5'1, 115 Lbs, 22 Years 421cc under, moderate profile gummy bear implants. Went from 32/34a to full c small d

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Hello everyone, I'm in the army, currently...

Hello everyone,
I'm in the army, currently overseas but I'm coming to the states to visit my family and this is my final chance to get BA done. I've always wanted to get it but never thought I would actually go through with it. But here I am, got my surgery scheduled on March 23rd 2015. Had my consultation on February 28th over Skype with DR. Vendemia Manhattan authentic surgery. We discussed if my surgery could be done that quick. I'm very surprised that they were able to squeeze me into their busy schedule. I emailed this clinic on Feb 26th had my consultation on February 28th and as soon as I come to the states which is on march 19th, I will have my official consultation on 21st and the surgery on 23rd. Everything is going to happen within a week or so. I am a smoker so that's one thing I had to give up in order to not have any complications. Also I am not doing any blood tests or exams before my surgery since I am not over 50 and don't have any other medical issues aside from smoking which I quit. The staff and the doctor are super friendly and respond very fast.
In terms of payment because it was such a short notice I had to pay up front the full price in order to book that date. The doctor gives military discounts. Originally my implants were around $9k but he charged me $7500. Also gave me a discount for the consultation which was 240$. I'm also doing a rapid recovery technique which adds to the price,. however he gave me an overall good deal. Anesthesia is 1770$ so the total came to be around 9500$ or so. I'm pretty excited. I'm flying out next Thursday. I'll keep you posted.


So I had my consultation today, and the doctor showed me two implants one was a 375cc and one was 421cc. I tried both of them on with a sports bra and honestly there wasn't much difference but I definitely liked the look of the 375cc on me so I went with the 421cc because the 421cc after the surgery would look exactly like 375cc since 1/3 of the implant will be under the muscle. My surgery is scheduled for Monday so will see what happens and how everything will turn out.

Got my surgery done!

Just got my sure done yesterday! The doctor and I decided to go for a 421cc. Today is my second day post on. I'm super sore since they didn't give me pain killers except for tylon. I wouldn't say I'm much of a pain rather than super because my skin is extremely tight. It has so much stretching to do and that's the part that makes me sore. Sometimes it feels like it's going to rip Haha. But other than that looking at them swollen and bruised I already live them and could tell they're going to come out exactly how I wanted them. :)

Here are more photos

Here are mine before pictures 32\34a

5 month post on

It's been five months since I got my boobies done. Everything is great except I'm trying to find ways to get rid of my dark scars. I'm still I'm the process of stretching. Hopefully my breasts will have a natural jiggle to them because they're still pretty stiff.


Can someone please recommend any creams for my scars! I have been using mederma but it's not working. My scars are pretty wide and dark. Very visible. Is there a chance I can still get rid of their dark color at least a little bit after its been 5 months? :(((((

6 months post op

It's been almost 6 months already since I got them done. Implant = Natrelle style 15 moderate profile round smooth gummy bear implants size 421cc. You can see that my right Breast is much bigger than my left one I don't know why. Also you can see in my pictures that my scars are pretty dark and kinda uneven. I'm afraid my right Breast is dropping and not folding properly as my left one. I was told to wear a tight band bra to keep them from lowering as it can turn out very ugly and is an irreversible affect. I bought a bra size 30e UK size. That was the smallest they had. However I don't think it's tight enough. Well see what my doctor says after I sent him my pictures.
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