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So far so good! This has been a LOT tougher than I...

So far so good! This has been a LOT tougher than I thought, mentally and physically. I figured being young (28, turned 29 10 days after surgery) and having worked out lifting heavy weights for the past 2 years would make recovery easier. It's still been hard, I can't imagine doing it 20+ years older or out of shape.
So today is 3 weeks post op! Also happens to be my first day back to work. I'm a very busy hair stylist on my feet anywhere between 5-8 1/2 hours 5-6 days a week. For the first full week I'm back I'm doing partial days, 5 hours or less with "rest" breaks scheduled in.
I'm gonna be honest today was rough. I immediately went home, looked at the damage (swollen belly) put my CG back on and got in my zero gravity recliner lawn chair. Best money spent on surgery prep BTW.
I'll add some photos and write more about surgery day and what's happened since then very soon!

PO day 24

Post op Day 24

So I survived my first 3 days back at work. In this update I'm going to talk about surgery day and my hospital stay. 
My SO and I arrived at the hospital at 6am. We were brought in, answered questions and I was brought back to change and answer more questions. All the while trying to hold back tears. I hadn't cried up until this point and I was trying my hardest not to. Especially in front of the nurses. Idk, I'm just not a cryer. 
So she left to get my guy and as soon as he walked in the room I started bawling! I didn't say a word as to what I was thinking, it was a combo of everything, he hopped in bed with me and held me til I stopped. It was exactly what I needed. 
Around 7am my PS came in, answered any questions and marked me up. Shortly after my anesthesiologist came in and before I knew it I was saying good bye to my guy and being wheeled in. I was given something to calm me down on the ride into the OR. It didn't knock me out, just felt really nice and relaxed. Once in the OR I remember switching to the OR bed and was out. Was the best sleep of my life! 
I can't remember if I woke up in the OR or recovery room but I slowly came to and felt a lot of tightness and very very sore. They gave me anti nausea meds and once I was awake enough some ice chips. I was SO thirsty. And starving! Surgery was supposed to be about 4 hours, it was closer to 6. When my PS got in there my abdominal damage was much more severe than originally thought. I also had a breast implant exchange which I'll talk about at a later update. 
So I get to my room around 330. My nurse came in and by then I was starting to feel some pain. I was given IV morphine. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain meds. What would make a normal person extremely "high" does absolutely nothing for me. The whole time I was in the hospital I felt pain, and quite a bit. That was with IV morphine and something like ibuprofen but stronger in the IV, and oral Percocet and Valium. It wasn't unbearable but I guess they were afraid of over medicating me. 
Oh before I forget. Do not, I repeat do NOT eat more than 5 bites for at least a week after surgery, especially if you get MR.  When they brought me my dinner I was so hungry I scarfed at least half of it down, big mistake. When your stomach expands after MR, it stretches it and is SUPER painful and tight.  My SO and daughter came by to see me, it was so nice to see their faces, and I think it helped ease my daughters anxiety. She just wanted to know I was ok, she's never seen anyone in the hospital. 
First night was ok, I slept for 2-3 hour stretches at a time, not wanting to miss a pain killer dose. They made me walk once which sucked but other than that it was so nice to lay there and had round the clock care. If you have a choice between an overnight stay or not, pick that stay. I honestly don't know how I would have survived that first night at home. 
So next morning my PS came by, opened my binder up and said everything looked awesome and that I'd be very happy. I told him how the painkillers were doing almost nothing. So he wrote out my scripts and was able to be released later that afternoon. 
SO came to get me and by then I was on my stronger meds so i remember very little about the car ride home. Actually i remember very little about the first 5 or 6 days lol.


I wanted to add pics but think I need to do it from the computer? Anyone know for certain, I clicked on the add photo option from my phone but nothing happened. I'm also going to post a "master list" of must haves and why

Here's THE List

TT and BA Check List

*Wear bikini bottoms to surgery for scar placement
*Stool softener with and without Laxative
*Milk of Magnesia (this is a last resort if you get super backed up)
*Glycerin anal suppositories
*Prunes or prune juice
*Arnica montana pills(bruising, you will need at least 4 bottles which will last about a month)
*Bromelain (swelling)
*Tumeric (I personally haven't used this yet the bromelain and arnica has been enough, may add it in once i go back to work, when you're more active you swell more)
*Baby wipes (in case you arent allowed to shower for a while)
*bathroom wipes
*Large cold compress
*Maxi pads (for oozing, lay across incision)
*Extra pillows* memory foam has been my favorite for my back
*Zero Gravity Chair
*Set up a recovery "den" with a table big enough to hold drinks, food, books, and close enough to reach electrical outlet for phone charger, laptop
*Pillows for car ride home
*Powerade/Gatorade (I'm still drinking at least 2-3 of these per day)
*Saltines (I lived off these in the first 3-5 days)
*Lemons for water
*Button down tops and tops that can be taken off without lifting arms above your head
*Loose sweat pants (maybe a size or two larger than normal, swelling goes down into butt and legs)
*Cotton undies that can be thrown away*
*Alcohol wipes
*Heating pad for back
*Pineapples/Pineapple juice for swelling
*Kiwi to prevent blood clots
*Sterile pads of all sizes
*Medical tape to keep smaller gauze pads in place
*Aquaphor (or whatever your surgeon recommends to put on incisions)
*Q tips to apply Aquaphor (again, or what PS tells you to use)
*Wife beater tanks to wear under Binder to prevent it from irritating incision and so Binder doesn't get dirty
*Lanyard to clip drains to
*Walker And cane
*Shower chair
*Anti bacterial soap for incision cleaning
*Protein bars-Quest Protein bars are the best! They sell them at Amazon and for the best price. Only bad flavor is the Lemon one.

Do a big "deep clean" of your house the week of surgery and get all laundry done

Make and freeze dinners for recovery time, you won't want to cook. I made chicken soup with low sodium broth, lots of celery and carrots and lived off of that and saltines the first week

Stick to light fare. No spicy/greasy/creamy foods

Netflix is a must!

Books and magazines, crossword puzzles/Sudoku

Have someone else keep track of your medication schedule. The first 5 days I remember very little and the first 2 days almost nothing at all. You won't remember if you took your meds one minute or 5 hours ago. Oh, that leads me to the next thing, because of being so highly medicated do NOT eat anything alone, my SO discovered that real fast when he found me sleeping with protein bar still in my mouth.

At least 2 weeks off if working a desk job
At least 3 weeks off if a more physical job (hairstylist, cashier, anything where you stand most of the day)

Set your alarm overnight for every 3-4 hours for pain meds do NOT go longer than 4 hours in the first week. Take with food even just saltines.
Don't be afraid to ask for stronger pain meds if what you're prescribed isn't working.

I taped the drains down close to where they came out of my body in order to keep them from moving around too much, IMO drains are painful when they move, other than that they just get in the way. They're not nearly as bad as I thought. And removal was pain free, just a weird feeling inside.

Small amounts of food only. 5 bites, wait a half hour. if still hungry try more. You will throw up if you eat too much.

If staying overnight in hospital: Pack hospital bag with phone charger, ID, health insurance card,underwear, zip up bra, bikini bottoms, face lotion, tooth brush/paste

If you have kids: Be sure someone can get them to and from school/extracurriculars for the first 2 weeks. Type out a schedule of who's going where and when and how theyre getting there and make copies for whoever is helping out.

TAKE IT EASY, REST! Too much too soon can cause necrosis, wound opening up and seromas.

More photos

Heres some more photos. The days PO are estimated, I don't remember exactly what day all the photos were taken. All within a day or two of each other though.
Surgery day I was 135lbs, today I'm down about 10 pounds. Up until about a week ago I was very nauseous all the time and barely was eating. Mostly protein bars, chicken soup and fruit. I know some of that 10lbs was skin and fat removed from lipo on rib area and Mons, but I feel flat and deflated in my hard earned muscles. Can't wait to get back to heavy lifting! My PS cleared me for my normal lifting routine at 8 weeks, as of this moment I doubt I will be ready by then. We'll see I guess!

PO Day 25

Good afternoon fellow TTers and TTers to be! 
Today I'm 25 days post op.   Being back at work on my feet all day, although I've only done about 5 hour stretches has been really rough. Mid day I'm swollen, my back is in excruciating pain and everything feels really tight. But hey, if I don't go to work I don't make money, right? 
I'm going to fill everyone in on what it's been like up until this point. 
Basically the first 5-6 days after surgery i remember very little, except in the hospital i remember all of that. My sister came the Sunday after surgery and stayed for 3 days, I barely remember her even being here. I had a couple friends stop by and I, at the time remember being very with it, able to have conversation and walk around fine with my walker, but I don't know what we talked about, which days they were here and stuff like that. My 9 year old was AMAZING, she was like my own little nurse. Every morning and after school she'd get my drinks, meds and any food I wanted. I never asked for anything, she was on top of it. Totally exceeded my expectations. My guy was also amazing. He woke up with me every 2-3 hours for the first 5 nights for meds. Slept on either the couch or recliner right next to me. Got my daughter to soccer, dinners, homework, and to bed at night. I couldn't have done this without the both of them. If you don't have a SO or older child, I highly suggest having a friend/family member stay with you for those first 5-6 days. 
I had my first PO appt at 5 days and got my first drain removed, that was the one that was way up into my upper ab area. I felt no pain, just a strange wormy like feeling.  The second drain was removed at 8 days PO. I drained very little the whole time. After the second one was removed (also not at all painful) I did notice a little more swelling but nothing crazy. 
I have to warn you ladies, this surgery really messes with your mind. One second you look and feel awesome the next you're second guessing yourself and thinking you made a mistake. I have a friend who's having the same surgery in December
so she has me to talk to when she's there but I didn't really have anyone. My guy was so tired and stressed out about running the family and not sleeping that I didn't feel I could burden him with my crazy thoughts. There were a few nights when I snapped and cried and had a total mental breakdown. About what exactly? Idk, everything lol.  
So with my TT I also got what was supposed to be a simple implant exchange. I stressed the point that I didn't want to buy bigger bras, so stay the same size just switch from moderate to high profile with a SLIGHT overfill. My PS and I talked about this multiple times, including right before I was wheeled into surgery. Well long story short, I ended up with a BIG size difference. I had 425cc's in left and 475cc's in right due to that side being smaller. Well I woke up with both sides at 575cc's!!!!!  At my 5 days PO appt I remember my sister asked why he went so big. I also brought it up with him last week at an appt.   Honestly I hate them. They're way way too big and the fact that he put the same size in both breasts makes my left almost a full cup size bigger. I explained all this to him and he said he great about it. He said he was really sorry I wasn't happy and he will fix them at no surgeons fee. The thing is, I have to wait until February. Financially I can't do it during my busy season and take MORE time off so my plan is to do it on my daughters February vacation. It'll be an easy 1 hour at the most surgery. I've had almost no pain from this surgery so I know the next one will be ok too. I do have to pay a hospital and anesthesiologist fee. Which really sucks but i can't live with these
huge Barbie boobs. I loved my old size because I could hide them. These are almost impossible to hide! So needless to say I'm bummed that this isnt over, and won't be now for a while but hey what can ya do right? At least it's almost winter and I can wear clothes that hide these huge boobies a little. So that issue has played a part in the mental side of this for sure.

Looking for a stage 2 CG

How's everyone doing?
I have about 20 different CG's, i will wear one and my binder over it most days for work but at home usually just the binder. I'm looking to buy one with legs now, below the knee. My legs/butt/Mons is so swollen with me being back to work, it's so painful and Friday I'll be back to full days so I need something more than what I'm doing. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm thinking something like this, the black one

First gym session!

Friday I finally made it to the gym! I'm 31 days PO now, so not cleared for lifting yet, just "light cardio", I walked for 25 mins. Ya, depressing lol
Friday was also my first full day back at work. So that combined with my gym session caused some major swelling. As soon as I got home I hopped in my zero gravity chair and could feel the fluid easing up.
My new CG arrived as well. I'm not sure if I like it. It's the one I posted a link for in a post above. It was only $51 so not a big loss if I end up not wearing it often. Tomorrow I plan on testing it out.
Incision is pretty much all healed, I'm massaging with Aquaphor every day for a half hour. I have an appt with my PS on Wednesday I plan on asking about scar treatment then.
I'll also post some new pics tomorrow.
Happy healing ladies!

New pics!

These are from 4 weeks PO (last Thursday). Swelling at this point comes and goes the more active I am. Im also uploading a monster crotch pic! That is where almost all the swelling goes, its very painful. Ouch. Hoping that area gets a little flatter soon :-/
Had a PO appt with my surgeon today, the revision on my breasts will be in February, he's still working on a price for me. He also said at that time if i want he can lower my scar. BUT, i'm not 100% sure I want to. Lowering the scar will mean that my pubic hair line will be higher, which I don't want. Its really the sides that are just a tad too high anyways, so I may just see if he can lower those areas a little. He pulled my skin so tight that as of right now he wouldnt be able to get it any lower, in 3-4 months the skin may relax a little. So, scar revision is up in the air. I was cleared to start scar therapy. He recommended a product called Scar Away, its a silicone based product available at a drug store, possibly Walmart. Going to get some this weekend. Other than that I'm still massaging every day for a half hour with Aquaphor. Seems to be helping. The scar seems to be softening up, and the areas that were slightly bunchy are smoothing out. It is in the scary red/purply stage, and it felt like a stitch was going to come out, but thankfully it disappeared.
Went to the gym again last night, walked for 35 minutes, I still have about 3-4 more weeks before I'm going to attempt any lifting. Soooo not ready physically for that yet, mentally? I'm DYING to lift!!! Weight is still about 10 pounds down from surgery day so I'm hovering somewhere between 124-129 depending on swelling.
I haven't been sleeping well, it seems like as soon as I get comfy I need to get up to pee! Like 2-3 times per night! I think it may be all the water from the swelling coming out, anyone else have this issue?

Almost 6 weeks!

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks! Not a whole lot new to report. Swelling is still insane. Still pretty tired after working. I've made it to the gym a few more times, still just walking, 30-40 minutes.
I do have to say I'm experiencing a little bit of depression. Mostly about the breast augmentation. To be honest, I'm pissed. I spent so much money, asked for a simple implant exhange, NO bigger in size and disnt get what I asked for. Now I have to wait until Mid February to finally be able to enjoy this new stomach. When I look down all I see is these huge breasts, I hate them. I have no one to talk to outside of here that would understand, so I'm sorry to dump this on you ladies. Its also taken a toll on my relationship. I feel more self concious than before surgery :-/
Still haven't gotten a price for the redo from my surgeon as he is in the midst of changing offices, but I won't be able to do it financially and take MORE time off from work until Feb.
Anywho. Here is a link to the zero gravity chair a few people have asked me about;jsessionid=AC2EE3DD97BA7D3370C96027DAD20191#ip/Dining-Chairs/19861520

Almost 7 weeks, new pics!

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks, wow what a ride it has been!
Swelling is still bad, but I've noticed not AS bad after a long day at work, i see the light at the end of the tunnel, i think lol
Something weird happened last week. I decided to try to run on the treadmill, now i'm not a big runner but i can do about a 5k. I ran for only about 5 minutes. It was painful, VERY tight, it felt like my skin was going to rip apart. That night I was super swollen and got up to pee in the middle of the night 6 times! Thats how i know i over did it during the day, by how many times i have to get up at night lol.
So anyways, the next morning when i went to put on my Scar Away gel part of my incision bled, a drop about the size of a pin top. I put a little anti-biotic ointment on it and its since healed. But just goes to show that even at almost 7 weeks PO, you still need to be careful and TAKE IT EASY! Needless to say, i wont be trying to run again any time soon.
Heres a few new pics

8 weeks and 1 day :-)

How's everyone healing? I'm doing much better, started lifting (although rather light) the other night and I'm SO sore! Ahhh this is going to be hard to start again. I'm so sore from doing less than 1/4 weight of the squats I'm used to, not good! I am SO happy to be able to lift again though.
Now for the bad part. I still hate my breasts. February can't come soon enough. Now I'm thinking I might, possibly want to get a lift and and a smaller implant that I originally had. I never wanted big breasts, the only reason I originally got them on the larger side was to avoid needed a lift, the implant fullness helped me fill them out. But now I'm just so sick of these huge breasts that I just want them gone. I'm naturally barely an A cup, almost no breast tissue and somewhat saggy. I Know very little about lifts, I'd love to hear your lift stories. I'd love to be a full C, what size implant would that be, 350? And why would a PS do one type of lift over the other?

*New! Revision!!*


I had my BA and Scar revision yesterday. This is a walk in the park compared to the first surgery. I'm walking slightly hunched over as I have a lot of burning in one area in the middle. I also have a darned drain again. My surgeon didn't think he was going to be able to lower the scar that much, but yesterday right before surgery he said I'd need a drain cuz the skin loosened up enough to lower it much more! I'm psyched. I only peeked quickly at the incision, no pics yet but I'll get some up ASAP.
I'm super excited to see my boobs! He fixed the asymmetry, putting 460 in left and 510 in right. He also did a little internal work to fix lefties nipple, as it has always slightly pointed towards the left. It's gonna be so nice to not have to carry around those huge boobs! I can't wait to buy new bras too ????

1 week revision PO

One week PO from revision!
So far so good! Have been off pain meds since Sunday (4 days PO) and back at work since Monday. I def could have had another 2-3 days off but I made it.
Got my drain out on Tuesday, which hurt! The first 2 drains from my original surgery were totally pain free coming out. Weird.
I'm experiencing quite a bit of swelling in my tummy. Take Bromelain really helps (when I remember) and of course the binder feels amazing. I'm one of those women who holds onto their binder like a security blanket lol.
Breasts are sore and a little achey, but I'm SO happy with the smaller size.
Not much else to update, sorry so boring.
Hoping everyone happy healing and good vibes for your upcoming surgeries ????
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