Flatt now. TT TUCK LIPO and Rhino at Resident Clinic

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I am 35 years old, 5’7, 187 pounds, and my...

I am 35 years old, 5’7, 187 pounds, and my pants are size 12 on a good day! I had a C section 7 years ago and gained 50 pounds over the years. The main reason why I decided to go for Tummy Tuck with Liposuction of the flanks is because I want to look like myself again. I wanted to regain confidence in the way I look, be able to wear the clothes I love, I wanted to get rid of the saggy skin on my abdominal area. I consulted 2 different surgeons before I met the Chief Surgeon @ the resident clinic. I felt he was honest with me and did not try to sell me the procedure. For some reason, I felt comfortable and decided to do the procedure @ the resident clinic. Plus, I will save $.! I paid for the administrative fee and must pay the rest a month prior to surgery. Right now, I am waiting for a date, the nurse coordinator said it will probably be in mid July 2012. We will see! But, I now have mix feelings about the procedures. I am excited that I finally decided to have the procedures done. I am scared that the doctor (s) will not perform an excellent job, that the pain will be too much to handle or that the scars will not heal. I am anxious because the wait is too long I want to do it now. Any comments and/or advice???

I have been thinking about doing the procedures...

I have been thinking about doing the procedures for at least 5 years and would not put my life at risk to save a few hundreds. It is not worth it!

The 1st surgeon I had a consultation with did not even make eye contact and that is basic and even though he has a good reputation that scared me. The 2nd treated me like if I wasn’t serious about the procedure I wanted or if I couldn’t afford it ( totally inappropriate) he looked at me in the eyes but the consultation lasted less than 10 minutes he barely looked at my abdominal area. Oh! I saw a 3rd surgeon who basically assumed she knew me and what I wanted before I could say anything and had that negative aura. I am done with the negativity! I know there are better people out there ,,,but got tired of looking too.

However, I chose to go to this resident clinic because I felt comfortable with the chief’s people skills (eye contact, hand shaking, listening skills, honesty and patience) not to mention that everywhere I look he has great reviews. I know he may not execute the procedures but, I feel that that is a good start.

So, I am thinking what are the true risks of going to a resident clinic?


I think that there are talented residents and the above can happen even with the most experienced surgeon as well. Risks are everywhere.

Am I being naive? What do you think?

I can't wait to have the procedure done.

I can't wait to have the procedure done.

4 more days and I will have a new image. Feeling...

4 more days and I will have a new image. Feeling excited and anxious.

I had the procedures done on the 21 as scheduled....

I had the procedures done on the 21 as scheduled. no major complications. I am at home drinking liquids and surprisingly eating a lot.
I still feel pain but the pain killers help.
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I dont want to rate yet. I dont feel this is over lol

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