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Hi ladies went to the doctor today and she removed...

Hi ladies went to the doctor today and she removed my tubes OMGG it was the only pain I have had this this whole ordeal but wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. After she took both out I stood up a little more but still can't stand straight ;). After i left i went to serval stores feeling great but wish i had more energy. So I'm having a great day.

Miami here I come

A few photo's I have more to come

Hi ladies here are a few of my photos haven't been taking a lot.

Plz let me stand

New pics

19 day PO

Hi ladies I'm doing ok just this swollen kills me. One of my stitches look like it came out but I go the the doctors on Thursday to check that out. One question ladies when did you start feeling comfortable having sex. I'm taking care of him now I want mine lol

New pics

Had a good day not to swollen but nothing less either

A few photos

Patients is the key word for real.

Three week here I am'nnn

I had a great day so far my baby took me out for breakfast then a movie, had some swelling ;). I'm drinking plenty of water. Here are a few pics I took today.

Today I'm 4 weeks PO

Gm ladies, today I'm 3 weeks out. My bb is almost done still gave a scab that's has to come off. I'm usually only swollen in the afternoon. I am still loving my results. I don't go back to my ps until 3 more weeks. Funny thing is yesterday I went to pick up my new garment it has a whole between my legs lmao. Over all i think I'm healing very well. Here's soon new photos

Picture crazy

I only take my garment of to shower but every week I get my man or my baby girl to take a view picks for me. They be cracking up. Here's a few. Over all I'm doing well I walk every morning for about 30 min. I still be swollen but it doesn't bother me that much but i will be glad when it stops. Over all i love the improved me. My kids tell me I don't no what do do with myself when I send them pics my sister told my partner he created a monster. He knows lol

6weeks PO

Hi ladies he's a quick update. All is going well just had a little stretch that was fighting with me lol. I not as swollen as in the past just a little after a long day. Here's a look at how my scar is doing. Over all I'm still pleased with my results and waiting to see more. Enjoy ur day ladies on the flat side

7wks PO

Hi ladies hope all is well for everybody. As for me ok sometimes I feel bigger than before but I no this process takes time. I'm still happy. Until next week ladies. God bless

Vacation at 8wks

Hello ladies went on my first vacation since my TT. I had a great time but by the third day I felt like was 3 months pregnant lol. I no it was because I was showing off ;) I did have fun. Well I'm back at home now plenty of water and excirsing. Got get back to my body lol. Until next time, Enjoy ur day ladies

10 Wks

Gm ladies hope everyone is enjoying life. I've been doing great. I'm like a TT poster child lol. I'm so happy that I was finally able to get this done. I get texts and phone calls a lot from friends and family members asking me questions about this procedure they be asking for pics and everything I probably have tons of photos of my stomach out there but I love answering them. Here is a photo of me last night showing off.

11wks PO

Hey ladies today I am 11wks out. So far still good just a little swollen at times. I have my 3 month check up next week to check the end of my scar marks, should go well. Here's a few up to date photo I try to do every week. I have so much love and respect for all my TT Ladies. I enjoy all of your story and advice. I'll be getting a TT t-shirt made I'll post it ASAP lol thx realself for giving us this forum. Until next time ladies have a blessed day.......

3 Months PO

Hello my TT ladies, today i am 3 months out. I went to the doctors yesterday but really didn't need to go until Oct. lol but I love going to Dr. Purdy's office I talk longer than my examine. But she still took a look she said I look wonderful I might have a lil dog ear on the left but were giving it two months. Overall I feel and look great. My kids all 3 girls as stayed before and my sister and girl friends be messing with me about my half shirts i told them im getting my money's worth lol. I no that sometimes i be picking lol things about my scare or my stomach just anything but i wouldn't change a thing. if no one in the world ever got a chance to see my new stomach it wouldn't matter I'm just so happy that I had the opportunity to do it. Here's a few 3 month photos

13 Wks PO

Hello ladies hope all is going good with everyone. I have no real changing going on just trying to maintain a regulars workout. Still obsessed with my new stomach lol. I love reading everyone's story and I call y'all my new sisters. Here are my weekly photo to share. Ladies have a blessed night and lets continue to enjoy these new great bodies. ;)

14 wks po

Hello ladies him am I to show my 14 wk progress. I've been showing of lately no drinking enough water and to many cupcakes but but I'm back on track over all everything is great . Hope everyone is enjoying life as well here's my scar at 14 wks. Have a blessed night ladies.

16Wks PO

Hi ladies hope everyone is doing well. As for me I'm Soso went back to work last week and has been swollen ever since. It sucks. But still love my tummy. GN ladies sweet dreams. Here's a couple phones from this weekend.


Hi ladies hope that everybody has had a wonderful week. I had the craziest two weeks of working. I need to stay off my feet for a min maybe I wouldn't be swollen like I am. Even still I'm still in love with my new tummy. Here's a few weekly photos


Hi ladies wish everyone a wonderful week. Here's a weekly scar update.


Hi ladies I miss y'all. I've been real busy changing my career. I am still loving my new tummy. Next month will be a year. The only problem that I ran into was keloids which showed it's ugly face late. I just had to get my navel done over in December which was a breeze. As for now I'm just loving life and showing off my wonderful tummy.

13 1/2 months PO

Hi ladies I hope everyone is enjoying their new looks. I am still happy with my decision and wouldn't change a thing. Now I just have to make sure I keep this new tummy right. Here are a few pis of me now. Have a blessed day ladies.

1year and almost 6months

Hi ladies I have been so busy but I miss my lovely real self ladies. I've been busy with my new job while at the same time showing off my flat stomach lol. I'm still going back and forth to my doctor for the keloid on my navel so far so good.

Getting new boobies

Hi ladies hope everybody is doing well. I Will be getting my titts done March 4, 2015. I will keep you posted on my procedure.

New Boobies

Hi ladies in so excited to be getting my new boobies this Wednesday March 4th. I think I've seen every video on you tube. I've never had boobies and been wanting then since I was a teenager. I no I'll be looking at them all day also ima flash my friends and family for the first couple of months and also probably a few strangers lls. Tomorrow I'm taking my sister with me to finalize the actual size I want. Ima say now I'm probably making a mistake with taking he because she'll say bigger lol. I will be keeping you guys up dated on this new journey of mine. Talk to you later have a blessed day.

Day 1 with my new boobies

Hi everyone I had my surgery yesterday 3/4/15 at 12pm. I went with saline 350cc. I have never had tits and I just can't stop looking at them. Same as the tummy tuck it takes awhile before seeing results. So here's a pic a few hours out of surgery. My doctor says they still have to fall.

New boobies

I am si happy will my new titts. Most of my shirts look much better. I just saw my doctor Angel Purdy yesterday and she said that I'm doing and looking great. I love her. Have a blessed day ladies

2yrs for my Tummy tuck 2mths for my Titts

Hi ladies just checking in to say I'm still enjoy my new look. I also changed my hair to a short cut. As for my tummy I still excited and glad I did it, I'm also in love with my breast as well. To the ladies out here thinking about getting any procedures done if you are able to get it go for it. Happiness starts with you. So whatever makes you happy do it.
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