50 year old TT, Maryville IL

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I am so blessed to have such a great support...

I am so blessed to have such a great support system to help me through it. My hubby is more nervous than I am and keeps having weird dreams about it...too funny. His mom will come stay with us for a few days so he can run errands if necessary and she will be here for me. My surgery is tomorrow morning and I am excited and nervous.

9 days PO 54 yrs old

Went to the doctor today, had my stitches taken out of my belly button and he says everything looks great. Felt good enough to go out to lunch with my mother in law and then home and did 2 loads of laundry. He says the "swell hell" will continue for 3 mos so looking forward to that. I will really do some serious shopping at that point. I cannot believe how bad the first few days were to how I feel today. My back still hurts off and on but nothing like the first 5 days. Good luck to anyone joining the flat side soon....it's so hard the first few days but once that is over....it's smooth sailing! :)

2 weeks post op 50 year old

2 weeks post op. I am feeling so much better. I did laundry today and ran errands. I got my nails done so I feel girly again! Went to Target and did a little grocery shopping. I am feeling stronger every day. My abs still feel so tight and can't completely lie flat yet but I am getting there. Walking sat 4.0 instead of running 5.0 on treadmill but at least I am doing something. I was in really good shape and ran 3 miles the day before surgery so my PS said I could start walking on treadmill this week. If you have not worked out before...do not think you can do it at 2 weeks post op. :) Love this website....it has answered so many questions that I otherwise would have been bugging the crap out of my PS. LOL

50 yr old, 3 weeks post op, now have an infection :(

3 weeks and went back to work. I am a nurse and worked an 11 hour day...it was rough and then noticed part of my incision weeping and very red. UGH. Went back to PS yesterday and I have an infection. I was running low grade fever. He says it happens and I caught it early so I am now on antibiotics. I am not a good sit still person but I guess that's what I need to do for a few days. I don't want to mess this up . $7000 and some serious pain! I was really down in the dumps last night but I also was feeling crappy with low grade fever. I have always bounced back so fast from everything and it seems like this is such a slow process. I still am uncomfortable when I stand up. I know this is all normal but I am such an impatient patient. I am an excellent nurse but a horrible patient!! LOL I go back to work Friday and my doctor wrote a note to only work 7 hour shifts so that should help. I have a wonderful support system so I know this too shall pass and I will be fine.
I just want to wake up tomorrow and no swelling...and I can run my 3 miles and work out again!!! And then I really woke up.....LOL Patience is a virtue but not one of my best assets! :)


So 2 1/2 years later, hormones for menopause, plus my thyroid got out of whack....my flanks are protruding and I hate the way I look in pants without spanks. If I put on jeans...my sides overlap. I am not sure why my PS did not do liposuction with tummy tuck but oh well...will get it done now. I am really frustrated that I went through all that expense and PAIN and now still don't love how I look. I have read a lot of reviews here where girls say their hips (flanks) look much bigger after tummy tuck without lipo. I have an apt with a new PS on 10-3....I am very excited. How much did you guys pay for lipo? I think I just need my flanks, back and a little on my tummy. Will take pics soon...having a lazy Sunday for once. :) I'm not sure how to change PS name on here.
Illinois Plastic Surgeon

I love my surgeon. He has a wonderful reputation. From my first consult...he put me at ease and explained everything. His nurse is very comforting also.

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