Still obsessed with feeling my soft boobs, I honestly can't get over how soft they are.. They still feel jelly like and not firm at all yet but I will get there. Thank you once again to all my real self sisters I couldn't be where I am without all your advice, guidance and love. Happy healthy boobies to all who have gone before me and all that are going for explant coming up.. Love and health to all. Here is a picture of me with clothes on, way more in proportion.


Can't wait to get back to running and some exercise with my husband..

Day 1 to day 5

Day 6

So sore today, may have overdone it a bit grr and have to go back to work tomorrow... I was supposed to see my doctor in 10 days but my work schedule won't allow it. My schedule keeps changing and now I won't be able to see my ps for 2 more weeks... The receptionist said it is fine but was just thinking about my stitches... I don't think they should be in that long... Uugghh thoughts?!?!


So today I took the steri strips off even though I don't see my ps till next Tuesday... I felt like from leaving them on so long they smelled a little funky.. I was supposed to keep them on till I saw my surgeon which was supposed to be this coming Tuesday but due to a work conflict I had to push it out a week. I wanted to let them air out tonight and give them a break from constant coverage... What do you guys think??!!??

Overdid it ladies!!!

So I went back to work as a pediatric nurse last week (1 week post of) and everyday I work I feel more sore... Yesterday I went without my steristrips and somehow while working I popped a stitch or 2.. When I got home to change I saw blood on my compression vest and then saw my incision was open and bleeding a little. I put on 4 steristrips to make sure it was closed lol. Today at work I was super sore so I ended up calling my ps office and they said I was overdoing it and for the first 2-3 weeks I should be taking it easy and no lifting over 10 pound for 4 to 6 weeks to allow the pectoral muscles to heal back to normal since mine were under the muscle and the capsules were removed. It is almost impossible to work and take it easy uugghh. One more day of work and I will have 4 days off... What a set back, I am so frustrated and it is my fault grrr


So I went bra shopping a few times over the last few days while off from work.. I know it is early but just so want to find something to make me feel sexy... Nothing fits at all no matter what size I try.. My boobs are wide so not one bra fit normally.. i have to wear compression till I see my PS Tuesday and then we shall see what he says.. I never expected to have so much breast tissue, feel like I am in the same situation with bras I was before..

With that said I do not for 1 second regret my decision and am so happy I explanted.. I feel so much better physically and far more comfortable in my own skin.. I love my soft warm boobs. They still have time to form but a adore them already! I just wish I could find a bra to fit these beautiful boobies.. Lol

Saw my PS today

Well better late then never, I finally went to see my surgeon today and he removed my external running stitch which I thought I had all dissolvable but there weren't... Because it was almost 3 weeks it was a bit uncomfortable. He said all was healing well, my right side is a little worse than my right due to the popped stitches grr He said to start massaging my incisions with vitamin e oil vigorously every morning after my shower and every night before bed... I am not going to lie that makes me nervous.. As far as appearance I don't see much change since day 5 but they do feel firmer.. Kinda lumpy bumpy feeling but he said everything is coming back together after being stretched from the implants.. Anyone else doing the massage thing that could give me advice? He said next week I could start exercising and start slow and build back up. If something bothers me to stop immediately. He also said once I start working rainout make sure I am massaging to feel for fluid, he has rarely seen that once people start working out a seroma can form. On another not when I was in the waiting room a women came in and I am not sure what she had done but she apparently somehow pulled her drain and she was in so much pain... I felt so bad for her and just wanted to mention it to those future explant ladies who end up with drains to be so careful.. Love to all xoxo

I found a bra : )

Well ladies I am been searching everywhere for something that fits and is comfortable. Majority of the time I am in a sports bra and compression for sleeping but when I go out which isn't all that often I don't want to wear a sports bra.. This is what I found and I love it, super comfy and supportive

One month tomorrow

Wow! It has been a month since I explanted and it's weird because I feel like it was a lifetime ago now. I can't even remember what I looked like before. My family and friends said they think I look the same and can't even tell the difference.. My incisions are still healing and I have the go ahead to finally start exercising thank god.. I feel so gross lol. I did some push-ups and I can't believe how different it feels to not have the feeling of the implants being pushed out to the side and to not see the weird distortion. I was so worried my muscle wouldn't go back to normal but it seems to be fine. I am so so thankful I did this and so happy to be implant free... They are still a work in progress and I don't really see much change but absolutely no regrets. Thank you to all of you who have shared your stories, encouraged and supported me though this journey. I love reading and seeing how everyone is doing. Hugs to all!

6 Weeks

Well here I am at six weeks post, feeling great and no regrets.. My boobs are a little saggy and I have no upper pole, actually think they look worse now then 3 weeks ago but still I am happy. I am officially cleared to do all things with no restrictions what so ever. I have been doing lady push-ups for the past couple weeks to get back into the groove and I can't believe how much easier a push up is without them. Worst case scenario I can get a lift down the road but I doubt I will. Thank you to all the lovely ladies on here who have helped..

Oh one more thing, I used to get headaches daily and joint pain which was gone after surgery and just wanted to report that still barely get headaches and majority of my joint pain is gone, neck pain and upper back pain is still gone. For that alone this had been a God send...

For those on the fence about explant DO IT, they may not be perfect but they will be all yours.. Beautiful and warm and yours.

Almost 3 Months

I am a week away from 3 months. I have absolutely no regrets for removal.. I am frustrated that my breasts are so saggy now, I just spent an hour at VS trying on bras with a consultant and not a single thing fit.. I was either spilling out of it from my extra skin or there was a gap in the upper pole.. She took me on as a challenge but I left empty handed and utterly depressed... I am thinking I will definitely need a lift uugghh

4 Months

Well here I am 4 months of freedom... I have no regrets about explant but of implants in the first place grrr. I do not miss how huge and hard my boobs were and even though they are quite saggy I love to feel how soft they are.. I was considering a donut lift just to get rid of some excess skin but not for at least a year. I thank all you wonderful ladies for giving me the strength to do this... I am so super happy to be free of implants and the capsules that hold them... It is so empowering.. I will never be perfect but I was far less perfect with those implants.

1 Year Post, so happy

Hello All,

Well I just hit my year mark and I couldn't be happier that I explanted. I was looking for these perfect results but remember that the whole reason I got implants was because at 23 my boobs were saggy and I felt insecure... I love how soft and natural they are.. I am still obsessed with them lol. I have so much more energy and still have none of the neck and back pain I had. My daily headaches are still gone so I know without a doubt I did the right thing. I will try to take pics for an update later. To all who are considering it, do it!!! Best decision ever!!! Thank you to all the woman who have encouraged me, gave advice, helped me on my bad days and cheered the good ones. This community is amazing and I am so happy I found it.
Dr. Cost as

His name was separated and I can't fix it. I see Dr. Costas, out of concord, ma. DR. Costas was honest, took his time answering all my questions. he knew what a wanted and never tried to talk me into anything at all. I couldn't be happier with Dr Costas, he is the only surgeon I would every trust!!

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