25year FINALLY on the Count Down for Boobs - New Zealand, NZ

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Ahh finally I'm doing something about it I have...

Ahh finally I'm doing something about it I have always wanted boobs ever since I was young I was alway a a cup but would buy c padded bras so it gave the illusion I had boobs. Finally at 21 I got pregnant and Brest feed and my boobs were DD so you can imagine how yuck they are now.im very short aprox 155cm and 42kg so am
After aome
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DR Greg Taylor

So iv just come across DR Greg Taylor who is charging $5grand Aprox cheaper then my orginal quote from another DR- I'm going to have a wee chat with him next week and see what the deal is, my update now is I have the cash in the bank to go ahead and have applied for time off early December from work to go ahead with procedure I just need to make up my damn mind with who I am going to go with I guess once iv meet with Greg Ino who I will feel most comfortable with.
Arrrrh anyway I'm so much closer then where I was 2 months ago can't wait to have it paid and booked in lol possibly next week I will have the answer YAY goodbye flatchest

Consult Review Auckland New Zealand

So as I had come across this deal online for another surgeon in NZ for $9700 a lot cheaper then my original price from DR Julian lofts who iv booked my seguray date with at the more expensive rate song went along to this cheaper consult today and my gosh have I ever been out off there is no way I. Going with this surgeon he made me feel awkward and uncomfortable and crap wouldn't agree anything bigger then a 240cc which he had said would bring me to a C cup, he wouldn't do under the muscle and agreed to only provide me with panadol after the 90 min operation it felt so uncomfortable, so original plans are staying in place I'm 150% going with DR Julian lots who I meet back in July he was amazing and professional and made me feel excited!!!! I have my pre surgical with him on end of November I am so excited 84 days and il be under the knife il keep up dating as iv had my pre-surgical as this is when I will pay the funds and find all the nitty gritty bits :-)
DR Julian lofts

Well I have been to x2 consults and he seams very professional and knows his stuff we have choosen a 375cc and now I'm having doubts it may be to small? Any advice please. I do have one more pre opp appointment in dec so will express that I'm thinking of bigger. But yeh ladies who have 375cc id love to hear your advice ;-)

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