41 Years Old, No Kids, Diagnosed DCIS, Bilateral Mastectomy with Expanders - Boston, MA

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My doctor found some small lumps in my right...

My doctor found some small lumps in my right breast during a routine pap. After a mammogram and an ultrasound I was scheduled for a biopsy. After biopsy I was diagnosed with DCIS in the right breast. I opted for a double mastectomy because cancer runs in my family. I've seen and heard about enough bad experiences with lumpectomies etc. and knew it was the right call to take them both off. Why anyone would want to risk a chance of recurrence when they have already been diagnosed with cancer in the breast no matter what stage boggles my mind. This only seems to create a more likely chance of recommendation for chemo and radiation in the future. No thanks.
I have read a few stories on here about pain in the breasts. I've been having pain in my right breast sporadically for the last four years. After googling it I assumed it was from wearing wire bra's and not a sign of cancer because it is not listed as a symptom. BS. If you have pain get it checked out.
On July 27th, about one month after my mammogram I had my mastectomy. My breasts were a large B cup before surgery. My PS recommended expanders because my breasts were small to start with and I wouldn't have enough skin for immediate implants, unless I was OK with very small boobs. I figured if I was going through this hopefully I can get a nice new rack out of it... Going for a C cup. I'm about five weeks in to getting fills at this point. I think after two more I will be done for a while, then I wait three months for the skin to become comfortably stretched. Surgery in January it looks like at this point. Generally this whole process has went very well. No real issues with pain etc. Of course the first month was a trip but after that it got way better.
Now here is the real reason I'm on here:
I want to pick the brains of other women who may possibly be in or have had a similar situation. My lymph nodes were negative, I lost the right nipple because I had so much of the DCIS in the right breast. (That side hurt more and longer than the left after surgery and was more recessed FYI) The pathology report came back saying I also had DCIS in the left breast. Like I said, take them both off. It also came back that they had found "a few cancerous cells" as well. Not a lot but it worries them. So they sent these cells to a specialty clinic in California to find out specifically how aggressive these cells are.
Now, the oncologists already want to prescribe ten years of tamoxifen, even if these cells are chill. Depending on the results of these cells, possibly chemo. When I asked them if they have any way of knowing if some of these cells had escaped into my body they said no. So basically they want to treat me as though they have. For ten years. And possibly with chemo. When I told them I want to fight it naturally they pretty much looked at me like they feel sorry for me, like poor girl, you're going to die because you're so dumb. I also asked if they had any way to tell if the tamoxifen is working. No they can't. Basically the only way they will know if I develop cancer somewhere else in the body is if I develop symptoms. then they can test me. And technically if I don't have any new symptoms in five years I am "cured" even though in actuality I could very well be forming cancer somewhere else because maybe I'm in not taking care of myself because I think this pill is going to save me. And maybe I don't have any more of those cells left in me in the first place, right?? They don't know. I'm so frustrated and confused and angry at our medical system. I'm doing everything I can via researching online and books about natural cures. I've been eating all the right things, taking the right supplements, acupuncture, lymphatic massage, and about to do muscle testing to find out my deficiencies. Why would I trust these doctors over my own self and what I know is right. My body did not fight off this disease because of inflammation, I'm sure of that. I've been a heavy drinker for the past six years. When I told my oncologist I had quit drinking altogether she actually said it was not going to help. The nerve of this woman I really wanted to slap her. I'm not a doctor. I have respect for what they do and I know they save lives. But not all cancer should be treated the same. And why aren't they giving us a book about diet and exercise. I mean isn't that just common sense....why am I funny for bringing it up??
I don't want to be their next Guinea Pig. It's not right to treat something when they are not sure it's even there. Does anyone out there feel like me?? My friends are all worried and feel like I should just take the pills. I feel really alone and scared. I'm trying to keep my mental state up because I know it's important for the fight but I'm feeling so down about it all. I find out the results of the new test in two days...I'll keep you updated.

Results with Oncologists. 7/24/15

Yesterday was a huge day for me. After reading a couple of very positive private messages from some women that are on here, I went into my meeting with good energy and ready to face whatever was to come. I have to say it was refreshing to feel like that again after the emotional mess I've been this past couple of weeks.
It was good news!! The troubling cells that they found in my pathology report that they were having tested in California were SO small that they were untestable. In other words not something that they are worried about anymore. Not recommending chemo. I literally felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders in that moment. They still want to put me on tamoxifen. That is there job to prescribe that and I get it. I am choosing not to take it. I believe I can fight off whatever is to come by getting my natural chemistry back in order with the help of My acupuncturist, Chinese medicine, supplements, lymphatic massage which I think is huge, and modifying my diet as well as my make up, lotions, you name it. It's going to be a lot of work to stick to everything and I'm aware that there is a chance that even with doing all of these things that maybe it will not be enough. Environmental stressors, water sources, etc. are overwhelmingly hard to fathom and it makes you want to give up and just take a pill. I've thought about it. But for me this is the right decision. If any of you have not done your homework on our food sources, body chemistry, chemicals and metals they we are unknowingly exposed to, please for your own knowledge and personal power start doing your research. Skin is our biggest organ. The foundation I have put on my face every day for over 25 years has parabens and heavy metals that directly affect estrogen levels and cells. That change alone I think is huge. I am not a doctor. But I do believe that if a cave man didn't use it, we probably shouldn't either. And it is in my power to do the best I can.
So that's is all for now. And some new pics of my strange hard boobs

New pics after sixth fill

My doctors have been great!! So far so good!

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