My Mommy Makeover - Maryville, TN

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To say I’ve found the perfect surgeon would be...

To say I’ve found the perfect surgeon would be an understatement. Dr. Becker may wear some snazzy clothes when he’s seeing patients in the office but what fits him best are the scrubs and caps he wears in the OR. I’m humbled to say I would not trust anyone else to sculpt my body.
The prospect of altering the body you’ve learned to live with for a good decade is exciting; especially a body that might be considered by others to be acceptable but has the potential to be so much more. After having three children, working out does more for my mind than my body. I can challenge my body in the gym seven days a week but at the end of the day it has seen the effects of time, genetics and three children. I laugh to look back at my twenties when I thought my body was in rough shape. Now in my mid-thirties, I don’t exactly have the same muscle tone and my skin has lost some of its laxity. But I have to say, for the amount of weight I gained and lost three times, I think I got off easy with only some excess skin and small “deflated” breasts. Having c-sections with two of those births, I also inherited some lovely scars and it is evident the OB-GYN was not focused on a cosmetic appearance during the repair. Someone once told me, “Scars are like tattoos but with better stories!” I think they were right!
Which leads me to where I am now. I am going “inherit” a few more scars but the story will be a new one. Dr. Becker says, “It’s a trade-off of scar for shape!” That’s a trade-off I’m willing to take. Monday (deep breath) I will have my breasts augmented, a mini tummy, and lipo to my abdomen and flanks. New scars I will carry proudly for a few areas where nature needs a little help. This is a small gift I give to myself for being the mom and wife that runs all over the planet, doing eighteen things at once while balancing on a ball to make the world go around for my husband and children. There’s nothing wrong with taking a small piece of pie away from myself, so to speak ;)
So, like I said in the first sentence of my story, I am fortunate to have found the perfect doctor to take on this small feat! I’ve contemplated surgery for years. I’ve read numerous reviews and have to say Dr. Becker is everything I’ve read… It’s amazing to meet someone and feel like you can trust them with your life. To consider trusting the judgment and skill of a person is a decision that is as long-lasting as deciding someone with whom you will spend the rest of your life, because these are changes that will last my lifetime. With that being said, after years of anticipation, I am ready for Monday! I can’t wait to see my new me!!

Three days post-op

Finally starting to feel a little more back to normal and useful around the house. Started halfing my pain medicine and using more over the counter stuff. I was very sore and pretty slow moving the first two days. Needed help getting up, moving around, and getting in and out of the shower... my husband has been really, really helpful. Thanks honey! He says I hobble around like an old lady. works! Still need help but far less.
I've slept in the recliner every night. Thank God we had a recliner!
I only have one drain and to be honest, it hasn't been bad. Every now and then when I strip the tubing, I'll have a burning sensation along my incision line but it doesn't last very long. The incision on my belly and under my breasts are healing as expected. The incision on my belly is perfectly symmetrical and very fine. Won't be noticable in a year and the same goes for the incisions under my breasts. Speaking of, I got my first peek at Dr. Becker's handiwork the day after surgery before my first shower. VERY PRETTY! I love everything! I'm so happy!!!

........I'm just gonna touch on this for a quick second...Start using a laxative maybe a day or two before surgery and not the day of...You get the gist so I won't go into any detail.
I'm gonna post some before pics and some after very soon!

Forgot the most important part

Thanks Dr. Becker...out of the park!!!!!

Pre-op pics (the night before surgery)

4 Days post-op

...Don't really have a lot of bruising overall and what bruising I did get is in between my legs. It looks awful but isn't bothersome. I haven't taken anything for pain since late Friday evening. The only discomfort I do have is when my breasts get an engorged feeling. It comes and goes throughout the day and considering I breast fed three children, it's completely tolerable. lol

I had my first post-op appt on Friday (the day I took these pics). Dr. Becker says everything looks great! ...I already knew that!!! I didn't have my drain removed though. He said, "It'd be the better part of valor to wait till next week." He's conservative and very thoughtful of his patients. I like that in a doctor. Of course, I've been in contact with him daily updating him on my progress and how thrilled I am with my results!
...on a side note....I'd like to think I'm a pretty patient person but I'm getting eager to have this drain taken out so I can ditch this binder for a "comfy" compression garment!

5 Days post-op

A few quick pics 5 weeks post

Wanted to quickly add a few pics just to update my profile. I'm going to do some 6 week photos that mirror my before pics next week.

I'm doing great these days. I haven't felt this happy with my body since before my first child. I have the most beautiful breasts and a super flat tummy!! I'm amazed every day when I look in the mirror.
The swelling can be a challenge by the end of a long work day but is expected and bearable. Still wearing my compression garment... I feel completely back to normal although I'll be happier when I can run again. Soon...with a VERY supportive sports bra! Lol

10 months later!

That's quite a transformation! Still happy as can be!

1 1/2 year update!

A much needed update! I'm completely happy with my results. Nice work Dr. Becker! These are from a beach trip last week.

A few more from the beach trip...

Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Becker is priceless. Everything was seamless and I couldn't be happier!

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